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Harvard University Transfer Acceptance Rate, GPA, and Requirements 2023

Harvard University is one of the elite schools in the United States, and getting into the school is very slim.

If you aim to study in the school, you need to get vital information about the school’s transfer acceptance rate, GPA, decision date, application deadline, and requirements, knowing everything on the listed factors will direct you on how to go about your application process.

We will be discussing all these factors mentioned above in this article. So, do well to read the article to the end.


Founded in 1636 as Harvard College, Harvard University is a private residential research institution offering about 50 undergraduate majors,134 graduate degrees, and 32 professional degrees.

Harvard is an Ivy League research university located in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Undergraduate students in the institution study in one of its 10 academic faculties coupled with the Harvard Radcliffe Institute.

Harvard institution has the vision to give all its student a liberal arts education that assists them to think about and comprehend the world and to use their education to change the world.

As a result of Harvard commitment to having a unique standard of education, it has been ranked by the Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) as the world’s top university each year.

Each year, Harvard University admits a small group of unique students to transfer to Harvard College from other similar liberal arts programs.

This means transfer students who are aiming to transfer to Harvard will only be permitted to attend Harvard College, which is embedded within the university.

It is a prerequisite that all students who aim to study at Harvard University have a good educational foundation to be able to succeed in the demanding academic environment the institution provides.

Harvard University Transfer Acceptance Rate

Harvard University accepted only 12 students out of 1500 applicants who send their applications to the school each year. This implies that the transfer acceptance rate at Harvard University is 1%.

It is so clear that the transfer acceptance is so small, that is one of the reasons students need to make sure that before they commence the application process they have all the school demands from them to be considered a transfer student.

Harvard University requires that transfer applicants must complete at least one full academic year in a full-time degree program at one college and not more than two academic years to be eligible to transfer.

It is mandatory for applicants to complete at least two full academic years of study at Harvard University.

Application Requirements and GPA for Harvard University Transfers

Harvard University does not have a minimum GPA requirement for transfer applicants.

This year’s application process does not require the submission of students’ standardized test scores.

By filling out either the transfer version of the Coalition Application or the Common Application, students can put all their required materials in one app, which can be easily reviewed.

First of all, Harvard University admission decision is based on the student’s qualification to transfer. Only those who have at least one year’s worth of post-secondary credit, but no more than two years, can apply to transfer.

However, they may not have a bachelor’s degree or more than five years since their last college class.

Second, Harvard demands many materials when reviewing transfer applicants beyond the basic application.

Moreover, to transcripts from high school and any higher education institutions, Moreover, it is compulsory for applicants to send a college report and a mid-term report from their current school, indicating their achievements in their present school.

Applicants must pay an application fee of $75. SAT or ACT scores submission is optional

Harvard requires two evaluations from instructors, at least one of which should come from a college instructor.

These evaluations are recommendations. They should speak about your academic abilities and the qualities you bring to the student body.

Finally, if students want to submit their scores, they are required to attach them to the application.

Harvard University Transfer Deadline

All transfer application materials should be submitted to Harvard University by March 1st every year.

This means that applicants should be able to gather all the required materials including applications, transcripts, two evaluations, supplemental materials, and letters of recommendation, and submit them to the school prior to the given date.

After the receiver of the transfer applicant’s application by Harvard University, the school will send an email that contains the pin to the application portal, this enables them to have access to the application portal and also set up an account and check for admission updates.         

What is the Decision Date for Harvard University Transfers?

Transfer applications will learn of Harvard University’s decision to admit or decline by May 15th. The school will notify the applicants of their decision through the admission portal.

Those who were admitted, they will be permitted to commence their academic activities in the fall semester of the same year.

A question like if transfer students can defer their acceptance for a set period of time is likely to come up during the acceptance period.

Some Students often opt to defer their acceptance as a result of some circumstances that come up that demand them to take a gap year.

It is necessary to know that transfer students are not eligible to defer their admission irrespective of the circumstances they found themselves. Only first-year students are eligible to defer their admission.


That was all transfer students need to know about Harvard University transfer acceptance rate, GPA, and requirements. Knowing all these will help you know how to go about your application process.

If you have any questions on this topic you can do well by sending them to us via the comment section.

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