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UDUSOK Postgraduate Form 2023/2024 | See How To Apply

Usman Danfodio University Sokoto (UDUSOK) Postgraduate Admission Form for the 2023/2024 Academic Session is out for application.

This article seeks to provide you with the necessary information as regards different courses available for application, the due procedure for application, and necessary requirements for a successful application.

The management of the Usman Danfodio University, Sokoto(UDUSOK) wishes to announce that the application form for postgraduate Admission for the 2023/2024 Academic session is out.

It is worthy of note that the invitation for this application will be strictly for all qualified candidates only.

On this note, candidates are advised to apply for the available postgraduate programmes according to their choices as soon as the form is out for sale.

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Usman Danfodio University, Sokoto(UDUSOK) Postgraduate Courses.

Usman Danfodio University, Sokoto(UDUSOK) offers the following courses in the postgraduate school programs:

S.No.Faculty /DepartmentProgrammes
a.Department of Soil SciencePhD in Soil Science
 M.Phil. Soil Science
 MSc. Soil Science
b.Department of Forestry & EnvironmentPhD Forestry
 M. Phil/Ph.D Forestry
 MSc. Forest Biology & Silviculture
c.Department of Animal SciencePhD. Animal Science
 M.Phil. Animal Science
 MSc. Animal Science
 PGD (Livestock Production & Management)
d.Department of Agricultural EconomicsPhD. Agricultural Economics
 M.Phil./Ph.D Agricultural Economics
 MSc. Agricultural Economics,
 Postgraduate Diploma (Agric. Econs & Extension)
e.Department of Crop SciencePhD. Crop Science (Agronomy)
 PhD. Crop Science (Plant Breeding)
 PhD. Crop Science (Entomology)
 M. Phil Crop Science
f.Department of Fisheries & AquaculturePhD. Fisheries Management and Aquaculture
 M.Phil. Fisheries Management and Aquaculture
 MSc. Fisheries and Aqua. Management
 Postgraduate Diploma in Fisheries Management and Aquaculture
g.Department of Agric. Ext. & Rural DevelopmentPhD. Agricultural Extension and Rural Development
 M.Phil. Agricultural Extension and Rural Development
 MSc. Agricultural Extension and Rural Development
a.Department of AccountingPhD in Accounting and Finance
 MSc. Accounting and Finance
b.Department of Public AdministrationMaster of Public Administration (MPA)
 Postgraduate Diploma in Public Administration (PGDPA)
c.Department of Business AdministrationExecutive Masters Business Administration (Part-Time)(EMBA)
 Postgraduate Diploma Management (PGDM)
a.Department of SociologyPhD. Sociology, M.Phil./Ph.D. Sociology, MSc. Sociology,
 PhD Sociology
 M.Phil./Ph.D Sociology
 MSc. Sociology
 Master of Social Policy (MSP)
b.Department of Political SciencePhD. Political Science
 M.Phil. Political Science
 MSc. Political Science
 Master of International Affairs & Diplomacy (MIAD)
 Master of Governance and Public Policy (MGPP)
c.Department of GeographyM.Phil. Geography
 MSc. Geography
 PhD Geography
d.Department of EconomicsMaster of Banking and Finance (MBF), PhD. Economics
 Postgraduate Diploma in Banking and Finance (PGDBF)
a.Department of Vet. AnatomyPhD. Vet. Anatomy, MSc. Vet. Anatomy
b.Department of Vet. Physiology & BiochemistryMSc. Vet. Physiology
c.Department of Vet. Pharmacology & ToxicologyPhD. Vet. Pharmacology, MSc. Vet. Pharmacology
d.Department of Vet. MedicinePhD. Vet. Medicine, MVM Vet. Medicine
e.Department of Vet. PathologyPhD. Vet. Pathology, MSc. Vet. Pathology
f.Department of Theriogenology & Animal ProductionPhD. Theriogenology, MSc. Theriogenology, MSc. Animal Production,
 M.Phil./Ph.D Theriogenology, PhD. Animal Production, M.Phil./Ph.D Animal Production,
 PGD Animal Health, PGD Animal Health and Production
g.Department of Surgery & RadiologyPhD. Vet. Surgery, Masters Vet. Surgery
h.Department of Vet. Pub. Health & Preventive MedicinePhD. Preventive Veterinary Medicine, PhD. Veterinary Public Health,
 MVPH Veterinary Public Health, MPVM Preventive Veterinary Medicine,
 MSc. Veterinary Epidemiology
i.Department of Vet. MicrobiologyPhD. Vet. Microbiology, MSc. Vet. Microbiology
j.Department of Vet. ParasitologyPhD. Veterinary Parasitology, M.Phil. Veterinary Parasitology,
 MSc. Vet. Parasitology
a.Department of ArabicPh.D. Arabic, M.A. Arabic
b.Department of Nigerian LanguagesPh. D Hausa Language,
 Ph.D Hausa Literature
 PhD Hausa Culture
 M.A. Hausa Literature
 M.A. Hausa Culture
 M.A. Hausa Language
