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Baylor Medical School Acceptance Rate and Ranking

Are you a prospective medical school student who is confused about the good medical school to apply for study? Baylor Medical School may be the right school to apply to as a result of some of the reasons that you will likely see in this article.

We will be discussed Baylor medical school acceptance rate, ranking, and more in this article.


The Baylor Medical School has educated generations of aspiring doctors since its founding in 1900 when it was known as the University of Dallas Medical Department.

Now located in Houston, Texas, United States, the campus is home to several hospitals that now make up the greater Texas Medical Center.

Baylor offers four programs that give medical students the opportunity to earn a second degree alongside the Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree.

Such programs include; MD/Ph.D. with the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, MD/MPH with the UTHealth School of Public Health, MD/MBA with the Rice University Jesse H. Jones School of Business, MD/JD with the University of Houston Law Center.

For people interested in research, Baylor Med houses some of the most innovative centers and programs in the world, including the Human Genome Sequencing Center and the Epigenomics Data Analysis and Coordination Center.

 Baylor Medical School Acceptance Rate

For admissions in fall 2021, the medical school received 402 applications, and only 84, applications, advanced to the interview stage and just 12 or 3.5% received offers of admission to the school.

Many other schools have lower acceptance rates than Baylor, a school such as Virginia Tech, whose 0.96% is the lowest in the country.

The medical schools at New York, Stanford, and George Washington universities all had lower percentages than Baylor, with each admitting a little over 1% of applicants. See Imperial College London Acceptance Rate.

Baylor, though, has a similar rate to other top schools. Harvard Medical School, for instance, accepted 2.16% of applicants in a recent admissions cycle, and Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore admitted 1.99%.

Baylor Medical School Tuition

It comes as no surprise that most of Baylor School of Medicine is very affordable than most other medical schools and most of the medical students come from Texas since in-state residents receive a significant discount on tuition.

Texas residents paid about $28,092 per year while that amount jumped to about $41,192 for non resident students each year.

This total includes not only tuition but also student services fees, health insurance, and other related costs.

Those prices are somewhat comparable to the national averages for attending medical school.

In the United States, medical school costs about $54,700 annually, with in-state residents paying an average of $51,464 per year and out-of-state resident paying $57,933 annually.

Baylor Medical School Requirements

 Applicants do not need to have majored in pre-med or similar subjects as an undergraduate, but they will need to have finished certain courses if they want to get into Baylor Medical School.

These include behavior foundations, reasoning skills, biochemistry, and biological systems.

Students who entered Baylor during a recent admission cycle had an average GPA of 3.9 on a 4.0 scale, but the school considers applicants’ backgrounds and how difficult their undergraduate courses were and as a result of that it does not have a minimum grade point average (GPA) requirement.

The school usually requires students to submit MCAT scores. However, in a recent admission cycle, Baylor’s admitted students had an average MCAT score of 518 out of 528.

When it comes time to apply, candidates will use the application on the American Medical College Application Service’s website.

The medical school then reviews all applications and invites a select number to fill out a secondary application.

From there, Baylor reviews both applications along with letters of recommendation to determine which applicants to interview.

Moreover, Baylor Med requires a score on the Computer-Based Assessment for Sampling Personal Characteristics (CASPer) test.

Baylor Medical School Rankings

As the alma mater of the physicians listed above, Baylor has developed a reputation for excellence. That excellence has been measured by many outlets that research and rank institutions of higher learning.

According to nearly every outlet in the world, Baylor College of Medicine belongs among the top fifty medical schools in the country.

Every site gives the school high praise for its faculty, the contributions it makes to medical research, and the aforementioned alumni it produces.

These elements put Baylor high on the lists compiled by U.S. News & World Report. Out of all the outlets covering American higher education, U.S. News is the most trusted.

No other magazine puts as much attention into its research, nor do any others have such comprehensive evaluation data.

According to U.S. News, Baylor Med is the 22nd best school in the nation for medical research, tied with the School of Medicine at Emory University. Baylor does even better on the primary care rankings, coming in at 17th place, tied with Midwestern University. 

If one looks outside the country to the larger world, Baylor still receives high ranks. According to the global ranking outlet, Baylor College of Medicine is the 47th best medical school in the world, tied with the University of Glasgow in Scotland.


That was all on Baylor medical school acceptance rate, ranking, tuition, and requirement. Were you able to see some reasons you should make the school your school of choice? You can answer the question using the comment section.

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