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Is New York University Ivy League? See Ranking

Are you one of those who want to study at New York University? So you care to know where the school belongs in terms of being an Ivy League School or not?

We will be discussing that in this article. We suggest you read the article to the end to get all the crucial information about the school.


New York University is one of the private research university located in New York City. The school started its first classes near City Hall based on a curriculum focused on secular education in 1832.

New York University main campus is situated in Greenwich Village surrounding Washington Square Park. See if University of Chicago is Ivy League.

The institution is organized into ten (10) undergraduate schools, 15 graduate schools and internal academic centers. See if Penn State is an Ivy League School.

The undergraduate schools include the College of Arts & Science, Gallatin School, Steinhardt School, Stern School of Business, Tandon School of Engineering.

The graduate schools include the Grossman School of Medicine, School of Law, Wagner Graduate School of Public Service, School of Professional Studies, Silver School of Social Work, and Rory Meyers School of Nursing.

While the internal academic centers include the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Center for Data Science, Center for Neural Science, Clive Davis Institute, and Institute for the.

New York University has over 450 student clubs and organizations on campus. It also sports teams, fraternities, sororities, and study clubs, which focus on entertainment, arts, and culture.

Is NYU an Ivy League School?

No, New York University is not an ivy league school, but it is often considered on par with the Ivies due to academics, research, and athletic prestige.

New York University is specifically recognized for its social sciences, philosophy, business, law, and performing arts programs.

The school has its impressive Division I fencing team which has successfully won 12 national championships, the most titles out of any team.

New York University Ranking

Like Ivy League schools, New York University is ranked well in major publications. US News ranks the school as 30th among national universities based on 17 factors, including graduation rates, social mobility, faculty, selectivity, and financial resources.

NYU was placed as the 13th best school for veterans and second nationally in study abroad programs.

These experiences promote interactions between New York University students and cultures around the world., another prominent higher education website, ranks colleges by using rigorous data analysis from reputable sources and verified reviews.

According to Niche, New York University is 2nd for Film and Photography, 3rd for Best Location, 4th for Best Performing Arts, 7th for Most Diverse, and 8th for Best Big Colleges.

Parents of college students also appreciate the resources that New York University has to offer.

The university is consistently ranked as a “Top 10 Dream College” by the Princeton Review.

Along with beating out some Ivies, New York University is one of a select group of schools that makes the list for both parents and students alongside Stanford, Harvard, Princeton, and MIT. These results are based on a survey of over 12,500 students and parents.

New York University is globally known as a top school as well. It places 26th in Times Higher Education’s World University Ranking system.

The school has steadily been rising through the years due to its world-class teaching, research, and international outlook.

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New York University Admission Requirements

As a result of New York University’s impressive rankings, its acceptance is falling every year.

Students need a well-rounded and competitive application to gain admission. New York University reports that the average unweighted GPA of accepted students sits at 3.7, with most students in the top 10% of their high school class.

Along with stellar grades, the university expects top standardized testing scores. Most applicants score 1350 – 1500 on the SAT and 30-34 on the ACT.

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If your application isn’t the strongest in grades or test scores, there are other ways to bolster your chances by showing your passions outside of the classroom.

New York University requires an additional essay besides the Common App, allowing students an opportunity to explain why they are interested in the school.

New York University prizes diversity, with 22.2% of students from outside the US, the highest proportion nationwide.

Mentioning how vital a diverse perspective is to you, or how you plan on taking advantage of global experiences while at New York University, is a great way to prove your interest in your collegiate essay.

Additionally, extracurriculars show your interests and passions, proving how you will contribute to the New York University community.

It is better to be deeply committed to a few activities than barely involved in many, so be sure to choose extracurriculars that you are truly passionate about.

If you are planning on applying to Tisch or Steinhardt, your portfolio is the best way to show your specific talents and individuality.

This may ultimately include an audition and/or interview for the arts program of your choice.

Finally, letters of recommendation provide additional insight into your character. Asking teachers or mentors who know you well can make your application stand out by providing a testimony of your best qualities.


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