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Simon Fraser University Acceptance Rate, Tuition, and Admission Requirements

This article will walk you through the Simon Fraser University acceptance rate, tuition and admission requirements for the school. Read on to get everything you need.


In the Fall 2021 semester, Simon Fraser University (SFU) had 25,595 undergraduates, with 12,812 of them being full-time and 12,783 part-time.

International students made up 21% of the undergraduate student body, of which over 85% came from Asia, the highest proportion being from China at 43%.


The university enrolled 4,701 graduate students in the Fall 2021 semester, with international students constituting 32% of the graduate student population. A Graduate Student Society supports and advocates for graduate students at the university.

Continuing Education

Simon Fraser University (SFU) also offers non-credit programs and courses to adult students. As of 2016, SFU Continuing Studies offers more than 300 courses and 27 certificate and diploma programs, mostly delivered either online or part-time from SFU’s downtown Vancouver or Surrey campus.

Continuing Studies also manages a part-time degree completion program, called SFU NOW: Nights or Weekends, for working adults pursuing a bachelor’s degree. See Camosun College Acceptance Rate.

Simon Fraser University Acceptance Rate

Knowing the acceptance rate of the university you aspire to enter is very important, it enables you to know your chances of entering the university. The acceptance rate at Simon Fraser University is 59%.

This acceptance rate shows that applicants have a big opportunity to get admitted into the school, you just need to get the right requirements and pass the eligibility criteria.

Simon Fraser University International Transfer Acceptance Rate

At Simon Fraser University (SFU), admission varies, either as an incoming student or you are a transfer student within SFU.

Incoming students are encouraged to have a solid foundation in math, which is necessary for the math and programming courses required as part of the program.

Simon Fraser University (SFU) students wishing to transfer to SIAT Major or Joint Major must have completed 18 units at the time of application.

The international transfer acceptance rate of Simon Fraser University is 58%. This Demonstrates that getting Admission into the school is competitive and CGPA admission varies by semester. Some transfers are taken per semester.

This international Transfer rate was given based on the overall number of applicants and the number of students taken from the past years.

Simon Fraser University Tuition Fees.

The cost of tuition at Simon Fraser University varies from international to national students, degree programs, and levels of study.

Tuition for a domestic undergraduate student at Simon Fraser University is $2,881 per period, while international students are charged $14,124 per period.

The tuition cost for national and international graduate students at Simon Fraser University is $1,909.

Admission Requirement

Simon Fraser University (SFU) has country-specific requirements for international students.

Indian aspirants’ requirements :

A three-year bachelor’s degree is acceptable for masters only if:

The applicant’s overall standing in degree is First Class/Division, and

The awarding institution is accredited by India’s National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) with a grade of A or better or the awarding institution is designated as an institution of national importance, such as the Indian Institute of Technology

All documents submitted during the application process need to be original drafts and in English or translated into English. The university advises students to get their documents evaluated by trusted credential evaluators.

 Admission Requirement For UG aspirants:

  • Academic transcripts
  • SAT or ACT score reports
  • AP score report
  • English proficiency score report
  • Letters of Recommendation (LORs)
  • Supplementary documents such as essays, portfolios, or videos
  • Financial documents

For PG students:

  • Academic transcripts
  • Standardized score reports
  • English proficiency score report
  • Essays or SOP, as per course requirement
  • Letter of Motivation/Letter of Intent
  • Resume/CV
  • Two to three LORs
  • Additional supplements
  • Financial documents

Application Fees:

The application fee for any undergraduate program is a non-refundable amount of CAD 81. A deposit of CAD 750 is required from international students upon acceptance into the university. On the other hand, the graduate program application fee is CAD 125 and non-refundable.

Scholarships & Financial Aid:

SFU offers financial aid to international undergraduate aspirants in the form of scholarships, bursaries, and awards.

Students who demonstrate excellence in academic and extracurricular activities are eligible for the Undergraduate Scholars Entrance Scholarship, which covers up to CAD 10,000 tuition and other costs.

This scholarship is open for students applying in the Fall Intake to a UG degree course under any faculty. See Emily Carr University of Art and Design Acceptance Rate.

Apart from this, UG aspirants can also apply for other entrance awards, such as the H.Y. Louie and Lohn Entrance Award, the Lloyd Carr-Harris Entrance Scholarship, and the Jim Bennett Entrance Scholarship.

Each scholarship and entrance awards have a separate application procedure except the Lloyd Carr-Harris and Jim Bennett Entrance Scholarships. Check the official website to know more about these scholarships and financial aids.

SFU expects international graduate students to arrange their own funding. However, in case of financial need, the university provides the option of bursaries. Students, who demonstrate financial need, can apply for department-specific bursaries.

These bursaries are offered on a term-by-term basis but are not guaranteed. They are also not designed to support a student’s entire unmet financial need. Apart from this, students can also apply for funding for external scholarships offered by other institutions.

Admission Process

Simon Fraser University offers all programs throughout the year, i.e., in Fall, Summer, and Spring Intakes.

The admission for UG Fall and Summer Intakes opens in October, and for the Spring Intake, it begins in August. UG deadlines as per the intakes are as follows:

PG programs have different intakes and deadlines. Deadlines may vary as per program and intake. Check the respective course page to know about the exact closing dates.

How to apply to UG courses

Similar to domestic applicants, international students need to apply to Simon Fraser University through the EducationPlannerBC application service.

The university advises students to apply as early as possible to increase their chances of getting accepted. To apply to SFU, follow these steps:

How to apply to PG courses.

You can apply for graduate programs in four simple steps through the university’s application portal.

 Log in with your GA User ID and password. Read through the six steps explained in detail. Click on ‘Start Application’ to fill the application form.

When will I hear from the university after I submit my application?

UG decisions are sent either within two weeks or one month. Decisions for PG programs are mailed after the course deadlines. For instance, decisions for Fall applications are announced in February and continue through summer.

Each program has a different review period after its admission deadline. Thus, decision dates vary as per program and course.

How many Indian/international students are studying at the university?

In 2019, the university enrolled 29,500 undergraduate students and over 5,000 graduate aspirants. Each year, 30 percent of the graduate student body features international students from over 100 countries. In the 2019-2020 academic year, 8,500 international were admitted to the university from 137 countries.

How many colleges and campuses does the university have?

SFU has three campuses located in different parts of Greater Vancouver. The main campus is located in Burnaby, atop Burnaby Mountain, and the other two campuses are located in Surrey and Vancouver.

The university has eight faculties that are further divided into various departments and schools of academic disciplines.

Apart from this, SFU has 22 research institutes and nine external research institutions associated with the university.

Is on-campus accommodation available?

SFU offers a range of housing and accommodation options to international students. Students can choose to live either on or off campus. On-campus housing includes student residences in Burnaby and Vancouver campus premises.


The Essential information applicants are required to understand about Simon Fraser University Acceptance Rate, Tuition, Admit Stats & Requirements has been clearly stated in the above write-up.

Endeavor to read it well for a clear understanding as it will assist you in making your admission pursuit easier and faster. Click on the comment box to drop your questions there, our officials shall attend to them.

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