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St. Gregory’s University Acceptance Rate, GPA and Admission Requirements

Do you have the ambition of Studying at St. Gregory’s University and you are also interested to know what the shoot will demand while sending in your application to them?

Here is the information you need to know about the school’s Acceptance rate, Tuition, Courses, and admission requirements. Keep reading to get the information.

St. Gregory’s University Acceptance rate:

St. Gregory’s University has an acceptance rate of 42%, which is known to be slightly competitive to gain admission into it.

Notwithstanding, the admission standard is not high, and most Students who has high school scores have the possibility of having a strong application and this would make them to be admitted without much stress. 

Tuition and Enrollment

St. Gregory University has an average male-to-female ratio of about 42% to 58%. Even so, as at 2016 the total enrollment rate was 702 of which 636 were undergraduates; with full-time students making up 72%.

Nevertheless, this catholic affiliated University does charge tuition for both undergraduate and postgraduate scholars. The educational establishment charges $21,300 for tuition and fees.

More so, $945 are charged per academic session on course materials and books. Furthermore, $8,578 is charged on room and board with other estimated expenses being $4,339.

However, the school has lots of financial aid programs to aid scholars to save and cut study costs. According to data from the school, an average of over 90% benefits from scholarships and other monetary aid Programs.

The imitative can come in form of grants which is usually 98%, loan pegged at 72% and it is available for all students; particularly aimed at newcomers.

St. Gregory’s University Admission Requirements

With an acceptance rate of 42%, getting admission to study at St. Gregory’s University would not be an easy thing.

However, meeting the general admission requirements of the institution can be simple and straightforward.

Those interested in going to school need to submit an application for admission and official high school transcripts.  SAT and ACT scores are optional.

Though, St. Gregory University has test optional admissions which can range from test scores ranging from the 25th to 75th percentile of SAT and ACT.

It is important to note that SAT has three distinct parts which are reading, Mathematics, and writing. One needs to get above the average pass mark on each of these components to stand a chance of getting admitted.

The same applies to ACT which is divided/segmented into the compound, English, and Mathematics.

 St. Gregory’s University’s Academic courses

St. Gregory University has a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate study programs. These academic programs are offered at high quality and some of them are among the best in the private education sector.

Lists of undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs of study offered by this widely known American university;

Accounting and Related Services

Art/Art Studies, General

Biology Teacher Education

Biology/Biological Sciences, General  

Biomedical Sciences, General

Business Administration and Management, General

Clinical, Counseling and Applied Psychology

Communication, General

Counseling Psychology

Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement Administration  

Dance, General

Drama and Dramatics/Theatre Arts, General

Early Childhood Education and Teaching

Elementary Education and Teaching  

English Language and Literature, General

Finance, General  

Health and Physical Education/Fitness, General

History, General

Human Services, General

Kinesiology and Exercise Science

Liberal Arts and Sciences/Liberal Studies

Management Information Systems, General  

Marketing/Marketing Management, General      

Mathematics Teacher Education

Mathematics, General  

Pastoral Counseling and Specialized Ministries, Other

Pastoral Studies/Counseling


Political Science and Government, General      

Psychology, General   

Registered Nursing, Nursing Administration, Nursing Research and Clinical Nursing  

Science Teacher Education/General Science Teacher Education       

Social Sciences, General

Social Studies Teacher Education

Theology/Theological Studies

Visual and Performing Arts, General

Written in this article are all the requirements you are expected to know about St. Gregory’s University.

Knowing this requirement will equip you while sending in your application to the university and it will also make your application stand out among other applicants.

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