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What is Carnegie Mellon University Known For? | Is Carnegie Mellon University a Good School?

If you are among individuals who want to know important information about Carnegie Mellon University, then you are on the right track.

In this post, we will share more in-depth information about some of Carnegie Mellon’s most popular majors and programs.

Finally, we will review the many reasons why Carnegie Mellon is a great school for undergraduates. Let’s get started!

Originally known as  Carnegie Technical Schools, Carnegie Mellon University came into existence in 1900.

Fast forward to 2021, and Carnegie Mellon University’s total undergraduate enrollment reached 7,308 students focused on an array of disciplines.

Carnegie Mellon has a separate World Campus that offers 170 degrees and certificates and enrolls more than 1500  students across the globe, annually.

The World Campus is a popular option for ambitious students striving to balance work/family life, launch their own businesses, and design a more flexible degree program.

Students enjoy Carnegie Mellon for its welcoming and inclusive environment – the school currently has over a dozen degree-granting locations in six continents, including degree-granting campuses in Qatar, Silicon Valley, and Kigali, Rwanda

It is one of the top United States universities hosting international students, receiving more international students than any other school.

What Majors & Academics Are Carnegie Mellon Known For?

Most students attend Carnegie Mellon University for its exceptional programs in Computer science, and Engineering.

According to US News and World Report, Carnegie Mellon University is currently tied for #2 in its list of top schools for computer science in the country.

More specifically, the college’s programs for artificial intelligence and programming language are recognized as the very best in the country.

It is good to know that, James Gosling, who created the programming language Java, is a Carnegie Mellon University alumnus who earned both his master’s degree and doctorate degree from this school.

Carnegie Mellon University engineering program, is currently tied #4 in the national college rankings.

Although many of Carnegie Mellon’s most well-revered programs are in the sciences, the school is quite well-known for having some great degree program offerings beyond the STEM field as well, particularly in the arts. 

For instance, it has been named the #1 college for timed-based media — meaning any media form viewed over a period of time, such as film — out of all fine arts schools in the U.S.

Carnegie Mellon University ranked #2 on the list of schools with the best undergraduate research/creative projects, meaning that Carnegie Mellon students have almost unmatched opportunities to complete self-directed projects leading to original academic work of professional quality.

Is Carnegie Mellon a Good School?

Carnegie Mellon consistently earns high rankings for various programs and endeavors. They recently ranked #22 in National Universities and #29 in Best Undergraduate Teaching in the United States.

Carnegie Mellon University has been ranked number five among the most innovative universities in the country, showing that the college is continuously adapting, perfecting, and reimagining its programs in order to uphold its status as one of the best undergraduate schools in the nation.

Most of Carnegie Mellon’s disciplines rank in the nation’s top ten list for their research expenditures, and the university is especially devoted to interdisciplinary collaboration. See Carnegie Mellon University Acceptance Rate.

Carnegie Mellon University has been ranked number five among the most innovative universities in the country, showing that the college is continuously adapting, perfecting, and reimagining its programs in order to uphold its status as one of the best undergraduate schools in the nation.

Carnegie Mellon offers small class sizes, instruction from highly-esteemed faculty, widely-revered academic programs in a variety of different fields, and all the prestige associated with earning a degree from a leading University with a 123 years history of excellence.

Many people with connections to Carnegie Mellon University have earned prestigious awards for their professional and academic work, on and off the school’s campus.

These include National Academy of Engineering members, Nobel Prizes Turing Awards, and National Academy of Medicine members.

Moreover, of its numerous celebrity alumni, the school has turned out many graduates who became notable academic figures.

Why Carnegie Mellon University?

Carnegie Mellon University is a highly appealing school for students interested in conducting research in the STEM fields, starting their own enterprises, and growing as leaders.

Many students note that the supportive, inclusive community is a huge reason why they are pleased with their choice to attend Carnegie Mellon University.

The school’s extensive alumni network acts as a springboard for many creative and driven students looking to collaborate with like minds on revolutionary projects.

The college’s location in Pittsburgh also offers students many opportunities for career placement and advancement after graduation. See Carnegie Mellon University Transfer Acceptance Rate.

In fact, according to Niche, Pittsburgh is the 12th  best place for young professionals to live out of all cities in the U.S.

This high ranking is due to the city’s low cost of living, its surplus of bars, restaurants, and other businesses, and its highly-educated population.

All in all, Carnegie Mellon University is a great choice for students who want to excel in academics, develop strong friendships, and enjoy a quintessential college experience!


That was all in this article, which laid emphasis on what is Carnegie Mellon University known for. Is Carnegie Mellon University a good school? You can send your questions on this topic to us using the comment section if you have one.

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