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Best Free Online Childcare Training Courses with Certificates

If you’re seeking a free online child care training course with a certificate, this section can be of assistance.

This post will show you which free online courses are available to help you launch a career in childcare. Let’s get started!

The future of humanity is in children. It is crucial that we give them the finest possible start in life since they will grow up to be the leaders of tomorrow. Because of this, the childcare industry is very vital. See Best Dental Schools in California.

Working with children can be a very fulfilling career decision, but it also carries a great deal of responsibility.

Children require devoted and vigilant caregivers, therefore it’s crucial to make sure you’ve received the necessary training before starting this type of employment.

Thankfully, there are a variety of free online childcare training courses available that may equip you with the abilities required to properly work with children.

A certificate of completion from one of these courses can be useful for showcasing your skills to future employers.

Here are the Free Online Childcare Training Courses with Certificates

1. Introduction To Early Childhood Education

Harvard University makes this course available via edX. This beginning course on working with children covers a wide range of topics.

The program shows you how to step in during a child’s most vulnerable period, their formative years, to help them develop to their full potential.

You’ll gain knowledge of the various phases of a child’s growth as well as the significance of play in a child’s life.

You’ll also gain a general understanding of the area and examine various early childhood teaching strategies. You ought to be well-versed in the fundamentals of working with kids by the end of the course.

Self-paced, it takes four weeks to finish the course. Quizzes, readings, and videos are all part of it. Students will finish with a certificate of completion from Harvard University.

2. Anti-Bullying Training

Alison provides a course that takes about 4-5 hours to finish. It is meant to assist you in comprehending the many forms of bullying and provide advice on how to stop it.

A variety of subjects are covered in the training, including verbal and physical bullying. Additionally, you’ll discover the various impacts that bullying can have on kids.

You’ll also get valuable knowledge about how to support both the bully and the victim in this course.

The workshop also offers helpful advice on how to step in and stop bullying if you see it happening.

You’ll get a certificate of completion when you’re done with the course, which you may show prospective employers. See Best Colleges for Forensic Pathology.

3. The Science Of Parenting

The University of California, Berkeley and the University of Pennsylvania both offer this course through edX and Coursera, respectively.

It’s intended for parents who wish to gain more knowledge about how to successfully raise their kids.

Child development, discipline, and sleep training are just a few of the many topics covered in the course. Additionally, you’ll discover the various phases of parenting, from early childhood to puberty.

You ought to have a solid grasp of excellent parenting techniques by the end of the course.

It takes four weeks to finish the self-paced course. It consists of tests, readings, and videos. Students who successfully complete their studies will be given a certificate of completion by the Universities.

4. Everyday Parenting

Through Coursera, Yale is providing this course. It is intended for parents who are interested in finding out more about how to successfully raise their kids.

The course covers a wide range of issues, such as discipline, sleep training, and child development. Additionally, you’ll discover the many parenting phases, from infancy to puberty.

You ought to have a solid idea of how to rear your kids until they are adults by the end of the course.

Self-paced and taking about 21 hours to complete, the course. It consists of readings, quizzes, and videos.

5. Understanding Children And Young People’s Mental Health

You gain a solid foundation in understanding children’s and adolescents’ mental health through this course. The various mental health issues that can impact children and young people will then be covered.

Finally, you’ll discover methods to assist youngsters with mental health issues. Although it’s common for people to view talking about mental health as taboo, it’s crucial to be open and truthful about it.

Particularly with children, who are considerably more likely than adults to experience mental health difficulties.

Even though the course is centered on the UK, parents in other nations can also benefit from it. No matter where they come from, kids are kids.

The Skills Network offers the course, which lasts roughly 4 weeks and is 100% free.

6. Working With Students With Special Educational Needs

Special needs children should receive an education. Your ability to work with students who have special needs will be enhanced by taking this course.

You’ll discover the various forms of disability and discover how to build a welcoming learning environment for all pupils.

While teaching special needs students might be challenging, seeing them make progress is very satisfying.

Anyone interested in working in the education industry or who currently supports children and wants to learn more about how to support them is a great candidate for this course.

It takes about three hours to complete the course, which is offered by Alison. Since it is self-paced, you can finish it whenever you like. Most importantly, it’s free!

7. Introduction To Child Psychology

This course on is devoted to the study of child psychology. It is offered by licensed psychologists.

You’ll discover how, as they develop mentally and physically, children’s perspectives alter. Additionally, how to foster a child’s development so they can realize their full potential.

Along with that, you’ll discover something that most parents are unaware of: the importance of child psychologists.

To seek treatment from a psychologist is still somewhat taboo, especially for young people. Although it’s ingrained in our minds that children are carefree, shameless beings, that simply isn’t the case.

In actuality, they are most susceptible during childhood. When your child is struggling, it’s dreadful to feel helpless as a parent. 

However, you can better comprehend what’s happening and how to handle it with the assistance of psychologists.

It takes roughly eight hours to complete this course, which is free.


That was all about the best free online childcare training courses with certificates. Was the information helpful to you? You can drop your response on the comment section.

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