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Bacone College Acceptance Rate, Tuition, and Admission Requirements

Are you a future aspirant or student of Bacone College who is willing to know various information about the school?

Here is the important information that you are expected to know before sending your admission application to the institution. Keep reading to unveil the necessary information.

Bacone College was formerly known as Bacone Indian University. The school is a private tribal college Located in Muskogee, Oklahoma. The school was established in 1880 as the Indian University by missionary Almon C. Bacone.

It was originally affiliated with the mission arm of what is now American Baptist Churches USA. Bacone College was Renamed Bacone College in the early 20th century, it is the oldest continuously operated institution of higher education in Oklahoma.

The liberal arts college has had strong historic ties to several tribal nations, including the Muscogee and Cherokee.

The college uses a curriculum that combines strict coursework blended with research to impact knowledge. See Best Medical Schools in Utah.

It is one of some colleges that give special attention to moral education and conduct.  Hence, this is a result of its strong affiliation with American Baptist Churches.

Furthermore, the college has a handful of undergraduate degree programs that are well taught and handled by professional tutors with industry experience.

Though postgraduate studies are almost the same as that undergraduate in terms of tutorship, research is given more attention.

Bacone College also has strong career advising path, for this reason, students are conditioned to be guided on their choice of career path by experienced industry professionals.

In addition to this, the institution has a good faculty-to-student ratio and up-to-date facilities. The good faculty-to-student ratio gives room for customized classes which is an effective method of learning.

Bacone College Acceptance Rate

The acceptance rate shows the probability of one gaining admission into an academic institution. This metric is used to determine the admission chances of a prospective student in the form of percentage estimation.

The higher its value the better the admission chance. Also, the acceptance rate is based on different percentages based on the specifications and requirements of the concerned school.

Bacone admissions is selective with an acceptance rate of 55%. Students that get into Bacone have an average SAT score between 850-1000 and the ACT score range is 14-17

Bacone College Tuition

Bacone College charges students tuition. Although, this may differ depending on the different factors that range from the type of students to scholarship opportunities.

Before talking about the tuition of this college, it is important to note that a good number of students in this school are on scholarship.

Right from when a student gets admitted to when the student undergoes study, the school gives special attention to the need for the scholars to benefit from any of the available financial aid initiatives.

By doing so, they can save a good sum of money on tuition and also have access to quality education at affordable rates.

Here are the tuition fee charged by Bacone College.

Fall/spring and Summer Tuition

The tuition fee for credit hours that ranges from 12 to 17 is $6,000 per term on a full-time basis. However, that of the part-time is shortened to 1 to 11 credit hour and is charged at $400 per credit hour.

For over 18 hours on credit, $400 is charged.     

Chartering Tribes (Online students taking 9 or less credit hour charged $250.00 per hour of credit

Pawnee Nation for continuing students (only) are charged $174.00 per credit hour

DOTL (Online students taking or 9 less Credit hours are charged $400 per credit hour

Other Charges

Community Audit: Students are charged $58 per credit hour for this.

Concurrent Enrollment for High School Students: This applies to only pre-degree scholars and is charged at $400 per credit hour  

General Fee (full-time):  This charge applied to only full-time students and is perked at $1,350 per term

General Fee (part-time): This charge applied to only part-time scholars and is charged $550 per term

Pawnee, Osage: This fee is charged $200 per term

DOTL for Fall or Spring Semester: These fees applies to only the said period and is charged $100 per term

Library Fee: This is a compulsory fee. The library fee is charged $5 per credit hour

Technology Fee: This is charged at the rate of $10 per credit hour

New Student Enrollment Fee: This is strictly for freshers/and newcomers and is pegged at $100

Graduation Application Fee: This fee is mainly for find year students and is charged at $75.00

Concurrent: $ 100 Per Term

Room and Board:        

Private Room: $4,800 Per Term

Multi-Occupancy: $4,300 Per Term

International Student Deposit: This fee is meant for only Non-Canadians and is charged $12,575 per student

No Show Fee (Off-Campus): $1,000 per occurrence

No Show Fee (On-Campus): $2,000 per occurrence

Course by Special Arrangement or Directed Study: $825 per course

Tuition Main Campus: This is a general and compulsory fee. It is charged at $338 per credit hour

General Fee: $200 per 8 week Session

Multi-Occupancy Room: $580

Courses offered by Bacone College  

Bacone College offers both undergraduate and postgraduate study degree programs. These academic fields of discipline are offered at high quality by competent and credible tutors.

Here is the list of courses offered by Bacone College;

  • Radiography Program
  • Associate of Applied Science – Radiography
  • Business Administration
  • Accounting
  • General Business
  • Marketing
  • Leadership
  • Recreational Management
  • Sport Management
  • Associate of Art – Art
  • American Indian Studies
  • Criminal Justice
  • Tribal Languages
  • Exercise Science
  • Early Childhood
  • Elementary Education
  • Family Studies Education
  • Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Communication
  • English
  • History
  • Philosophy and Religion (under development).

Bacone College Requirements:

Bacone College has a permissive admission policy. For this reason, prospective students mostly do not have issues during application. Here is what you need to know concerning the admission requirements of this American College;

  • The school encourages prospective students to visit the admission office to apply with the assistance
  • The school application form is obtained with a token called the application fee.
  • Online applicants are exempted from paying the application fee
  • Students should submit the application with their high school transcripts if the intended program study type is undergraduate. For postgraduate, the transcripts of the undergraduate is needed
  • High School O-Level and/or A-level certificate is required
  • For postgraduate degree program, good undergraduate coursework is required.


Everything you are required to know as a future student of Bacone College has been made available to you in this article.

In the article above, things like Bacone College acceptance rate, tuition, courses, and requirement has been discussed to assist you in your admission pursuit. Endeavor to adhere to them.

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