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How Much Does It Cost to Become an Airline Pilot?

Are you a fan of air travel and aircraft? Although it’s not always simple to break into the market, learning to fly an airplane would not be a terrible idea because it’s the Holy Grail of careers.

Here, we’ll put focus on the costs associated with becoming an airline pilot because it will help you understand what it takes to get started. Continue reading!

The career of being an airline pilot is quite appealing. You can travel the globe, interact with fascinating people, and potentially earn six-figure salaries for your time while managing some of the largest flying aircraft in the world.

Unfortunately, the days of full scholarships for flight school are mostly gone, and the majority of pilots now have to accept the fact that they must pay for their own pilot training. Read How Do You Know if an Online Course Is Legit?

As a result, many people must assess the benefits and drawbacks of this career choice because doing so will probably necessitate taking out a sizable loan and paying it back over many years.

A career as a pilot, however, may be quite financially and personally gratifying for those who can afford it.

The process of becoming an Airline pilot

  • Get A Private Pilot License (PPL)
  • Get An Instrument Rating
  • Get Your Commercial Pilot License
  • Get A Multi-Engine Rating
  • Becoming A Flight Instructor
  • Getting Your ATP License
  • Get A Job As An Airline Pilot

The Cost of Becoming an Airline Pilot

Becoming a licensed private pilot

To ensure that you are both physically and intellectually capable of flying, you must first pass three medical examinations.

You can fly alone and transport passengers with a private pilot license, which costs between $4,000 and $12,000. The cost varies as well according to the kind of aircraft you train in.

Getting a rating for an instrument

A pilot can use this certification to fly in weather circumstances including fog, rain, and poor visibility that would otherwise make it impossible for them to do so.

This certification demonstrates your ability to understand the Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) in challenging circumstances.

Costing between $7,500 and $10,000, the training required to earn an instrument rating certification might take four to eight weeks. The cost varies as well according to the kind of aircraft you train in.

Obtaining a license to fly commercially

A pilot is now able to start flying for longer. Once you have your license, you can begin working as a corporate pilot or co-pilot on commercial flights.

It can take four to eight weeks to complete the course. Depending on the sort of aircraft you want to learn in, you can anticipate spending between $25,000 and $35,000 on these expenses.

Becoming multi-engine rated

Having this certification enables a pilot to operate a multi-engine aircraft. It can take four to eight weeks to fulfill the training requirements for the multi-engine rating certification.

Depending on the sort of aircraft you want to train in, you may anticipate spending between $6,000 and $8,000.

Getting into flight instruction

This program takes about two weeks to complete and costs about $5,000. obtaining a license for airline transport pilots

A minimum of 1500 flight hours are required to obtain your ATP license. Both a written exam and a practical test must be passed as well. This license will set you back about $5,000.

In conclusion, the cost of training to become an airline pilot ranges from $52,500 to $73,000, without including living expenses and travel expenses.

I assume that’s a lot of money. You will, however, make some money in the process. Additionally, if you are a licensed pilot, you may expect to make a comfortable six-figure salary along with several benefits.

Another Possibility of going to becoming an airline pilot

A different route can be taken to become an airline pilot. This article’s example is the ‘conventional’ one. But there is an alternative.

The Federal Aviation Administration has worked with institutions to offer an aviation degree since there is an enormous need for pilots and an increasing number of young people are considering this career.

Here are some of the programs:

  • Louisiana State University of Alexandria — Professional Aviation
  • Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University — Aviation Field of Study
  • Southern Illinois University — School of Aviation
  • Walsh University — B.S. in Professional Aviation

An aviation degree is far less expensive financially than a standard one. Although prices vary greatly, as a rough guide, plan to pay between $18,000 and $47,000 for your aviation degree.

The fact that you are currently enrolled in a full-fledged university programme marks the biggest departure from the conventional route.

As a result, your timetable will need to be more rigid, and you won’t be able to start working until you have earned your full degree.

The timeline has also been extended. An aviation degree can be earned in about three years, but if you concentrate on it, an associate’s degree can be earned in just 18 months.


We have been able to give you all the information you require about how much it costs to become an airline pilot in this article. You found it useful, right?

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