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Is Western Governors University (WGU) a Diploma Mill

Today, we will put the spotlight on Western Governors University, thus allowing you to know as many things about it as possible before you finally hand in your application to the Millcreek, Utah-based institution. Endeavor to read this post to the end to gain access to all the vital information it contains.


An online campus of Western Governors University exists, and it’s called Western Governors University online school.

It’s affiliated with a self-supporting private, non-profit school and it ranked #148 in National Universities by US News, you may be wondering if it’s the best place for an adult learner like you to obtain an online degree that employers will respect.

Western Governors University is not a diploma mill. The non-profit online school is regionally accredited, and its employment rate after graduation is 81 percent, which is higher than the national average of 74 percent.

Thinking about picking Western Governors University over other online schools you have shortlisted? Continue reading. See the Factors To Consider When Choosing an Online College.

Western Governors University Accreditation

Because it is accredited by an agency the US Department of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) recognize, Western Governors University online school is not a diploma mill.

Besides, it’s the online campus of Western Governors University, which is a public research university that’s been around since 1997.

Diploma mills — they are what make degree-seeking students have second thoughts about completing an online program for fear of winding up with a fake and worthless degree.

At Western Governors University online school, it’s something that you need not worry about. See if Online or Traditional College is Harder and Why.

That’s because the online school is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU), which accredits colleges and universities in Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington and British Columbia. NWCCU also accredits academic institutions in other domestic and international geographic areas.

But it’s not just any accreditation that Western Governors University has earned from NWCCU — what it has is regional accreditation, which is widely accepted as more prestigious than national accreditation.

Numerous perks come with attending a regionally accredited online school such as Western Governors University.

For one, if you are transferring from another regionally accredited school, chances are that many, if not most, of your earned credits will be accepted.

Likewise, you can easily transfer Western Governors University credits to other regionally accredited schools. See How to Know If a College is a Diploma Mill.

What is Western Governors University Known For?

Western Governors University is known for being founded by the governors of 19 US states. The non-profit online school is also known to offer more than 55 programs, which students can work on through 100% online classes as well as hybrid classes.

The availability of more than 30 education courses online is one of the things that differentiate Western Governors University from most other online schools.

In order to prime its online students for real-world challenges, many of the programs available at Western Governors University include internships. Some of them are in the areas of the students, while there are also those outside the US.

Some of Western Governors University’s most popular online majors include:

  • Business
  • Information Technology
  • Human Resource Management
  • Marketing
  • Nursing and Healthcare
  • Education
  • Computer Science

When was Western Governors University Established?

The establishment of Western Governors University was first proposed in 1995 Utah, Mike Leavitt and founded in 1997.

It all started when the different governors of different US states met and decided to ensure that more of their residents will have greater access to a college education that fits their daily schedule. Back then, the internet was on the rise.

One of the goals of Western Governors University was to make college degrees accessible to Western residents, the majority of whom live in wide-open spaces where brick-and-mortar colleges and universities are several miles away. These days, Western Governors University accepts students residing anywhere in the nation.

Each of the founding state governors committed $100,000 toward the launching of the school. As a result of the initial funding of the school was from government sources, so it’s easy to assume that the institution is a state university. However, Western Governors University is a self-supporting private, non-profit school.

GPA Needed to Get Into Western Governors University?

Western Governors University does not require students to meet a minimum GPA to be accepted. Since a 2.0 GPA is the requirement for students to graduate from high school, it’s safe to assume that WGU will admit students with that GPA. However, some students graduate from high school with a 1.0 GPA.

As a general rule, the higher the minimum GPA requirement of a college or university, the more selective the school is. And, more often than not, the lower its acceptance rate. See if the University of Massachusetts Global is a Good School.

Because Western Governors University will accept applicants no matter their GPAs, it doesn’t come as a surprise why, as mentioned earlier, it has an acceptance rate of 100%. When applying, having a GPA that isn’t impressive enough should be the least of your worries.

But, according to 2020 data, the average GPA of students admitted into WGU is 3.15.

In the US, the average GPA of high school students is 3.0, which accounts for about 35% of high school graduates who do not end up applying to colleges and universities.


Western Governors University is a fully accredited online school, which only means that any degree program from it that you work on will lead to a legitimate degree that employers will honor and respect.

No matter if you are fresh from high school, a transferee, an associate degree holder or a US military service member, there are programs and various learning opportunities available for you at Western Governors University.

But before you apply to it, spend enough time comparing it with similar online schools for the best possible higher learning experience and outcome.

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