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Johns Hopkins Medical School Acceptance Rate, Ranking and Tuition

Johns Hopkins Medical School is one of the best medical schools in the United States, if you are willing to study in this medical school, there are various things that are required of you to know about this school to enable you to know how things are done in the school and also help you to know if it is suitable for your career pathway.

We will be disclosing the necessary things like the school’s acceptance rate, ranking, and tuition in this article.


Founded in 1893, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine is one of the best medical schools in the world. It shares a campus with the Johns Hopkins Hospital and Johns Hopkins Children’s Center, established in 1889.

Johns Hopkins Medical School has consistently ranked among the top medical schools in the United States in terms of the number/amount of research grants/funding awarded by the National Institutes of Health, among other measures.

Upon matriculation, medical students at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine are divided into four colleges named after Florence Sabin, Vivien Thomas, Daniel Nathans, and Helen Taussig who were famous Hopkins faculty members who have had an impact on the history of medicine.

Johns Hopkins Medical School colleges were established to “foster camaraderie, networking, advising, mentoring, professionalism, clinical skills, and scholarship” in 2005. See what Johns Hopkins University is known for.

In each incoming class, 30 students are allocated to each college, and each college is further subdivided into six molecules of five students each.

Each molecule is advised and taught by a faculty advisor, who instructs them in Clinical Foundations of Medicine, a core first-year course, and continues advising them throughout their 4 years of medical school.

Johns Hopkins medical school Uses the latest tools and teachings available to scientists and doctors, to become healers, caregivers, discoverers, and inventors.

Johns Hopkins Medical School Acceptance Rate

In 2021 alone, 5,604 future doctors applied to study at Johns Hopkins Medical School. Out of that group, admissions counselors accepted only 284 or 7%. That means 5320 of those applicants were declined admission.

That is an enormous number, so let’s scale it down to get perspective. Out of 100 students, only seven will be accepted into the program. Very rarely, an eighth student will make it in.

Without question, those are intimidating numbers. Medical schools tend to be more exclusive than even the most elite schools in the U.S.

Only 3.4% of those who applied to Harvard in 2021 were accepted, and only 4.3% of Princeton applicants made it in. Check if Johns Hopkins University is ivy league.

While that’s certainly scary, it is necessary to look on the positive side. To increase your chances of being among that chosen number, you need to make yourself the right type of student.

That process begins by getting the grades that Johns Hopkins wants to see in their students (more on that later).

But also focus on getting good letters of recommendation, impressive extracurriculars, and a compelling application essay.

Johns Hopkins Medical School Ranking

We all have heard of Johns Hopkins Medical School, but we also know that fame isn’t the same thing as quality. Just because we know the name, that doesn’t mean that it’s a good school, right?

While that might be true, the fact of the matter is that Johns Hopkins is one of the world’s best medical schools.

That’s an opinion held by nearly every magazine responsible for ranking the quality of medical schools.

We see that principle in the rankings provided by U.S. News & World Report, the most respected observer of university trends. More than any other outlet, U.S. News is trusted by those in higher education.

Thanks to its thorough research and its compelling evaluation matrix, U.S. News is better than most at ranking institutes of higher education.

On its list of best medical schools for research, Johns Hopkins Medical falls in the number seven spot, tying with the School of Medicine at the University of Washington and beating out great institutions such as the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania and the School of Medicine at Yale.

Looking beyond just the United States, Johns Hopkins Med does well worldwide as well. According to, Johns Hopkins has the fifth-best medical school in the world, tied with the Karolinska Institutet of Sweden and falling only behind Harvard Med and Stanford Med in the U.S. and the U.K. Universities of Oxford and Cambridge.

Johns Hopkins Medical School Tuition

Everybody knows that it isn’t cheap to go to medical school. Part of the reason that it costs so much to visit a doctor is that the physicians and nurses who are tending to patients spend a lot of money getting the expertise they need.

Johns Hopkins Medical School is no exception to this rule. For the first year of medical school, students living in an off-campus apartment should plan to pay $89,555 in total expenses and over $94,000 for years two and three. In year four, the school estimates $85,076 in expenses.

To be sure, that is a whole lot of money. But it is not outrageous for medical school education. For instance, the Geffen School of Medicine at New York University costs $83,182 in total expenses. Students at Stanford Med pay over $62,000 each year for their studies.

In addition, the amounts provided by Johns Hopkins make a distinction between direct and indirect costs.

Direct costs involve things that can’t really be avoided, such as $58,000 a year for tuition, $4,356 for basic health insurance, and $850 for the University Health Service fee.

Conversely, indirect costs are things that can change or even be avoided, such as $1,000 yearly for books and supplies or $17,500 for room and board.


That was all on Johns Hopkins Medical School Acceptance Rate, Ranking, and Tuition. We are open to receiving your thoughts on this article and you can also as questions on the article if you have any.

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