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Fordham University Acceptance Rate, GPA and Requirements 2023, 2026

If you are desiring to study at Fordham University, that will be a nice decision but there are factors to consider before making the institution your school of choice.

Such factors include Fordham University acceptance rate, GPA, and requirements and we will be discussing these factors in detail in this article. Let’s get started!


Founded by John Hughes as St. John’s College, Fordham University is a private research university situated in New York City. It was established in 1841 and its major campus is located in the Bronx.

As a Jesuit-affiliated independent school, Fordham University is composed of four undergraduate and six graduate schools with its academic ethos mainly drawn from Jesuit origin. See Clemson University Acceptance Rate.

The university promotes the Jesuit principles of cura personalis, which fosters faculty and administrative respect for the individual student and all of his or her gifts and abilities.

Students are encouraged to challenge themselves and utilize their abilities to serve the school community.

Students at the school have 130 opportunities to study abroad through the International and Study Abroad Programs (ISAP) Office.

These opportunities promote global diversity and assist students to understand the complexities of an interconnected world.

Fordham University Acceptance Rate

Fordham University has an acceptance rate of 44%. This acceptance rate implies that Fordham University declines more students than it accepts.

In order to get into Fordham, students will need to set themselves apart from their peers with an impressive application.

Fordham receives nearly 50,000 applicants, with over 2,000 prospective international students. Students come from all over the world with different backgrounds and perspectives.

Due to the growing number of qualified applicants and rising popularity, the admissions process becomes more competitive each year.

The competitive nature of Fordham University admissions and low acceptance rate demonstrates how strong the education is.


In order to be admitted to Fordham University, students should aim to have an above-average GPA. The university reports an average GPA range of 3.75.

This GPA means that it is compulsory for students to earn mainly A’s and B’s in their classes to be on par with other applicants.

Fordham University applicants can make themselves stand out by receiving top grades in challenging courses.

AP and IB classes show the admissions team that they can handle college-level assignments. The admissions team will be looking at both the rigor of the class schedule and the grades you receive.

Fordham University wants to accept students who will exploit in the university. Grades are not the only aspect of the application, but higher GPAs and test scores lead to better opportunities for admittance.

SAT & ACT Requirement

Depending on the rest of the applicant’s folder, successful candidates at Fordham tend to score between 1300 and 1450 on the SAT.

ACT scores for admitted students typically span from the range of 29 – 33. Advanced Placement courses can increase a student’s access to higher level coursework at Fordham University.

No matter which scores you submit, the university takes the highest scores across multiple attempts, which is called “superscoring.”

Beginning with the Class of 2025, standardized tests are optional for admission to Fordham. The decision to remove the requirement – a response to COVID-19 and the problems with test administration – may be temporary, but no reinstatement of standardized test application requirements has been announced.

Requirements & Admission Tips

Deciding to apply to Fordham does not have to be intimidating. When defining their own selection process, Fordham identifies the ideal Fordham student as people who want to make the world better, people who are willing to put in the work it takes to become future leaders.

Fordham wants to know from applicants that they have done their research. They want students to arrive on campus knowing what they signed up for, set to maximize their time in a place with access to so many resources of all kinds.

Successful applicants highlight any projects, activities, or services that demonstrate not only their academic prowess but their ability to be a vital member of a community.

There are a few practical measures that earnest Fordham applicants can take that can increase their chances of being accepted.

Applicants are required to submit various application materials to the school, to increase their admission eligibility.

Not minding what application materials each student opt to submit, the admissions team reviews applications holistically.

The holistic admissions process also goes beyond the numbers to see each student as an individual. See business schools.

The evaluator should be familiar with the applicant’s academic achievements and history. In addition, they should be able to demonstrate how you are a good fit with the university.

Along with the optional testing scores and class rank, it is compulsory for students to submit their transcript, GPA, letters of recommendation, Common Application personal statement, and essay responses.

It is also important to show participation in extracurricular activities to give the university an idea of your abilities and passions outside of the classroom.

Students must have completed 3 to 4 years of core subjects like English, science, mathematics, social studies, and foreign language. This aligns with Fordham’s core curriculum methodology to give students a strong foundation.


Students applying to Fordham University must submit their Common Application personal statement and additional university-specific essays.

The personal statement gives the admissions team an idea of who you are and what you are passionate about.

On the other hand, the Fordham questions give you a chance to show how you will contribute to the university.


This article was written on Fordham University – acceptance rate, GPA, requirements, and more, to serve as a complete guide to applicants who wish to apply to the school and also on how to go about the admission procedures. Feel free to ask your questions based on this article, if you have any.

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