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Best International Relations Schools in the US

Are you one of the individuals who are passionate about wanting to combat injustices, as well as learn from history regarding what works, and what doesn’t work when it comes to living in a single global society? Then, international relations will be the right course for you.

To make things easier for you, we have compiled the best international relations schools in the United States in this article. Read on to retrieve them.


The world is in need of individuals who have great ambition and want to make a positive impact. Studying international relations is a great way to gain a deeper understanding of global issues.

It is an intriguing and important subject that places great emphasis on economics, culture, education, and political science and examines the impact they have on society.

By studying international relations, you will also learn how and why nations, governments and individuals respond accordingly to such issues.

So, why should you consider studying international relations?

It is important to remember that international relations are not just about politics either. International relations is about having a cross-cultural understanding and awareness of what’s happening beyond borders.

A degree in international relations will help develop your understanding of how society and people work – something highly valued by employers and organizations.

Working within an international relations setting means your interpersonal, analytical, decision-making and negotiation skills must be unparalleled.

International relations will assist you develop a transferable skill set as well as improve your understanding of how society and people work – something that is highly valued by employers and organizations.

Here Are The 10 Best International Relations Schools in the US

  • Georgetown University
  • Yale University
  • Stanford University
  • Tufts University
  • University of Southern California
  • Brown University
  • Johns Hopkins University
  • George Washington University Elliott School of International Affairs
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • American University School of International Service

1. Georgetown University

 Georgetown University offers so many degree tracks that all fall within the umbrella of international relations. All of the programs emphasize an interdisciplinary approach, such as the program on justice and peace.

The program promotes the pursuit of peace and social justice and encourages social activism and community involvement.

Other options include degrees in political economy or religion, ethics, and world affairs (REWA). See Georgetown University Acceptance Rate.

The latter option prompts undergraduates to analyze faith and moral values within cultural, historical, and relational contexts.

Many noteworthy political figures and business leaders started at Georgetown’s international relations program.

Alumni include so many U.S. Supreme Court justices, poet and activist Amanda Gorman, and Nobel Peace Prize-winning former U.S. Vice President Al Gore.

2. Yale University

Yale’s Jackson School of Global Affairs is committed to building graduates prepared for service and leadership.

It is the first professional school founded at Yale since 1976, and its alumni include five U.S. presidents, various prime ministers, and leaders of organizations like the Peace Corps. In addition to global affairs,

Yale University also has programs in global health studies. Many undergraduates opt to spend a semester abroad conducting an independent research project or participating in an internship.

In fact, the school has a partnership with the Graduate Institute of Geneva (Switzerland) that grants seniors the chance to earn a master’s degree in one year!

The Senior Fellows program enables majors to get teaching and mentoring experience in a Yale classroom setting. See Yale University Acceptance Rate.

3. Stanford University

At Stanford University, Undergraduates have many international relations issues they can specialize in, such as human rights, climate change, or international trade and finance.

The program prepares undergraduates for successful government, business, and journalism careers.

Exceptional students can qualify for the IR honors program, where they have the opportunity to lead a significant independent research project.

Another fantastic component of Stanford’s international relations program is that all its students will spend a minimum of ten weeks abroad, usually through the Bing Overseas Study Program.

Undergraduates can spend an academic quarter in locations like Istanbul, Santiago, and Oxford, among others. See Stanford MBA Acceptance Rate.

All Stanford international relations majors also complete a minimum of two years in a foreign language of their choice, and there are over 30 choices from which to choose!

4. Tufts University

Tufts University international relations department is made up of 100+ faculty members within more than 20 departments – it is frequently named one of the best international relations programs for undergraduates in the nation.

Graduates from the program go for enthralling careers in academia, business, non-profit work, and international affairs.

The course sequence includes eight semesters of study in a secondary language. One exciting aspect of the curriculum is that it is organized thematically. See Tufts University Acceptance Rate.

Undergraduates will take seven courses within one concentration, which could be international economics, globalization, or international security, to name a few options.

Many notable alumni have graduated from Tufts’ international relations program, including figure skater Michelle Kwan, U.S. Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan, and former Nobel Peace Prize-winning President of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos.

That was all about the Best International Relations Schools in the US. Was it helpful to you?

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