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University of Connecticut Acceptance Rate, GPA, and Requirements 2023

Do you want to study at the University of Connecticut? If your response is positive, then that means you are on the right page because there are certain things you need to know about the school as an aspirant.

Such things include the University of Connecticut acceptance rate, GPA, and requirements. All these and some other things will be uncovered in this article. Let’s get started!


Located in Storrs, Connecticut, The University of Connecticut is a public research institution that was established in 1881 as the Storrs Agricultural School.

The institution has been recognized as a Public Ivy as a result of its standard of education.

Students at the University of Connecticut are permitted to go for over 100 majors, 8 undergraduate degrees, 17 graduate degrees and 5 professional degree programs.

An institution’s retention rate is one of the things that need to be considered before opting for a school of choice. See ivy school in Connecticut.

Notwithstanding, the University of Connecticut has a retention rate of 93% and the rate is among the best for public universities in the nation.

As a result of the University of Connecticut commitment in research, In 2018, University of Connecticut spent approximately $269 million on research and development, and as a result of this, the Institution ranked 88th in the nation by National Science Foundation.

The institute also ranked third out of 58 public research universities based on the graduation time. Students who are attending the school have average time of 4.2 years to graduate from school.

University of Connecticut has graduated so many individuals since its inception, and some of the alumni include Super Bowl winners, hall of fame inductees in several sports, academy award winners, Pulitzer prize-winning authors, a number of Hollywood actors and directors, and many other notable individuals.

University of Connecticut Acceptance Rate

The overall acceptance rate for University of Connecticut is 49%. But according to Wikipedia, the school has an acceptance rate of 56%.

With these numbers, it can be said that the University of Connecticut has a moderately selective admissions policy. See University of Copenhagen Acceptance Rate.

Half of the students who got admitted to UConn have an SAT score between 1170 and 1390 or an ACT score between 27 and 32.

The average GPA for admitted applicants is 3.76, this implies that the admitted applicant at the University of Connecticut has generally scored mostly A’s and only a few B’s in high school. 

University of Connecticut Out-of-State Acceptance Rate

According to statistics, 60% of out-of-state students who applied to University of Connecticut were admitted in 2010.

Since the general acceptance rate was 54.3% that same which is very close to what it was presently, an individual might think that the out-of-state acceptance rate is now the same as that of 2010. 

In a normal year, out-of-state students make up about 30% of the freshman class, 60% of freshmen students at the University of Connecticut’s Storrs campus are Connecticut residents while international students represent 10%.

University of Connecticut’s incoming class of 2025 is made up of only 6% international students, and 34% out-of-state students, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and the challenges with international travel it has caused. 

Given the school’s mission to serve the local community, however, one can expect that fewer out-of-state students are offered admission, compared to residents.  

Because resident tuition is subsidized by state government funding, out-of-state tuition is generally more expensive.

The tuition and other fees associated with attending Connecticut as an out-of-state student comes to a total of $57,000 annually, compared to only $34,000 a year for Connecticut residents.

GPA for University of Connecticut

There is no specific GPA requirement for admission at University of Connecticut, rather the school chooses to use a comprehensive review process in giving admission.

But in order to be a competitive University of Connecticut applicant, you ought to aspire to have a GPA of 3.76 or higher, since this is the median GPA for students who have been admitted to the school.

University of Connecticut admission process is on the basis of a holistic review of the applicant’s past academic performance and the degree of rigor reflected in the high school course they have taken.

The admission team of the Institution takes the personal qualities of the applicant into consideration to enable them to check how well the applicants will fit in and make a contribution to the University of Connecticut community.

Additionally, the school states that it searches for applicants who can demonstrate responsibility, empathy, and an appreciation of multiculturalism.   

Moreover, the office of admissions will also put any personal difficulties or circumstances that may have attributed to an applicant’s academic underperformance during high school into consideration, thereby putting more effort to comprehend the student’s potential better rather than it can be reflected by only numbers.

SAT & ACT Requirements for University of Connecticut

University of Connecticut does not require SAT or ACT scores for admission.

Nevertheless, students who have taken one of these standardized tests may opt to submit their scores as a supplement to application information or for the purpose of University of Connecticut course placement.

Right from 2021 application period, University of Connecticut admissions has taken part in a three-year pilot program in which SAT or ACT scores are not required, notwithstanding, applicants may still submit their test scores if they would like to do so

This new development is designed to put an end to inequalities in the admissions process for applicants who do not have access to test prep programs or strive with test-taking for whatever given reason.

The institute expects that this three-year trial will make its admissions process fairer, especially for historically underrepresented groups of applicants, with the mindset of permitting a more varied group of students to become part of the student body. 

Other Requirements and Admission Tips for University of Connecticut

University of Connecticut applicants must have completed four years of English, three years of math and electives, and two years of social studies, science, and a foreign language to be qualified for admission into the school.

For those applicants whose first language is not English, it is necessary for them to know that English matters a lot as a foreign language and therefore can satisfy the language requirement.

For those who attempt to apply to University of Connecticut, they can start by completing either the Common Application or the Coalition Application.

They will be required to pay a nonrefundable application fee of $80 which can be paid either via the application itself or by check or money order to the college.

Nevertheless, fee waivers are available for those who may need them. Applicants are required to submit a personal essay to the school.

Finally, the application prerequisite must include a self-reported academic record, an official secondary school transcript, or GED records.

Submission of letter of recommendation is optional. For those who wish to submit theirs, they can do so via the school fax, email, or by postal mail.

The submission of SAT or ACT score is not compulsory. The Institution has stated that these requirements are general guidelines for admission.


That was all applicants are required to know on University of Connecticut acceptance rate, GPA, and requirements. This is to guide them in the admission process.

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