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Best Pre-Med Schools in California in 2023

Welcome to this page! Are you an aspiring pre-med student who is confused about how to select a pre-med school that will be conducive for you all through the academic year of the program? Never mind, we get you covered.

We will be looking at the best Pre-Med Schools in California in this article, it will serve as a complete guide for you during your decision-making stage.

By signing up for pre-med, a student agrees to take a set of predetermined courses that prepare them for any medical school. Beyond these designated courses, a student can take any major that they wish.

Often, students find themselves signing up for a major in the sciences, like biology or chemistry, but this does not have to be the case.

There are, in fact, many successful doctors and health practitioners all over the world that majored in something besides science for their undergraduate degree. See Best Pre-Med Schools Ohio.

When a medical school selection committee reviews a student’s application, they want to see that the student is prepared for medical school – good grades and a solid MCAT score – and they also want to see that the student is passionate about working with the people.

Taking benefit of the opportunities of an undergraduate college program. and the community that the school is in, is just as important as the courses you take and the grades you receive.

Many schools that offer a pre-med course load know this and have skilled advisors that assist them seek out quality internships and community service opportunities that look good on medical school admissions applications.

Each of the schools we list offers a pre-med pathway within the major that the student wishes to pursue an undergraduate degree in.

These schools have a proven track record of providing unique programs that successfully prepare students for the rigors of medical school.

1. Stanford University

Almost every school advises its students interested in medical school to focus on a rigorous undergraduate course of study in a subject they can approach with enthusiasm.

At Stanford University, students can take a course on how to be happy. This skill might be one of the most important to acquire while planning for medical school.

Stanford ranks in the top ten colleges nationwide. Its programs in Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology are among the best in the country. It’s highly ranked for service learning and internships, also crucial for pre-health students.

For Pre-Health students, Stanford has a Pre-Med Association for each class year. Students meet with Pre-Health advisors individually through the Stanford Academic Advisory Program.

A mock interview specialist is also available to guide students through the medical school interview process.

See: Stanford University Acceptance Rate

2. University of California-Berkeley

The University of California-Berkeley calls its pre-health advising program a pre-professional path, rather than a major.

Like most schools, Berkeley urges potential medical school candidates to major in a subject they will excel in.

The University of California Berkeley stresses maintaining a rigorous course load and a strong GPA while also showing an interest in helping others through volunteer work.

Because the school has many pre-health students and a wide array of science programs, there are numerous ways to participate in research, gain clinical experience, and connect with other future healthcare professionals in over 50 health-related campus organizations.

Former University of California Berkeley Pre-Health students do well when applying to medical school, with over half of first year applicants placing in a program. Statistics are even better, around 65%, for students who take a year off prior to applying.

See: University of California-Berkeley

3. University of California, Los Angeles

 The University of California, Los Angeles’s Pre-Health Services supports undergraduates preparing for medical school with academic counseling, checklists, sample schedules, and separate counseling for non-science majors.

An entire year of step-by-step preparation happens before the application, including workshops and interview preparation.

Like many schools, the University of California, Los Angeles strongly urges students to gain experience in health fields before applying to any health science program.

Pre-Health breaks down at least eight ways to gain that experience, facilitating clinical volunteer work, research opportunities, training and certifications, and shadowing programs.

The quality and quantity of experience options at UCLA show how layered and complete the Pre-Health support really is.

The University of California, Los Angeles’s Pre-Health details useful plans for the gap year strategy that many medical schools favor.

Through Pre-Health Services, University of California, Los Angeles medical school candidates might pursue formal or informal post-baccalaureate programs to bolster their appeal to their top medical school choices.

See: University of California Acceptance Rate

4. University of California San Diego

The University of California San Diego offers guidance for students planning medical school applications through their Career Center, where the Pre-Health program supports students in separate professional paths.

Medicine, dentistry, optometry, nursing, veterinary medicine, physician’s assistant – multiple career options have their own advisory tracks.

University of California San Diego Pre-Health helps students plan the application process, study for entrance tests, and even plan to finance.

Step-by-step mentoring keeps students on track for graduation and on to professional programs.

Like many schools, the University of California San Diego recommends a gap year between undergraduate coursework and most medical programs.

Events and workshops help students make connections, find work opportunities, and find support from peers during the application process. Students can get help with specific tasks, like creating CVs and cover letters.

See: University of California San Diego Acceptance Rate

5. University of Southern California

The University of Southern California’s Dornsife College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences provides prospective medical students with its Office of Pre-Health Advisement.

The office serves current students and alumni who decide to apply to medical school after graduation.

At the University of Southern California, the Office of Pre-Health Advisement fosters collaboration among students and with faculty, creating a community of health-focused learners.

Curriculum planning, selection of major and minor, application review, access to volunteer opportunities, and personal support are all furnished by the Office of Pre-Health.

Once students are in the application process, the Office of Pre-Health holds workshops on interview skills, writing a personal statement, and other topics designed to assist students in maximizing their approach to their med school application.

Located right in Los Angeles, University of Southern California is a big-city school drawing on a rich pool of resources on and off campus.

With core research facilities in Neuroscience and Cell and Molecular Imaging, USC Dornsife offers many options for a pre-health candidate.

See: University of Southern California Acceptance Rate

6. Pomona College

Pomona College also holds an impressive medical school acceptance rate, with an average of 85% acceptance among their Pre-Health graduates.

Their program encourages students to familiarize themselves with the overall competencies medical schools want to see in application materials; they also map the specific classes at Pomona that satisfy the most common requirements for medical school acceptance.

Pomona Pre-Health gives its students an advantage by supplying them with numerous guides, worksheets, and planning tools.

The Pomona approach is practical and strategic while also personal and customizable. The Pre-Health advice and resources here will appeal to students with strong organizational skills, or those who need a defined matrix of goals and benchmarks.


All you just finished reading was on the best Pre-Med Schools in California, it was disclosed to aid prospective pre-medical students to know the best pre-med school to apply to whenever they are ready to start up the academic journey. Was it helpful to you?

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