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Best Pre-Med Schools in Illinois 2023

The decision to become a doctor can seem both exciting and daunting but it required so many rigorous processes to be successful in the field.

If you have the desire to commence the journey with the pre-med schools, then this article is specifically meant for you, it emphasizes on the best pre-med schools in Illinois. It is written to make the selection of pre-med schools easy for its prospective students.

When students get on a seemingly endless internet search of different colleges, they can often feel completely overwhelmed with their future.

Many students have figured out that they love science and helping others, but what is the right path to get there?

Pre-med is not a major but rather an advising pathway for students who desire to go into medical school. Pre-Med is often the track that students go down prior to becoming a medical or health specialty successfully.

Choosing to go pre-med will not only assist a student to be prepared for the MCAT(Medical College Admission Test) but will tell a prospective medical school that the student is ready to take on the rigors of their program.

Many high-quality schools in  Illinois offer students Pre-Med Programs to ensure their success in medical school. So, how do you pick the right Pre-Med Program?

Before you commence with endless scrolling via internet websites and college admissions applications, take the time to read our researched list of The Best Pre-Med Schools In Illinois.

These pre-med schools were by the total number of applicants each school supplies to medical school as measured by the AAMC.

1. University of Chicago

With a focus on the timeline, the University of Chicago encourages students to consider their four years as a roadmap to prepare them for the medical school application process.

A year-by-year guide shows students which courses to build into their schedules as the prerequisites demanded their respective fields of interest.

Exceptional to the school, students have the opportunity to send applications to the Accelerated Medical Scholars Program. See the University of Chicago Acceptance Rate

2. Northwestern University

With Northwestern being a leading institution in the medical field, students have many pre-health track options to choose from. Each track is paved with incredible resources, advisors, and coursework.

Having a framework to assist any student along their pre-med journey, Northwestern has organized itself as the ultimate resource for those curious about joining the medical field. Students can explore traditional and alternative paths to medical school that fit their interests.

Similar to many schools on this list, Northwestern is dedicated to providing students with hands-on experiences in the healthcare field.

These experiences fall under five categories: research, shadowing and clinical, non-clinical, summer programs, and post-graduation programs.

Another experience offered by the school is student groups. Pre-med students with similar interests are highly encouraged to connect and share opportunities and insights regarding the application process.

See: Northwestern University Acceptance Rate

3. Loyola University Chicago

 The pre-health program at Loyola University is committed to helping students on their paths to medical professions.

Even though the school doesn’t offer a specified pre-med major, it does carry an exceptional set of programs to prepare students to apply to medical school.

The Early Assurance Program (EAP) was designed to prepare undergraduate students attending Loyola to secure a spot at Loyola’s Stritch School of Medicine.

Students who apply to EAP can receive early admission and get a head start in exploring the opportunities made available to pre-med students.

For more traditional paths, the Pre-Health Professions Advisory Committee assists Loyola students and alumni in their pursuit of applying to medical school. The committee provides essential resources to help first-time applicants along their journey.

4. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign ranked 4th in the top 20 best pre-med programs in the country, students at the University of Illinois have the option to major in molecular cell biology as a pre-health major.

As an MCB major, students looking to pursue pre-med, and other pre-health-related tracks will be equipped with the necessary prerequisites before applying to the medical school of their choice.

MCB students will have access to the Pre-Health and Professional Mentorship Program, where students are paired up with alumni from the MCB program. See the University of Illinois Acceptance Rate.

Students will be able to receive insights and guidance from healthcare professionals from the program throughout their academic journey.

5. University of Illinois at Chicago

For students interested in attending the University of Illinois at Chicago for pre-med, they must declare an educational goal as an internal selection for their academic plan.

These goals accompany the majors selected by students and are designed to support their pre-professional careers.

These educational goals allow advisors in the pre-med track to assist students in curating an academic plan that aligns with their objectives.

Students will be alerted when opportunities and resources within their educational goals are made available through periodic academic newsletters.

6. DePaul University

While many schools have traditional four-year pre-med programs, DePaul University offers students options as to how they can complete their prerequisites. Students can build a pre-health track that meets their academic needs.

For students with exceptional academic marks, the Pathways Honors program was established to provide exclusive resources.

Students within this program will gain access to the Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science and the internship opportunities offered at the institution.

With the Accelerated Degree option, pre-health students have the chance to complete their studies within three years.

By partnering up with other accredited medical institutions in the state, students receive streamlined paths toward their desired healthcare professions.


This is the end of the article, we hope it was useful to you based on how to go about selecting the pre-med school that will be fit for your study. You can ask your questions using the comment box.

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