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University of Sydney Acceptance Rate, Ranking and Notable Alumni 2026

Hi guys! You are highly welcome to this page. If you are aspiring to study at the University of Sydney, but don’t know how things are done in the school, this article is meant for you.

It will meticulously disclose things you need to know about the University of Sydney – acceptance rate, ranking, notable alumni, and tuition. Endeavor to read it to the end.


Located in Sydney, Australia, University of Sydney is an Australia’s first university and it is regarded as one of the world’s leading universities.

Founded in 1850, the institution is one of Australia’s six sandstone universities. It is composed of eight academic faculties and university colleges, through which it offers bachelor, masters and doctoral degrees.

The University of Sydney was founded on the principle of giving everyone the opportunity to realize their potential through education and still holds that belief just as strongly today. See Villanova University Acceptance Rate.

The University offers Australia’s broadest range of disciplines and it is a research institute, where its research emphasizes on finding solutions to society’s greatest challenges.

The institution has more than 400 courses of study through which its students can opt from. With these more than 400 courses of study, students have the flexibility to follow their interests, broaden their skills, and pursue internship and global exchange opportunities.

Outside the classroom, the school has more than 200 student-run clubs and organizations where students can make long lasting friends and connections as well, thereby bringing the campus to life.

University of Sydney Acceptance Rate

The University of Sydney does not release specific numbers of applicants who send their applications to the school, but most observers estimate that 30% of students who apply receive offers of admission to the school.

For those who fall into the 70% who are rejected, that number sounds particularly high, but it’s crucial to examine these numbers in context.

As we will see briefly, the University of Sydney has an excellent reputation, one of the best in the world.

Other schools with similar rankings, such as Ivy League universities in the United States, only accept approximately 5% of applicants.

All of that said, the University of Sydney as a global institution encourages applications from all over the world. In fact, 23,404 of the school’s student body comes from outside of Australia, which is almost 40%.

University of Sydney Ranking

University of Sydney is an excellent and highly regarded school. According to the well respected publication U.S. News & World Report, the University of Sydney is placed near the top positions on so many of its global ranking lists.

In 2021, US News & World Report’s Best Global Universities Rankings placed the University of Sydney 27th in the world and 2nd in Australia.

Nearly every other outlet holds the University of Sydney in similarly high regard.

At the 2022 QS World University Rankings, University of Sydney sits at 38th in the world, 2nd nationally and top-ranked university in New South Wales.

Moreover, University of Sydney is ranked 27th in the world by academic reputation.

The 2020 QS Graduate Employability Rankings ranked the University of Sydney graduates 4th most employable in the world and 1st in Australia and the Asia Pacific region. See University of Melbourne Acceptance Rate.

Additionally, the University of Sydney ranks within the top 20th in most of its subjects. Some of these subjects include Sports-related Subjects, Anatomy & Physiology, Veterinary Science, Education, Law and Legal Studies, Nursing, Architecture, Accounting and Finance, English Language and Literature, Medicine and Pharmacy and Pharmacology.

Finally, the Center for World University Rankings gives U Sydney an overall score of 81.8, the 98th highest in the world. The Center ranks the school number two in Australia and 38th in the world for the quality of its research.

University of Sydney Alumni

For the past 172 years, University of Sydney alumni have made significant contributions to both Australia and the world.

The School of Physics has played an important role in the development of radio astronomy in particular: Ruby Payne-Scott carried out the first interferometric observations in radio astronomy with the sea-cliff interferometer at Dover Heights;

alumnus Ron Bracewell proposed the nulling interferometer to image extrasolar planets, made contributions to the theory of the Fourier Transform and X-ray tomography, and proposed the idea of the Bracewell probe in SETI;

In the performing arts, notable alumni include soprano Joan Sutherland; Shakespearean actor John Bell actor, producer and director Dolph Lundgren.

Bahraini–Sri Lankan actress Jacqueline Fernandez; and South Korean singer, producer and director former C-Clown member Rome.

In international politics, notable alumni include former chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, Akhilesh Yadav and premier of British Columbia, John Horgan.

In community activism, notable alumni include Aboriginal activist Charlie Perkins; feminists Eva Cox and Germaine Greer.

University of Sydney Tuition

The University of Sydney is more affordable to attend than other schools of its caliber.

Factors such as student’s country of origin, the type of program the applicants want to study, and the applicant’s domestic or international status affect the amount students will pay in tuition and fees. including yours.

Based on the University of Sydney definition of a domestic student, it is anyone who is an Australian citizen or permanent resident, New Zealand citizen, or Australian humanitarian visa holder.

That distinction is necessary because most domestic students are qualified for a Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP), which means that the Australian Government partially subsidizes course fees.

The amount that students need to pay after the CSP varies according to the academic band in which their subject falls.

In Band One, which includes humanities, nursing, visual arts, and more, will pay AUD 6,684 each year.

Band Two includes subjects such as mathematics, agriculture, and computing, and costs AUD 9,527 each year.

Students in Band Three will pay AUD 11,155 each year to study law, accounting, economics, and more.

Because they do not qualify for a CSP, international students pay quite a bit more. The school does not separate subjects studied by international students into bands, but tuition rates change based on the program.

For instance, international students studying law will pay a tuition fee of AUD 46,000 every year, while those studying music will pay tuition between $41,000 – 43,000 AUD each year.


This article is a summary of how things are done at University of Sydney with emphasis on University of Sydney acceptance rate, ranking, notable alumni, and tuition.

It was specifically written to guide and equally show prospective students of the University of Sydney how things are done in the school.

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