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Is Harvard Extension School Worth It? Acceptance Rate, Alumni, and More

Have you been confused about what Harvard Extension School is all about and if the school is worthy to be called by that name?

Then, just feel relaxed because we will be discussing that in this article coupled with the school’s acceptance rate, alumni, and more. We suggest you read the article to the end.

What is Harvard Extension School?

Harvard Extension School is the extension school of Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

It is part of the university’s continuing education division in the Harvard Faculty of Arts and Sciences. It offers undergraduate and graduate degrees, along with certificates and a premedical program.

Harvard Extension School also offers more than 900 on-campus, online, and hybrid liberal arts and professional courses primarily catered to adult students.

The Extension School is the only Harvard school that confers liberal arts degrees. See Harvard University Transfer Acceptance Rate.

Harvard Extension School was founded in 1910. Despite its tradition-bound reputation, Harvard Extension School was actually a pioneer in continuing and distance education. Extension courses were offered via radio in the late 1940s and on television in the 1950s.

Taking advantage of new online technologies, the Extension School expanded considerably in the 1980s and ’90s and is now one of the university’s largest schools, enrolling approximately 890 undergraduates and 2,750 graduate students in fall 2020 and serving more than 15,000 students each year.

Notwithstanding the high growth of the extension school, its mission of giving open access and active learning to every student who has the drive and commitment to succeed at Harvard still remains the same.

Is Harvard Extension School Worth It?

The advantage of Harvard Extension School is the flexibility students can enjoy while pursuing their degrees. Even professionals with full-time careers can pursue a degree at Harvard Extension School.

Pursuing undergraduate and graduate degrees at Harvard Extension School is a more adaptive process than in traditional programs.

Students are not expected to prove past credentials but rather showcase their knowledge through prepped courses. See Best BA/MD and BS/MD Programs.

In addition, the courses are built for students to implement what they’re learning in real time. Instructors encourage them to harness their studies to apply their skills to their careers.

The large selection of courses prepares students for the careers they wish to enter, which can include certifications and degrees for industries that are currently in demand.

Whatever studies students wish to pursue, they can rely on fresh and iterative courses, covering the latest developments across all sectors.

With participants joining Harvard Extension School worldwide, students can expect a rich global experience, being a part of an international classroom.

The school welcomes a community of peers eager to advance their knowledge through live interactions that deepen their educational experiences.

Professionals curious about funding their higher education can find many resources under the school’s financial wellness guide.

The financial office can assist students to budget, fund, and finance their educational studies, accommodating their financial situations.

Once students have completed their courses, they can enjoy attending Harvard University’s beginning and walking among the entire Harvard community of students and faculty.

Joining the Harvard Extension Alumni Association guarantees a rich postgraduate experience for students to enjoy for the rest of their lives.

HES Acceptance Rate

Harvard Extension School desire to see that anyone who desires to learn can register for courses with an acceptance rate of 100%.

All the programs offered by the school are open for those who submit the required enrollment materials.

The enrollment process is straightforward, such that students can add the courses of their choice to their carts and submit their registration.

For students who wish to take undergraduate or graduate courses, they must be at least 15 and 18 years of age respectively.

From age 15 years and up, students can audit select courses by registering for a noncredit level. While grades and academic credit will not be given for noncredit courses, students can still expect to see these courses on their transcripts.

Harvard Extension School Notable Alumni

Notable alumni come from different industries, which have even led some to become professors at Harvard University.

With two teaching positions, Dr. Latanya Sweeney is the Daniel Paul Professor of the Practice of Government and Technology at the Harvard Kennedy School and the Harvard Faculty of Arts and Sciences.

After graduating with a degree in computer science from Harvard Extension School, Dr. Sweeney recently received a $3 million grant from the Ford Foundation funding her tech initiative, Public Interest Technology Laboratory.

Mark Plotkin, a graduate of Harvard Extension School, is a world-renowned ethnobotanist and co-founder of the Amazon Conservation Team.

In 2019, the Harvard Extension School alumni association awarded Plotkin with the Michael Shinagel Award for Service.

Plotkin was inspired to continue his education at HES after taking a course by the leading expert in biocultural conservation, Richard Schultes.

Continuing both of their legacies, Plotkin and Schultes introduced the first course on rainforest conservation, as co-teachers, at Harvard Extension School.

In the art world, a notable alum is Boston-based artist Allan Rohan Crite. Earning his Bachelor of Arts at Harvard Extension School in 1968, Crite’s artwork, which spans over seven decades, depicted the daily experiences of African Americans in the greater Boston area. In 1986, Crite was awarded with the 350th Harvard University Anniversary medal.


This is the end of Ar this guide, I hope you are enlightened by it as it discussed all you need to know about the school and how it operates.

Feel free to send your questions to us using the comment section, as we will be there to give answers to them.

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