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What is UC Berkeley Known For? | Is UC Berkeley a Good School?

The flagship of the legendary University of California system, UC Berkeley was founded in 1868 as the University of California.

As the second oldest university in California, UC Berkeley leads the way in innovation, education, and athletics.

One of the rare public schools with academic output and reputation similar to those of the vaunted Ivy League schools, UC Berkeley has a long list of impressive alumni and faculty.

In fact, UC Berkeley has been associated with recipients of the highest honors in the world, including 114 winners of the Nobel Prize and 25 winners of the Turing Award and 14 winners of Fields Medalists

Graduates of UC Berkeley include Professor of Economics Christina Romer, Chief Justice of the United States Earl Warren, and a Nobel laureate in chemistry Glenn T. Seaborg.

What Majors & Academics Are UC Berkeley Known For?

UC Berkeley has fourteen colleges and schools that offer over 350 degree programs. Some of its colleges include: College of Chemistry, College of Engineering, College of Environmental Design, College of Letters and Science, Rausser College of Natural Resources.

UC Berkeley college is for both undergraduate and graduate students, while schools are generally for graduate programs only, though some offer undergraduate majors or minors.

Some of the popular majors offered at UC Berkeley include: Arts & Humanities, Biological Sciences, Business, Design, Economic Development & Sustainability, Education, Engineering & Computer Science and Mathematics.

However, with a staggeringly low acceptance rate of just 27%, it is very difficult to study at UC Berkeley.

In fall 2022, the school received 19,300 applications from its applicants, only approximately 5,250 students were admitted among the pool of applicants.

This low rate helps the school keep small classes, with an average ratio of 19 students to every teacher. Thanks to this outstanding program the school counts on.

Is UC Berkeley a Good School?

Unsurprisingly, UC Berkeley comes in near the top of nearly every ranking of American universities.

According to U.S. News & World Report, UC Berkeley is the 20th best university in the United States, above such schools as UC-Berkely, the University of Michigan, and Georgetown University.

On specialized lists, UC Berkeley does particularly well. U.S. News ranks UC Berkeley as the #7 in best college for Veterans and #2

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Although it uses slightly different criteria, agrees with these rankings. The site awards UC Berkeley an A+ grade, with special acknowledgment for its academics, its diversity emphasis, and the overall value it provides.

Perhaps the best indication of UC Berkeley’s qualities comes from the high ranking given by Washington Monthly.

Where most outlets rank schools according to alumni donations and high-profile research, Washington Monthly assesses schools according to social mobility, public service, and scholarly research. Even by those exacting standards, UC Berkeley did well, coming in at the top 3rd place overall.

Why UC Berkeley?

As you can see, UC Berkeley is an excellent institution, offering the best possible academic experience, not just in the state of California, but in the entire country.

Its graduates have gone on to win some of the most important awards and lead some of the most influential organizations in the world.

Is it the right school for you?

Unlike many schools of its caliber, UC Berkeley is relatively cheap for in-state students. Students pay only $36,297 a year, which is nearly half of what attendees pay across town at USC.

And while nobody would consider its 14% acceptance rate easy, that is less competitive than many top-notch California schools.

For that money, you get the chance to study with those who count among the greatest minds of our generation, teachers and scholars whose work affects the future.

That’s particularly true of UCLA’s entertainment programs, such as the film school or entertainment law courses.

But it’s also true of its law school and medical school, which give the doctors and lawyers of tomorrow the resources they’ll need.

On top of that, UCLA offers more fun than you would expect at a school with such a scholarly tradition.

The University boasts a proud tradition of athletic excellence, including many national championships wins.

On-campus, students can participate in numerous clubs and college traditions, to blow off steam or do some real good. With so much on offer, it’s hard to think of a reason someone would not want to go to UCLA.

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