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What is UCLA Known For? | Is UCLA a Good School?

Are you a student or parent of students who are interested in learning about what this illustrious UCLA is so widely known for?

Feel relaxed, because we have collected some of the most important information to know about UCLA in this article.

Read on to learn more about what this university has to offer its students, including its most highly-esteemed academic programs, and more.

Established in 1882, UCLA is one of the ten public schools making up the University of California system. The University of California — Los Angeles’ campus is urban and spans an impressive 467 acres of Los Angeles, nestled in the heart of Westwood, Los Angeles, California, United States.

The large city of Los Angeles is known as a lively college town, offering students a plethora of options for nightlife, dining, and recreational activities. See UCLA Law School Acceptance Rate.

Originally known as Southern Branch of the California State Normal School, the college has become a prestigious institution of higher education with an undergraduate enrollment of 32,121 students.

According to US News and World Report’s annual list of the best colleges and universities in the country, UCLA is currently ranked #20.

UCLA student-athletes compete as the Bruins in the Pac-12 Conference. The Bruins have won 120 NCAA team championships. See UCLA Computer Science Acceptance Rate.

Being a well-revered undergraduate and graduate university, it is more likely than not that you have heard of UCLA.

What Majors & Academics Are UCLA Known For?

Although the college offers excellent academic programs in a vast array of different areas of study, UCLA is, without a doubt, best known for its world-class film, music, and television programs.

The UCLA School of Theater, Film, and Television is recognized as one of the best in the world, regularly receiving top ranks by outlets such as U.S. News & World Report and The Hollywood Reporter. programs.

According to the 2019 edition of the annual QS World University Rankings, the widely-acclaimed agriculture and forestry program is ranked not only first in the nation, but also second in the world.

According to the’s 2022 Rankings of the 25 best film schools in America, UCLA School of Theater, Film, and Television has been ranked #9.

The list of the best schools in 2022 for film, video, and photographic arts provided by also ranked the program at UCLA #17. See UCLA Admission Requirements.

Additionally, give UCLA TFT a much higher ranking by placing it at  #2 on its list of the best film schools to attend in the United States.

Further supporting the school’s world-famous reputation, UCLA has also earned acknowledgment for several of its other academic offerings.

Another one of UCLA’ most highly-esteemed academic programs is the Clinical Psychology program, which has also been named the best program of its kind among all colleges in the United States.

In fact, UCLA has claimed the #1 spot since 2021.

Is UCLA a Good School?

There is no question about it: the University of California — Los Angeles is more than a good school. In the most recent edition of the US News and World Report’s annual college rankings, UCLA was ranked the #20 best university in the country

As we have already covered, UCLA is one of the best possible schools to attend for any students who are interested in pursuing a degree in film, music, and television programs or any related field of study.

The university boasts a first-year retention rate — a broadly accepted measure of how satisfied students are at a given college — of just over 97%. See UCLA Medical School Acceptance Rate.


Although there are many different factors that influence how content any given student will be at one particular school versus another, it is safe to say that UCLA has a lot to offer its students.

The college’s location in Los Angeles, CA, offers students close proximity to the California state capital, as well as many other urban hubs.

Los Angeles is known as an amazing college town to live in, featuring a vibrant, bustling atmosphere with many options for nightlife, entertainment, dining, and other forms of recreation.

Beyond its extremely advantageous location and its strong reputation, the school also has a robust, active alumni network with over 476,096 current members, all of whom are a part of one of the 23 alumni networks in the United States, the 19 networks in foreign countries, or the ten miscellaneous networks dedicated to specific special interests.

UCLA’ alumni, many of whom have gone on to become prominent public figures in a variety of areas, are known for generously providing financial, professional, and academic support for current students.

In short, there are many, many reasons students elect to attend this prestigious institution for their undergraduate education experience.


With all these outstanding information written in this article, we believe you have been able to learn so many things about what the prestigious school called UCLA is known for. Don’t hesitate to ask us questions related to this article, if you have using the comment section.

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