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SDSU Transfer Admission Acceptance Rate, GPA and Requirements

Would you love to be a San Diego State University Aztec? If your response is positive then this post is for you because it covers all you would like to know about the SDSU transfer admission acceptance rate, GPA and requirements. Let’s get started!

About the school

San Diego State University is a public research institute situated in San Diego, California that was instituted in 1897 as San Diego Normal School. SDSU is among the best universities located in California.

 The Institution has numerous major and preprofessional courses, they also award 190 bachelor’s degrees, 91 master’s degrees, and 25 doctoral degrees. This attracts so many applicants to the institution.

The academic institution also values transfer students as a result of the innovation and experiences they bring to the school.

San Diego State University Acceptance Rate:

San Diego State University has an acceptance rate of 34.1 for the year 2022. This means that among 76,792 applicants who sent their applications to the school, only about 26,186 will be given admission into the school.

This also means that the institution is extremely Competitive and selective in giving admission.

It is mandatory for transfer applicants to have at least 60 transferrable semester units and military service credits can equally be used for transfer.

Transfer statistics show that transfer students who were admitted into San Diego State University were about 80% local and 20% international.

This means that applicants have maximum chances of being admitted into the Institution if they are transferred from any of the local communities in California.

What is the GPA requirement I need to gain admission into SDSU?

The GPA requirement that actually counts is the one you will need to obtain a maximum chance of getting admission into the school.

According to report, students who were admitted in the Institution have an average GPA of 3.84. This signifies that any applicants who scored below the given number will be disqualified.

It is worth noting that SDUS makes use of CSU’s GAO weighing system. The grade you had in your grade 10-11 in high school are weighed to get at the CSU capped weighted GPA. So, it is advisable for you to earn as many A’s as you can in your high school.

Also, note that your GPA is observed for admission in some major courses. The GPA score for each major courses differs.

For instance, the GPA score needed for biology admission is 2.80 while that of aerospace Engineering is 2.70. See how to study nursing in the US as an international student.

Is it difficult to gain admission into SDSU?

Yes, it is very difficult to gain admission into this Institution as a transfer student because of its rigorous admission procedures.

SDSU has a competitive and selective admission policy, as a result of this so many students don’t make their way into the school.

 Your course of study is one of the factors that will determine the possibility of being admitted into the school. Going for a high competitive major courses like Nursing, computer science and lots more will definitely make your chances of being admitted slim and difficult.

SDSU Transfer Admission Requirement

1). Minimum GPA: This is determined by major and other service area status.

2). Official Transcripts: Applicants’ college transcripts are needed. High school transcripts may be recommended by some.

3). SAT Scores: SDSU does not demand this from transfer students, it is only from freshmen applicants who are demanded to take and submit scores for the College Board’s Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) or the ACT.

4). Letters of Recommendation: This is not required for transfer students. An Application Fee of $55 is required.

5). Interview: Interview is not required.

6). A high school diploma is required

Other Requirements: Transfer applicants must declare a major and have completed all preparation for the major courses and pre-major requirements.

Must have “C” grades in oral communication, written communication, critical thinking, and mathematics.

Transfer Credit Policy

Minimum Grade: The lowest grade earned for any course that may be transferred for credit is a D-.

Credits (Min/Max): SDSU transfer applicants must have at least 60 units. There is no maximum number.

However, if admitted, a maximum of 70 units from community college transfer coursework will apply toward your bachelor’s degree unit total.


This write-up is all about SDSU transfer admission with emphasis on its Transfer admission acceptance rate, GPA, and requirements.

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