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15 Free High School Diploma Online no Cost for Adults

Are you an Adult who is interested in receiving a free online high school diploma? It’s good to have you here.

It’s not a privilege for everyone to graduate at a young age. You shouldn’t worry about this since even if you are over the age of 18 or 21, you can still earn your high school diploma.

In this article, we’ll provide a list of places where adults can enroll in free online high school diploma programs in 2023. Try to read it to the end. See Best Makeup Artistry Schools in the United States

You no longer need to physically attend high school to receive a diploma thanks to technology. On your device (mobile or PC), you can quickly apply for admission, pay your fees, attend classes, access course materials, and take tests and exams.

The tuition for most high schools is fairly pricey, which leads many to search for free or less expensive options to obtain their diplomas online.

Although not all are, we make sure the ordinary adult learner can afford them. Getting your diploma online doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Keep on reading to get all the necessary information you need.

Here are the 15 Free High School Diploma Online no Cost for Adults

  • Stanford Online High School
  • James Madison High School
  • The University of Nebraska High School
  • Penn Foster
  • The Keystone School
  • Laurel Springs School
  • Alabama Virtual Academy
  • Pinnacle Charter High School
  • Clintondale Virtual School
  • Orion High School
  • Park City Independent Online Adult School
  • Texas Success Academy
  • Excel High School
  • Smart Horizons Career Online High School (COHS)
  • University of Mississippi High School

The Keystone School

In Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, Keystone School offers recognized online high school diplomas. For students who already have more than 12 transfer credits, it offers the Accredited Pathway.

The Standard Pathway, which is based on many courses, is also available through The Keystone School.

When it comes to education, the institution is renowned for its commitment to values. Each course provided must be finished within a minimum of 8 weeks and a maximum of 12 weeks. The typical annual credit allocation for students is five to six.

The Keystone School’s programs have received endorsement from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, AdvancED, and the State Board of Private Licensed Schools.

Penn Foster

One of the private schools in Pennsylvania, USA, is this institution. Penn Foster is a secondary school that accepts both ordinary pupils and adults.

AdvancED (on a national level) has accredited the school. The Middle State Association of Colleges and Schools Commission also confers regional accreditation on it.

The Penn Foster School also provides vocational training in addition to its high school curriculum. This denotes a diploma in health, culinary arts, early college, carpentry, pharmacy technician, childcare, electricity, and plumbing.

A 21.5 credit load for the program costs $1,315. It may also be paid in modest monthly payments. Additionally, the school offers discounts.

For an autopsy, there is a $96 discount, as an illustration. Additionally, there is a $366 reduction for paying in full after registration.

With a $45 tuition discount for each transfer credit approved, the school also accepts sixteen credits from other institutions. See Cheapest U.S. Universities for International Schools.

Its collaboration with nationwide programs provided by Career Schools, Universities, and Job Corps is another feature that distinguishes Penn Foster.

If you are accepted and eligible for any of these partners’ high school diploma programs, they might assist you in paying your tuition.

Orion High School

Another high school that provides its students with free, certified high school degrees online is Orion High School. Orion High School is situated in Texas, specifically in Midland.

Students at Orion High School must finish at least 25% of their credits. The Texas Private Institution Accreditation Commission and AdvancED granted the institution its license.

The cost of attending Orion High School can change. The annual tuition cost for full-time students is $1,750. When necessary, there are also tuition fee discounts available.


Based on the information provided above, we know that you have been able to learn about at least 15 high school diplomas online with no Cost for Adults. If you have questions on this topic, you can notify us via the comment box.

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