c.Department of Modern European Language & Linguistics.PhD. English Language, PhD. Literature in English, PhD. Linguistics, M.Phil. English Language, M.Phil. Literature in English, M.Phil. Linguistics, M.Phil. French, M.A. English Language, M.A. Literature in English, M.A. French, M.A. Linguistics.
d.Department of HistoryPhD. History
 M.Phil./Ph.D History
 M.A. History
 Masters in International Studies
 PGD Migration and Refugee Studies
 PGD in Africa and Development Studies
e.Department of Islamic StudiesPhD. Islamic Studies, M.Phil./Ph.D Islamic Studies, M.A. Islamic Studies
a.Department of Adult Education & ExtensionPhD. Primary Education, PhD. Adult Education, M.Phil./Ph.D Primary Education, M.Phil./Ph.D Adult Education, M.Ed. Adult Education, M.Ed. Primary Education
b.Department of Curriculum & Educational Technology.PhD. Language Education, M.Phil./Ph.D Language Education, M.Ed. Educational Technology, PhD. Curriculum Studies, M.Ed. Curriculum Studies, M.Ed. Language Education
c.Department of Science & Vocational EducationPhD. Science Education, PhD. Maths Education, M.Phil./Ph.D Science Education
 M.Ed. Science Education, M.Ed. Maths Education.
d.Department of Educational FoundationPhD. Educational Psychology, PhD. Sociology of Education, PhD. Philosophy of Education, PhD. Guidance & Counseling,
 PhD Admin. & Planning, M.Phil./Ph.D Admin. & Planning, M.Phil./Ph.D Philosophy of Education, M. Ed Educational Psychology, M. Ed Sociology of Education, M. Ed Philosophy of Education, M. Ed Guidance & Counseling, Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE)
a.Department of MathematicsPhD. Mathematics, PhD. Statistics, MSc. Statistics, Postgraduate Diploma in Statistics (PGDS), MSc. Mathematics
  PhD. Computer Science, M. Phil / PhD. Computer Science, M. Phil. Computer Science.
  MSc. Computer Science, Master Information Technology (MIT), Postgraduate Diploma in Computer Science (PGDS).
b.Department of BiochemistryPhD. Biochemistry, M.Phil. Biochemistry, MSc. Biochemistry, PGD Biochemistry.
c.Department of PhysicsPhD. Physics, M.Phil./Ph.D. Physics, MSc. Physics
d.Department of Biological SciencesPhD. Botany, M.Phil. Botany, MSc. Botany, PhD. Biology, M.Phil. Biology,
  MSc. Biology, PhD. Zoology, MSc. Zoology, Postgraduate Diploma in Biological Sciences (PGDBS)
e.Department of MicrobiologyMSc. Microbiology, PhD Microbiology, M.Phil./Ph.D Microbiology
f.Department of Pure & Applied ChemistryPhD. Petroleum Chemistry, PhD. Renewable Energy, PhD. Pure Chemistry,
  PhD. Applied Chemistry, M.Phil. Petroleum Chemistry, M.Phil. Renewable Energy
  MSc. Pure Chemistry, MSc. Applied Chemistry, MSc. Petroleum Chemistry, MSc. Renewable Energy.
8.FACULTY OF MEDICAL LAB SCIENCEMSc. Medical Laboratory Science (Histopathology)
 MSc. Medical Laboratory Science (Immunology)
 MSc. Medical Laboratory Science (Medical Microbiology)
 MSc. Medical Laboratory Science (Chem. Patho.)
 MSc. Medical Laboratory Science (Haematology)
c.Department of PhysiologyPhD. Physiology, MSc. Physiology, M.Phil./Ph.D Physiology
a.Department of AnatomyPhD. Anatomy, MSc. Anatomy
b.Dept. of Pharm & TherapyPhD. Pharmacology, M. Phil Pharmacology, M.Sc. Pharmacology
b.Dept. of Chemical PathologyM.Sc. Chemical. Pathology
 M.Phil./Ph.d Law
 Master of Information and Communication Technology Law (MICTEL)

Requirements for Application

All applicants must be aware of the following befor application:

  1. Holders of Higher Diploma (HD) are NOT eligible for admission into the Postgraduate Programmes of the Usmanu Danfodio University.
  2. Applicants must have graduated with better than ‘PASS’ at Diploma or Degree level.
  3. Applicants must have NYSC Discharge /Exemption/Exclusion Certificate
  4. All Candidates for admission into PhD, M.Phil/Ph.D, M. A., M.Ed., M.Sc. and LLM Programmes must provide records of their Academic Transcripts.

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How To Apply for Application for UDUDSOK Postgraduate Form

The sale of the UDUSOK postgraduate admission form for 2023/2024 has not started. but will be sold at the sum of Ten Thousand Naira(10,000) only which will be paid online using debit cards.

Changes and necessary updates shall be made as soon as the form for the 2023/2024 academic session is out.  For more inquiries, applicants are advised to visit the UDUSOK Postgraduate School portal:

If there is anything you would want to ask us about the UDUSOK Postgraduate form, kindly let us know in the comment section.

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