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Best Pre-Med Schools In Massachusetts in 2023

Are you considering going to a pre-med school but you don’t have any knowledge of the best pre-med school that will be suitable for your study? Do not worry, this article will help to select the one that will be fit for your study.

What is a pre-med school all about?

By signing up for pre-med, a student agrees to take a set of predetermined courses that will get them set for any medical school. Beyond these designated courses, a student can take any major that they wish.

Sometimes, students find themselves signing up for a major in the sciences, like biology or chemistry, but this does not have to be the case.

There are, in fact, many successful doctors and health practitioners all over the world that majored in something besides science for their undergraduate degree.

When a medical school selection committee reviews a student’s application, they want to see that the student is prepared for medical school – good grades and a solid MCAT score – and they also want to see that the student is passionate about working with the people.

Taking benefit of the opportunities of an undergraduate college program and the community that the school is in, is just as necessary as the courses you take and the grades you receive.

Many schools that offer a pre-med course load know this and have skilled advisors that assist them seek out quality internships and community service opportunities that look good on medical school admissions applications.

Each of the schools we list offers a pre-med pathway within the major that the student wishes to pursue an undergraduate degree in.

These schools have a proven pathway record of making quality programs that successfully prepare students available for the rigors of medical school.

1. Harvard University

 Harvard is the oldest university in the United States and a world-renowned research institution.

This private, Ivy League school has had more Nobel Prize and Fields Medal winners graduate from it than any other higher education institution.

Being a pre-med student at Harvard means becoming a member of a long list of prestigious alumni to graduate from its specific Premedical Program.

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2. Northeastern University

 Located in the heart of Boston, Northeastern University is a top private research university. Northeastern offers its students to be a part of its cooperative education program, which partners students with thousands of industry leaders.

These partners are located worldwide and help students learn professional skills through first-hand experience in their field.

Northeastern University has made it its goal to be among the best pre-med programs in the country.

To achieve this, Northeastern creates a tailored program for each student by combining their interests with their chosen field of study.

Designated advisors help students every step of the way by ensuring that all boxes for medical school are checked from the day they enter campus.

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3. Brandeis University

 Located in Waltham, Massachusetts, Brandeis is a private research university named after Louis Brandeis, the first Jewish Supreme Court Justice.

Brandeis has a high proportion of international students and a long list of notable alumni, including Eleanor Roosevelt, the former first lady and humanitarian.

Pre-Med students at Brandeis have a choice to major in one of the sciences offered at the school or to major in the Health: Science, Society, and Policy Program (HSSP).

HSSP is a unique major that fulfills all of the requirements for pre-med students and prepares students for a career in a health-related field.

4. Tufts University

 Tufts University is one of the top research universities in the world and offers its students over 200 different degree programs at ten campuses located throughout the greater Boston area. The School of Medicine is located on the Boston campus adjacent to the Tufts Medical Center near Chinatown.

Since Tufts has both a Medical School and a Medical Center on campus, many pre-med students are in their undergraduate programs.

Students at Tufts may decide to apply to the Bachelor’s/MD Early-Assurance Program, where, if accepted, they are admitted into the Tufts Medical School without having to take the MCAT.

This assurance allows students more time to participate in areas of interest and internship opportunities with currently practicing medical professionals.

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5. University of Massachusetts, Amherst

 The University of Massachusetts in Amherst has the largest university campus in Massachusetts and the second-largest student body.

University of Massachusetts, Amherst is a public research university that offers over 100 undergraduate degrees and over 70 master’s degrees.

Located on the beautiful University of Massachusetts, Amherst campus is a specific office that advises students who have chosen to go pre-med or pre-health.

No matter which health field a student is interested in pursuing, there is an established pre-med student group that will help build connections and answer questions while navigating the world of pre-med.

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6. Boston College

The campus of Boston College, located in Chestnut Hill, MA, is recognized as a US historic district and contains some of the earliest examples of Gothic architecture in the US.

Boston College’s campus of 120 buildings is over 175 acres sitting on a hill that overlooks Chestnut Hill Reservoir.

With old-growth trees and gothic-style buildings, students will feel like walking through time on the Boston College campus.

The Pre-Health Program at Boston College is one of the best to help prepare students for medical school.

With a designated office to provide support for students going into the medical field, the school offers resources for gaining health-related experience, extra-curricular activities, and support resources to prepare for the MCAT.

Boston College students will take part in internships, mock interviews, workshops, and research that prepares them specifically for what medical school admissions want to see.

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Everything written in this article was all about the 10 Best Pre-Med Schools In Massachusetts. Endeavor to send your thoughts concerning this article in the comment section, to help us serve you better.

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