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10 Best Public Relations Schools in the US 2023

Today, we will be looking at the best public relations schools in the United States, to assist you in selecting the best school of choice for your study. Endeavor to read the last paragraph of this post to access all the content of the post.


Recently, we have seen a shift from traditional marketing to an integrated marketing approach. As a crucial aspect of integrated marketing communication, Public Relations or widely known as PR enables businesses to reinforce their advertising message effectively and in an authentic manner.

Public relations is the practice of managing and disseminating information from an individual or an organization to the public in order to influence their perception. See Best Culinary Schools in America.

It is a powerful management tool for companies to reach their business objectives and build their image and presence.

Students of public relations, especially those who have joined an institute or a program created specifically for public relations, get incredible exposure to the world of communications and reputation management, with plenty of insights into brands and how they interact with the world around them.

Here are the best public relations schools in the United States

  • Syracuse University
  • Drake University
  • American University
  • Penn State University
  • University of Southern California
  • California Baptist University
  • Emerson College
  • University Of Florida
  • Biola University
  • Duquesne University

Syracuse University

Syracuse University ranks number one on U.S. News’s list of best graduate programs for public affairs.

As one of the earliest public relations programs in the nation, Syracuse teaches students the fundamentals of writing, speaking, and presenting that define consummate public relations professionals. See Syracuse University Acceptance Rate.

With the help of Syracuse partner PAN Communications — a national integrated marketing and public relations agency — students will have a full online portfolio to present to prospective employers by graduation.

At Syracuse, students will learn directly from today’s best public relations professionals. Christopher Cathcart has over 30 years of experience at major media companies like CNN/Turner Broadcasting, Motown Records, and Warner Bros. Television.

Gary Grates’s 25+ years of experience has led him to consult with over 100 CEOs and organizations, including PepsiCo, Shell, Kraft, eBay, and Pfizer.

Notable alumni of Syracuse include President Joe Biden, pioneer astronaut Eileen Collins, and Emmy Award-winning sportscaster Bob Costas.

Drake University

Drake University’s undergraduate public relations program is one of only 40 other programs around the world that have received the elite Certification in Education for Public Relations (CEPR).

The rigor of a Drake education reflects that distinction. In their senior year, public relations students collaborate with peers to create a multimedia campaign for local nonprofits.

This capstone project will serve as a portfolio asset and prepare graduates for public relations positions across both private and public sectors.

Drake faculty have diverse public relations experiences around the world. Eric Kwame Adae worked in a variety of public relations roles in Ghana and currently conducts research on the intersections between conservationism, social justice, and corporate activism.

Kelly Bruhn conducted award-winning campaigns for Verizon as well as many nonprofit organizations.

Drake has produced many prominent politicians, including four Iowa governors and 10 U.S. Representatives of Iowa.

American University

American University excels at public and global affairs education. American University’s Christian roots have also fueled its public service and social justice values.

Moreover, to learn hard and soft skills related to public relations, students also take history and economics courses for a broader view of the public relations industry.

Like Emerson and UF, public relations students at American University can pursue combined degrees, whereby they earn both B. A and M.A. in less time.

American University faculty have a combination of scholarly and practical experience in PR. Khaldoun AbouAssi’s research has appeared in journals such as Nonprofit & Voluntary Sector Quarterly and the International Journal of Public Administration. He also worked for over 12 years in public and nonprofit organizations in the Middle East.


The best PR programs or schools train students as writers, marketers, salespersons, designers, data analysts, and leaders to get set for the dynamic, global nature of the public relations industry.

And all these schools we have listed in this article are known to be the best in training students in these areas.

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