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AMDA Acceptance Rate, Ranking, and More

Have you expressed an interest in attending AMDA and you are curious about the requirements the institution will have when you submit your application?

Here is the information you need to know about the school’s acceptance rate, ranking and admission requirements. Keep reading to get the information

For more than 50 years, performers of all kinds have looked to the American Musical and Dramatic Academy (AMDA) to obtain a top-notch arts education.

Since its inception in New York City in 1964, AMDA has grown to include campuses in Los Angeles (AMDA College of the Performing Arts), putting its students in enviable positions to not only learn in the classroom but also to attend neighboring professional performances to further their studies.

Alumni frequently appear in television and film productions as well as on Broadway stages, and their names frequently appear on lists of nominees for prestigious prizes.

The Associate of Occupational Studies (AOS), Bachelor of Arts (BA), and Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) are among the degrees that AMDA provides.

Students can select from nine concentrations under the BFA at the Los Angeles campus, including a variety of acting styles, musical theater, and dance.

General and performance are the two specializations offered in the BA program in theater arts. Students can complete their degrees in the BFA and BA programs in four years on the conventional track or two years and nine months on the accelerated route.

The AOS degree, which offers acting, dance theater, and musical theater majors, is one of the additional study options offered by AMDA. Traditional and expedited programs are both available in the AOS program.

Through the AOS Acting for Camera to BFA program, students who have received an AOS can finish their BFA. See Amazing Colleges with Free Applications

Four conservatory certificates are also available via the college, each of which focuses on a different area of the performing arts. 

AMDA Acceptance Rate

More than 7,700 applicants applied for admission for the fall of 2020, and AMDA only accepted about 2,400 of them, for an acceptance rate of about 30%. At the end of that term, more than 530 admitted students were enrolled.

When determining which AMDA campus they wish to attend, performers who are interested in studying there may want to consider the total enrollment on each site.

There are 270 people enrolled in The New York campus as a whole, compared to over 1,500 people at the Los Angeles campus.

AMDA Ranking

Numerous organizations have praised AMDA’s campuses, including Niche, which placed the New York location fourth on its ranking of the nation’s greatest performing arts colleges.

The New York campus ranks No. 89 nationally among theatrical schools and No. 16 in New York State, according to

The New York campus was also ranked 109th out of more than 1,700 colleges and universities on Niche’s list of the “Hardest Colleges to Get Into in America.”

In contrast, AMDA’s Los Angeles campus ranked No. 319 nationally for drama schools and No. 40 among the best in California.

AMDA New York received high grades from Niche for additional features that can aid students in making a decision regarding whether they want to apply, in addition to its overall ranking of “B+.”

AMDA received an “A+” for location and an “A” for student life and diversity (23% of its student body is made up of people of color).

Additionally, the website graded the college a “B+” for both academics and security. For the campus in Los Angeles, Niche did not offer ratings.

AMDA Requirements

In the final two years of high school, prospective students at the age of 16 and older can submit an application to AMDA online, via the CommonApp, or via Royal VIP.

Although auditions are not necessary for candidates interested in obtaining a bachelor’s degree in theater arts (general), they are necessary for other programs and to be considered for scholarships.

Students can try out live online or by video in addition to appearing in person at any AMDA regional audition or at their school.

Through personal writing and an interview, AMDA also aims to learn more about applicants.

All program applicants must submit one letter of recommendation from a professional, such as a coach, teacher, or guidance counselor. Two letters are required for applicants to bachelor’s programs in the arts.

Transcripts from high school are necessary, although SAT and ACT results are not.

In order to provide the institution with a better understanding of the applicants’ personalities, AMDA advises candidates interested in the Bachelor of Arts degree to submit a two-minute personal video in which they discuss specific topics.


Written in this article are all the requirements you are expected to know about AMDA.

Knowing the above information about the school will equip you while sending in your application to the university and it will also make your application stand out among other applicants.

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