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Kansas Medical School Acceptance Rate, Tuition fee and Admission information

Are you a prospective student of Kansas medical school and you are on a quest to know some vital information about the medical school? This guide is for you because it covers all you need to know about the school.

In this article, we will be discussing the Kansas medical school Acceptance Rate, Tuition, and Admission Requirements. Read on to learn more about it.

Kansas Medical School is one of the high-ranked institutions in the United States. This institution is located in Kansas City, Kansas. See Johns Hopkins University Acceptance Rate.

The medical school gives admission to international students in more than 400+ Kansas University degree and certificate programs across 14 academic school programs. Medicine has done well to the image of this famous American City.

Kansas City may not have been among the elite hotspots for medical schools but with Kansas Medical School, the school is presently a centre for research and innovation.

Via partnership and affiliation, students can gain in-depth practical experience on how diseases can be diagnosed, contained, and treated

It is also important to remember that this centre is a vital health establishment in the United States; whose aim is to treat and prevent diseases in both global and local communities.

Kansas Medical School Acceptance Rate

Kansas Medical School is one of the high-ranked schools, with excellent faculty, facilities, and an attractive location, it is not surprising that Kansas Medical School’s acceptance rate was only 6.44 % for the incoming 2023 class.

Kansas Medical School Requirements

They require:

  • Clear demonstration of academic success
  • Research experience
  • Leadership experience and skills
  • Community service and involvement
  • Exposure to the field of medicine
  • Cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above
  • Cumulative Science GPA of 3.0 or above
  • MCAT requirement of 500 or above. MCAT scores are accepted three years prior to entry (i.e., for fall 2022 entry, scores need to be no older than May 2019).
  • Two letters of recommendation: One letter from a pre-med adviser or committee (applicant may substitute a science faculty member if one’s institution does not have pre-med advisers or a pre-med committee)

One letter from a physician (DO or MD). Additional letters may be submitted on your behalf. Letters must be dated within two years of the student’s anticipated matriculation year (i.e., if the student is starting classes in August 2022, letters must be dated no earlier than May 2020).

  • Casper: Casper is an online situational judgement test used to help evaluate applicants as part of the school’s application process. Applicants are not required to submit Casper scores unless they have been invited to complete a secondary application.
  • Health care experience
  • A Bachelor’s degree

Prerequisite coursework

To be eligible to apply for admission in this American school, you will need to have some coursework at hand which are:

  • Biological Sciences: 8 semester hours, including lab (12 quarter hours)
  • Biochemistry: 3 semester hours (4.5 quarter hours)
  • General Chemistry: 8 semester hours, including lab (12 quarter hours)
  • Organic Chemistry: 8 semester hours, including lab (12 quarter hours)
  • English or Literature: 6 semester hours (9 quarter hours)
  • Social or Behavioral Sciences: 6 semester hours (9 quarter hours)
  • Physics: 8 semester hours, including lab (12 quarter hours)
  • Total: 42 semester hours (63 quarter hours).

Kansas Medical School Tuition

Listed below are the estimated costs for programs offered by the Kansa Medical School for the 2023-2024 academic year.

The tuition and fees listed are subject to change by action of the Kansas Board of Regents.

The tuition & fees for Medical Doctor M.D. program at the University of Kansas School of Medicine is $38,785 for Kansas residents and $67,980 for others for the academic year 2022-2023.


Kansas Medical School is one of the best academic establishments in Kansas City, Kansas. This guide focused on the school’s acceptance rate, tuition, and other essential data.

Endeavor to go through it meticulously to enable you to find it helpful. You can ask us questions about the school in the comment section, as we will be there to respond to them.

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