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North Carolina State University Acceptance Rate, GPA, and Requirements

If you are interested to become a student at North Carolina State University, then you are on the right path. In the article, we will be exploring North Carolina State University’s acceptance rate, GPA, and admission requirements.

In addition to their in-state and out-of-state acceptance rates and average SAT scores, ACT scores. Let’s get started!

Located in Raleigh, North Carolina, North Carolina State University is a public research institution that is founded in 1887.

As the largest university in the Carolinas, North Carolina State University offers great opportunities for students who have interest in the quintessential college experiences. See UNC Chapel-Hill Transfer Acceptance Rate.

The Princeton Review and Entrepreneur voted North Carolina State University as the number one school for student entrepreneurship in the Southeast and it has helped the dreams of undergraduates become a reality.

Students at the institution compete yearly in interdepartmental entrepreneurship competitions, as well as the Design Challenge Series.

And the students compete individually or in teams in this series, to enable them to submit an idea for a given challenge.

As part of the University of North Carolina system, the institution train undergraduates to be set to become future veterinarians.

This made the U.S. News & World Report to ranks its College of Veterinary Medicine(CVM) #4 in the nation.

Moreover, the College of Veterinary Medicine equally offers programs that teach present veterinary doctors how to specialize in reducing disease among animal populations.

The institution is also a multi-campus institution made up of 16 public universities granting four-year degrees and the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics.

North Carolina (NC) State University Acceptance Rate

The North Carolina State University got 32,907 freshmen applications and admitted 47.4% of them in fall 2021; combined with transfer students, this amounted to an incoming freshmen class of 5,011 students.

North Carolina State University has a total undergraduate and graduate student population of over 36,000 students, and the student body continues to become more different at a gradual rate.

Among more than 5,000 first-year students admitted to the institution in 2021, only 15.6% of them came from out of state. See Best Art School in North Carolina

North Carolina State University’s recent undergraduate study body is composed of 26,150 students, and out of the given student body, only 9% are from out of state.

GPA for North Carolina State University

There is no GPA requirement for North Carolina State University, but according to the record of the previously admitted students in the school, the middle half of enrolled freshmen students maintained a weighted GPA between 4.17 to 4.48, and the exact average was 4.28.

65% of students who were admitted to North Carolina State University were ranked in the top 10% of their high school graduating class, while 93% of students who were admitted to the school held a position in the top 25% of their senior class.

The school is considered to be among the top three public universities that are competitive according to statistics.

North Carolina State University SAT & ACT Requirements

North Carolina State University is not requiring SAT or ACT scores at this time, but they will take them into consideration if students choose to submit them.

For those who were admitted to the class of 2021, 52% of them sent their application to North Carolina State University without submitting test scores.

With regards to the SAT, half of the admitted applicants who submit scores have a “Superscore” (combined Mathematics and Evidence-based Reading and Writing scores) from 1230 and 1410. The first-year class of 2020 maintained an average SAT Superscore of 1344.

Other Requirements and Admission Tips for North Carolina State University

To start the application process, prospective students will need to fill out the online application using either the Common Application or the Coalition Application.

Pay an application fee of $85 which is nonrefundable. (The application fee can be waived based on certain conditions). See Best Medical School in North Carolina.

North Carolina State University applicants can report their SAT or ACT scores as part of their application, and only those who are admitted to the university will be eligible to share their official scores before they enroll.

For those who desire to apply to a studio-based major, they will be required to submit additional materials, the materials required to be submitted include a 10-piece portfolio and design-focused essay.

As noted above, the submission deadline will depend on whether a student is looking to enter in Spring or Fall and whether they are looking to do Early Action or Early Decision.

November 1st is the date for Early decision, while January 15th is the deadline for regular admission

North Carolina State University’s priority filing date for the FAFSA is March 1, though the university suggests that students should send in their applications early.


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