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Tufts University Acceptance Rates and 2023/2025/2026 Admission Statistics

Are you looking forward to being a student at Tufts University but you don’t know the necessary information about the school and you are willing to know?

If your answer to this question is yes, then feel comfortable because I am certain that this article will guide you and also help you to gain access to all the necessary information you are expected to know about the school. 

In this article, every information you are expected to know as an aspirant in Tufts University will be carefully discussed, starting from its acceptance rate, to its admission statistics.

Tufts Acceptance Rate

For an applicant to be accepted at Tufts, you must submit all the required valuable academic qualifications and extracurricular reports.

Based on the Tufts admission policies, they admit applicants whose reports show that they are well-rounded in all the areas of their lives.

In this present year, Tufts lowered its acceptance rate to 9% which happens to be the lowest acceptance rate in the university’s history.

Nevertheless, the Tufts University Class of 2026 applicant pool was 12% larger this year with a record-breaking 34,880 applicants Compared to other Universities. See Tufts University Early Decision Acceptance Rate.

Tufts University continues to both attract large number of interested candidates and accept large number into their freshman class.

Most of the Tufts University applicants continue to show interest in the ED and EDII binding application options, as seen in the rising number of total ED applications—up 10 percent from last year.

Tufts University received a 26% increase in applications this year, for the B.F.A. program at the SMFA at Tufts. The increase in applications is as a result of the new Tufts Civic Semester program, a gap service semester. Check if Tufts University is ivy league school.

During this fall semester abroad, enrolled students will work with a nonprofit organization and complete academic courses as they learn new languages and cultures in one of two locations—either Urubamba, Peru or Kunming, China.

Tufts University record of admission acceptance rate:

Year Applications AcceptedTotal Applications ReceivedTotal Acceptance Rate
20263,139 34,8809.00%
2025  3,43131,19011.00%
2024 3,46923,12715.00%
20233,318 22,72514.60%
20223,139 21,502 14.60%
20213,128 21,101 14.82%
20202,831 20,222 14.00%
2018 3,32519,076 17.43%

Tufts Admission Rate, Profile, and Statistics

Below are the breakdown data and analysis of the Tufts University admission Rate, class profile, and admission statistics. The admission rate/acceptance rate is presented in percentages.

Admission Distribution by Major/Disciplines

  • Arts and Sciences: 1,218
  • Engineering: 274

Admission rate by race/ethnicity.

From the Tufts acceptance rate and admission stats, the percentages of admission rate and admission distribution by race/ethnicity were as follows:

  • S. Students (whites): 37.8%
  • Asian students: 17.7%
  • Hispanic students: 8.9%
  • Black/African Americans: 5.0%
  • Students from more than one race: 6.0%
  • Percentage of Acceptance rate by high schools
  • Public High Schools: 53%
  • Independent Schools: 33%
  • Religious/Parochial Schools: 11%

Admission Distribution by U.S States/Territories

Applications came in from 46 U.S states with the highest from Massachusetts (323), New York (214), California (149), New Jersey (122), etc. and the lowest from Oklahoma (1), West Virginia, (1), Wyoming (1), Utah (2), etc.

International Countries that applied: 44 countries. See Tufts Transfer Acceptance Rate.

Student Demographics

Tufts has made strides to accept a more diverse incoming class by committing to meet the full demonstrated need of all admitted students.

They have presently budgeted $25.8 million in need-based grants for undergraduates, a new record, to make this possible. See what Tufts is known for.

Director of Financial Aid Patricia Reilly explained to the Daily, “Each year our office works with the university budget officers to increase the financial aid budget to allow us to continue to meet 100% of the demonstrated need of every admitted student …

The average annual increase in undergraduate financial aid over the past 10 years has outpaced the average increase in tuition and total student costs.”

We believe you have now gained access to the necessary information you expected to know about Tufts University acceptance rate coupled with its admission statistics.

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