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NYU Tisch Acceptance Rate, Tuition, and Requirements 2023, 2026

Welcome to this page! We will be discussing the NYU Tisch admission processes in this article with emphasis on the NYU Tisch acceptance rate, alumni and tuition.

This is to enable you to know how things are done in the school and to also know if the school is suitable for you to make it your school of choice. Let’s get started! See NYU Early Decision Acceptance Rate.


Founded in 1965, New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts has ordained itself as one of the most distinguished and sought-after schools for students who are interested in going for theater, film, and other related careers.

New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts offers bachelor’s, master’s degrees, and doctorates, and various students from the school have become famous on stage and screen as well as behind the scenes.

Students at the school have various programs that they can opt for, spanning the artistic spectrum at its three institutes. See NYU Acceptance Rate.

The three institutes include: the Institute of Performing Arts, the Maurice Kanbar Institute of Film & Television, and the Institute of Emerging Media.

New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts students come from various states and countries that receive hands-on training in New York City.

New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts faculty includes professionals still working in their field who can give students an exceptional and recent perspective on their fields.  

Faculty members of the school guide students’ careers and serve as an essential resource for them even after their graduation from school.

NYU Tisch Acceptance Rate

The acceptance rate at NYU Tisch is around 26%. NYU is considered to be a highly selective school, and that selectivity is increasing as time goes on.

The school stated that their acceptance rate for the Class of 2025 was only 12.8%, less than half what it was as recently as 2013.

The national average acceptance rate for all four-year colleges and universities, on the other hand, is around 66%.

Of the more than 100,000 people who applied during this admission cycle, only about 6,700 were accepted to matriculate for the fall 2021 semester across all five of NYU’s campuses. 

The class of 2025 has broken the university’s past record for high median SAT scores of admitted students, with an impressive 1540 out of the possible 1600.

The average unweighted GPA for the incoming first-year class was 3.71. Furthermore, over 20% of admitted students had earned a perfect 4.0.

On top of the high level of academic achievement this record-breaking class has exhibited, the group is also geographically diverse, with 102 countries and all 50 US states represented.

It is no surprise that admission into New York University is so selective, as the school is known for its prestige. See NYU Waitlist.

New York University ranks #28 as the best colleges and universities in the country according to US News annual list.

Fortunately, for students who are concerned that their academics are not strong enough to meet the more stringent criteria for New York University’s other schools, Gallatin’s acceptance rate of 30% is much more attainable than the single-digit rates for three other unspecified New York University undergraduate schools.

NYU Tisch Alumni

New York University ranks Tisch’s alumni network including some of the most powerful names in Hollywood and beyond. They are continuously appointed for Tonys, Emmys, and other major awards.

Some New York University alumni often come back to Tisch to mentor and share their knowledge with students who are studying in the school recently.

New York University Tisch and alumni even come together for “labs,” in which students get to work on a piece they could present outside of school and make professional connections.

Some of the NYU Tisch alumni are comedian Adam Sandler, “Jurassic World” actress Bryce Dallas Howard, and late “Hunger Games” star Philip Seymour Hoffman.

Most of these Alumni have found success on the small screen as well, such as Jesse L. Martin, who’s starred in “Law & Order” and “The Flash,” and CW leading ladies Rachel Bloom and Gina Rodriguez.

NYU Tisch Tuition

Getting a great education and having an impressive name on New York University Tisch diplomas come at a high cost for students.

For two full-time semesters of undergraduate students pay $62,062 as two full-time semesters tuition and compulsory fees in addition to $19,682 for room and board.

Students also pay nearly $4,700 in indirect costs that include books and supplies, transportation and personal expenses. This amounts to a total cost of more than $86,400 for the school year.

NYU Tisch estimates full-time undergraduate commuter students pay far less than students living on-campus. It puts their costs at $2,580 for room and board.

Those figures might be different based on where the student comes from, but students living off-campus are able to buy university meal plans.

On the basis of what they study, students can expect to encounter other fees and expenses, such as drafting tables and art supplies for design students.

Those involved in film production have to pay to use the laboratory and equipment insurance, which amounts to almost $900 each semester.

Student directors may also be required to pay thousands to have access to equipment more than what the school supplies to make films.

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