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10 Free Online Life Coach Certifications to Make You Stand Out

People can identify and accomplish their personal goals with the aid of life coaching. A life coach helps people make positive changes in their lives by offering advice and encouragement.

A skilled life coach can assist you in defining your objectives, identifying the roadblocks in your way, and creating a strategy to get through them.

The need for competent life coaches is greater than ever thanks to the coaching industry’s recent spectacular rise.

There are a few things you need to be aware of if you’re interested in becoming a life coach. First off, getting trained or certified doesn’t have to cost thousands of dollars. See Free Online Bible Courses With Certificate of Completion.

You can find a ton of free online courses that will teach you the abilities you need to be a productive coach.

Second, becoming a life coach does not require you to hold a license as a counselor or therapist. Third, you don’t need a lot of capital to launch your own coaching company.

You will discover more about free online life coach certification in this article. Additionally, you will learn about the advantages of becoming a licensed life coach and determine whether this is the right career for you.

Here are the 10 Free Online Life Coach Certifications to Make You Stand Out

  • The International Coach Federation (ICF) Course On Niche
  • The Institute For Professional Excellence In Coaching (IPEC) Free Coaching Session
  • The Spiritual Life Coaching Course By Alison
  • Coaching Practices By UCDavis On ClassCentral
  •  Life Coaching 101: Complete Guide To Becoming A Life Coach On Udemy
  • ShawAcademy’s Online Life Coaching Diploma
  • The Wellness Coach Course By Alison

The International Coach Federation (ICF) Course On Niche

Finding a specialty has previously been mentioned. However, how do you actually do it? You can restrict your focus by identifying your abilities and passions with the aid of the ICF Course on Niche. It’s free to enroll in this course, which is a fantastic introduction to the coaching industry.

It focuses on assisting you in identifying your specialization so you can better serve your customers. The ICF is the biggest global association of coaches, and their accreditation is widely regarded.

The idea of locating a specialism was addressed earlier. But how do you do that in practice? By using the ICF Course on Niche to discover your skills and interests, you can narrow your emphasis. This course, which is an excellent introduction to the coaching sector, can be taken for free.

It focuses on helping you pinpoint your area of expertise so you can better serve your clients. The ICF is the largest international association for coaches, and people highly esteem their accreditation.

The Institute For Professional Excellence In Coaching (IPEC) Free Coaching Session

One of the most reputable and well-known coaching certification programs is iPEC. They provide a complimentary 60-minute coaching session so that you may experience what it’s like to be a coach. This is a fantastic approach to determine whether coaching is for you.

You will have a lot better understanding of what the work entails if you spend time with someone who coaches as a career.

Additionally, iPEC offers a comprehensive and well-respected certification program if you decide that coaching is the correct career choice for you.

The only drawback is that, if you decide to continue after the free session, you must pay for the certification program. But it’s well worth the money given how well-known iPEC is in the coaching sector.

Alison’s The Spiritual Life Coaching Course

The first really specialized course on our list is this one. This course is for you if you’re interested in assisting others in connecting with their spirituality.

The complete program Alison’s Spiritual Life counseling Course will teach you everything you need to know about spiritual counseling.

It addresses issues including discovering your life’s purpose, meditating, and establishing a connection with your higher self.

Finding serenity in our outward world might be challenging when our internal world is in a state of chaos.

This course will teach you how to guide others on their spiritual journeys so they can discover the tranquility they seek.

This is a wonderful area to enter because spirituality is a subject that is growing in popularity. How we interact with our inner selves and the outside environment is what spirituality is all about.

Finding purpose and significance in our lives is the goal. For those who want to guide others through life, it is the ideal specialty. You have nothing to lose by trying out the course since it is free.

UCDavis’ Coaching Techniques on ClassCentral

Another extensive course with a wide range of topics is this one. You will learn about the many coaching philosophies, goal-setting techniques, and action plan creation techniques in Coaching Practices.

Additionally, you’ll learn about coaching psychology, which is crucial for any coach. In order to assist your client in achieving their objectives, you must comprehend their inner motivations and wants.

This online course is a fantastic way to begin a career in coaching. However, you must pay for the certificate; it is not free.


To this end, we have been able to list out the 10 Free Online Life Coach Certifications to Make You Stand Out. You can reach out to us via the comment section if you have some questions focusing on this topic. We will be glad to respond to them meticulously.

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