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What is Tulane Known For? | Is Tulane University a Good School?

Are you interested to know what Tulane University is known for as a potential student?  Feel relaxed we will be disclosing essential information on what makes Tulane University special and why it is worth considering joining the community. Read on to get the important information.

Nestled in one of the most eclectic cities for innovation New Orleans, Louisiana, Tulane is one of the academic gems of the United States. This R1 university offers an education that stands on its own next to its Ivy League neighbors.

Home to both a top Law School school and one of the oldest medical schools, students have the opportunity to find what possibilities can be created in an interdisciplinary learning environment.

In addition to unique education, students will have the singular opportunity to be in one of the most historical areas in the nation.

Tulane’s students can do a wide range of community service activities, including court monitoring, tutoring youth, creating Model United Nations groups at local schools, and working with urban farming initiatives. 

Tulane’s culture of community service has earned it the distinction of being one of the first research universities to require community service hours as part of each student’s education requirements.

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What Majors & Academics Are Tulane Known For?

Tulane prides itself on being an R1 research university with a foundation in medicine.

Tulane focuses specifically in tropical medicine and it is the first school in the country to have a tropical medicine focus.

Students choose from over 75 different majors and minors offered in the school. By completing Tulane’s core curriculum, students are exposed to academic foundations in writing, foreign language, scientific inquiry, and cultural knowledge.

Undergraduates can study within the School of Architecture, Business, Liberal Arts, Public Health, or Science and Engineering.

Each of the five schools at Tulane University offers students an exceptional academic experience that combines a dedication to community service with academic excellence.

Every student, whether they are computer science, fine arts, or engineering majors, will take courses in a range of disciplines outside their focus for a more well-rounded education.

The school is ranked #4 in Service Learning by U.S. News and World Report, the service-learning component in Tulane’s curriculum gives all students the opportunity to access valuable education and work experience through volunteer and internships with the local community.

Some of the service activities students can do include: court monitoring, tutoring youth, creating Model United Nations groups at local schools, and working with urban farming initiatives to create a better society.

Is Tulane University a Good School?

The short answer to this question is a definitive “Yes.” A good school is one that offers students an affordable education, adequate training in their field of interest, opportunities to explore outside their comfort zone, and preparation for the workforce.

Tulane is proud to note that it meets 100% of demonstrated student needs. Though Tulane does have the option for students to be awarded aid based on merit, most of the aid it offers students is need-based.

Students also have access to an education that believes being a well-rounded student means being in touch with the local, national, and global society.

Tulane Career Center helps students take their learning experiences even further by offering career advising, work and internship opportunities, and access to past Tulane alumni.

The alumni group connects current students to alumni where they can gain advice from those who have made the transition into the workforce.

Coming in at number 44  in U.S. News and World reports best National Schools, Tulane is a school that gives students a high-quality education that doesn’t break the bank.

Why Tulane University?

Tulane University is a school known for its interdisciplinary approach to medical science, and for being a top research university with a medical college feel. It is located in one of the most historic cities in the United States.

The question students need to ask themselves when considering Tulane is how it meets their particular interests and career path.

The University has been rated in the top 50 best undergraduate experiences. So, if a student is not as worried about knowing their exact area of study but is looking for a quality education experience, Tulane offers a top-notch education that is comparable with some of the best universities around.

If having many on-campus options for personal and career development is essential, Tulane’s offerings of prestigious societies will give students plenty of opportunities to bulk up their CVs.

Even if students are just looking for a good way to have a lot of fun outside of their studies, the school has so many ways students will have ample opportunity to create a rich educational experience.


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