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Is Rice University Ivy League? Ranking and Acceptance Rate

If you are looking for a school to study, Rice University won’t be a bad option as a result of its good standard of education.

This article will be giving an answer to the pressing question of aspiring students concerning their school of choice on if it is an ivy league school or not. We will also look at the ranking, and acceptance rate of Rice University.

Rice University is a private research university with an undergraduate focus that is located in Houston, Texas. Its emphasis on undergraduate education is demonstrated by its 6:1 student-faculty ratio.

Founded in 1912, The institution has been a member of the Association of American Universities and is classified among “R1: Doctoral Universities – Very high research activity”. See if Purdue University is an Ivy League School.

The institution is comprised of eight schools, including the School of Social Sciences, the School of Humanities, and the Wiess School of Natural Sciences.

Its graduate schools include the highly ranked Jesse H. Jones Graduate School of Business and George R. Brown School of Engineering.

The Rice Owls boast 14 varsity NCAA Division I athletic teams and are well known for their strong baseball program. Students receive free tickets to all varsity athletic events.

Rice University as an institution offers a dynamic student life in the nation’s fourth-largest city. The Rice Coffeehouse, Valhalla Pub, and Willy’s Pub are all student-run institutions offering on-campus food and drink.

The school has produced a significant number of astronauts and space scientists. In business, Rice graduates include CEOs, founders of Fortune 500 companies and 3 billionaires; in politics, alumni include congressmen, governors, cabinet secretaries, judges, and mayors.

Is Rice University Ivy League School?

 Rice University is not an Ivy League school. Let us make sure we are clear on the terms. Rather than an academic designation, the Ivy League is a Division I NCAA athletic conference.

Founded in 1958, the Ivy League consists of eight private research schools, including Brown University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Dartmouth College, Harvard University, the University of Pennsylvania, Princeton University, and Yale University.

That being said, because it includes some of the oldest and most respected schools in the country, the “Ivy League” has become shorthand for “good school.”

When people ask if a particular college or university is in the Ivy League, they are not inquiring about its upcoming football schedule, rather they are asking if the school has impressive teachers and if it graduates exceptional students.

Except for Cornell University (formed in 1865) all of the Ivy League schools were established before the founding of the United States. See Rice University Transfer Acceptance Rate.

More importantly, the Ivy League schools boast the highest academic standards, a devotion to research, and a long line of distinguished alumni. It is no wonder that the Ivies have some of the most selective admissions standards in the world.

In many ways, Rice University matches the schools listed here. As we have already seen, the University has produced remarkable alumni and remains at the forefront of academic research. It has high selection standards and enjoys a reputation as one of the best schools in the country.

Rice University Ranking

US News and World Report, the go-to publication for national college rankings, places Rice in the 16th slot, tied with Washington University in St. Louis. In this position, Rice slightly trails Ivies like Brown and Dartmouth but beats out Cornell. 

Meanwhile, Rice university plunges all the way down to 95th on the rankings put out by US News’ rival Washington Monthly.

That said, Rice university receives more favorable treatment on the wildly popular website, where Rice university earns an A+ rating and is named the 7th Best College in America, 7th Best Private Universities in America, 8th Best College Campuses in America, and 15th Colleges with the Best Academics in America.

While these rankings differ from one publication to another, what remains clear is that although Rice university is not in the Ivy League, it is still considered one of the very best universities in the whole country.

Rice University Acceptance Rate

Given Rice’s outstanding reputation for academics and research, it is no surprise that the university consistently ranks at the top of national and international lists.

And, because of Rice’s reputation and ranking, it is a challenging university to gain acceptance to. See what Rice University is known for.

In 2021, Rice university’s acceptance rate was only 9% despite increasing the size of its undergraduate student body and therefore admitting more students than they otherwise could have. This means that for every 100 applicants to Rice, only nine are offered a spot in the incoming class.

Rice University Requirements

Rice University is one of the most selective universities in the country, with an average admissions rate of between 8 and 9%.

To stand out from the crowd, applicants need to cover all their academic and standardized testing bases. Still, on top of that, they need to have dazzling essays, compelling extracurriculars, and outstanding teacher recommendations.

Rice’s admissions stats are impressive: the average GPA of admitted students is 4.12, the average SAT range is 1450-1560, and the average ACT range is 33-35.

However, while top scores and perfect grades will undoubtedly work in your favor in the admissions process at Rice, they are not sufficient on their own to get you admitted.

Rice also wants to see that students take advantage of the academic and extracurricular challenges available to them at their school and that they pursue depth rather than breadth when it comes to their activities.


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