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Oregon State University Ecampus : (Accreditation, Rankings, Majors, Aid, etc.)

Are you tempted to apply to Oregon State University Ecampus as it offers online degrees that are so much more convenient to earn than traditional degrees?

Are you considering if the online school could be a diploma mill? You are encouraged to read this article before concluding your decision.

We will be discussing Oregon State University Ecampus and other related information you need to know about the school. Keep reading!


Oregon State University Ecampus is not a diploma mill. The non-profit online school is regionally accredited, and it has a high employment rate after graduation which is higher than the national average of 74%. The school also appears on various college rankings by legit ranking sites.

Online degrees are wonderful options for busy adults who cannot step foot on campuses on a daily basis.

Some of them, however, can come from diploma mills that accredited colleges and universities and, more importantly, employers do not take them seriously.

Falling victim to a diploma mill not only flushes your money down the drain but also wastes your time. Due to this, utmost caution is a must when applying to earn a degree online. See How to Know If a College is a Diploma Mill.

We will answer practically every pressing question about Oregon State University Ecampus in everyone’s mind below. Don’t stop reading now if you are planning to send an application to the online school.

Is Oregon State University Ecampus Accredited?

Oregon State University Ecampus is an accredited online school. Its accreditation is given by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU), The agency has been recognized by the US Department of Education (USDE) since 1952. NWCCU accredits colleges and universities in seven US states.

The importance of making sure that a school is accredited before you apply to it cannot be stressed enough.

Many reasons exist why it’s a terrible idea to get a degree from a non-accredited institution, traditional or online. See if Western Governors University (WGU) is a Diploma Mill

First, you will not be able to transfer earned credits to another school. Second, you will not be eligible for federal financial aid. Third, employers may not consider the degree you have legit and worthy of something.

Oregon State University Ecampus has had accreditation from NWCCU since 2002. NWCCU is also the agency that has accredited schools such as Alaska Pacific University, Bates Technical College, Central Washington University, and Oregon State University.

Great school, I’ve tried going back to school 3 times and failed. That is until I finally found Oregon State University Ecampus which gave me the freedom to study on my own time while juggling a full-time job and raising my beautiful daughter. Very grateful!

Is Oregon State University Ecampus Regionally or Nationally Accredited?

Oregon State University Ecampus has regional accreditation. This means that credits earned from the online school are transferable to other regionally accredited institutions.

Similarly, credits earned from regionally accredited schools are accepted at Oregon State University Ecampus. However, prior evaluation applies.

It was mentioned earlier that it is accredited. But it’s not just any accreditation that the online school based in Corvallis, Oregon, U.S. has. What it has is regional accreditation.

Unless you are after a technical or vocational course, check that the school you plan to apply to has regional accreditation.

This will make it easier to transfer your credits to another institution should you decide to switch schools. What’s more, numerous employers prefer to hire applicants with degrees from regionally accredited colleges and universities.

The agency that has granted Oregon State University Ecampus its accreditation, NWCCU, is a regional accrediting body. It’s because of this that the online school is a regionally accredited institution.

What is Oregon State University Ecampus Known For?

Oregon State University Ecampus is well-known for its dual-enrollment Degree Partnership Program (DPP) with all 17 community colleges in Oregon and various others in Hawaii.

The online school is also known to offer more than 90 programs, which students can work on through 100% online classes as well as hybrid classes.

The availability of more than 20 chemistry courses online is one of the things that differentiate Oregon State University Ecampus from most other online schools.

Students enrolled in these courses learn science from a distance with the help of lab kits.

Because Oregon State University has a Carnegie R1 designation, its online campus can be suitable for adult learners who wish to partake in an undergraduate research program.

Eligible students get a grant in order to get started as well as a faculty member mentor and a robust support system.

In order to prime its online students for real-world challenges, many of the programs available at Oregon State University Ecampus include internships. Some of them are in the areas of the students, while there are also those outside the United States.

Here are some of the most popular majors at Oregon State University Ecampus include:

  • Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Human Development
  • Liberal Arts and Humanities
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Economics
  • Natural Resources Conservation and Management
  • Wildlife and Fisheries Management
  • Environmental Science
  • Agriculture

Acceptance Rate at Oregon State University Ecampus

The acceptance rate at Oregon State University Ecampus is 87%. So, in other words, most of the students that apply, provided that he or she meets the minimum admission requirements, are accepted into the Oregon State University Ecampus. Being a less-selective school, it’s easy to gain admission into it.

During the search for colleges and universities to apply to, most students take a look at a school’s acceptance rate. The higher the number they see, the better their chances of getting an acceptance letter.

Since Oregon State University Ecampus has a 87% acceptance rate, you can rest assured that your chances of being accepted into it will be high.

But just like when applying to any other school, whether traditional or online, there are requirements to meet and supporting documents to submit. Otherwise, your application will be disregarded.

The admission process is rather simple and straightforward.

Here are the steps to take:

  • Complete the application form.
  • Submit official high school or college transcripts.
  • Get in touch with the enrollment counselor.
  • Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form, if desired.

Is GPA Needed to Get Into Oregon State University Ecampus?

Oregon State University Ecampus requires students to meet a minimum GPA of 3.0 or higher to be accepted. It’s safe to assume that Oregon State University Ecampus will admit students with that GPA.

As a general rule, the higher the minimum GPA requirement of a college or university, the more selective the school is. And, more often than not, the lower its acceptance rate. See Best Law Schools in Oregon.

In the US, the average GPA of high school students is 3.0, which accounts for about 35% of high school graduates who do not end up applying to colleges and universities.

This school is a TEST based school and I did not realize that before beginning here. Being a tough tester I personally would not recommend it, if you don’t have that problem I feel like you may breeze through.

Does Oregon State University Ecampus Require SAT or ACT Scores?

Oregon State University Ecampus has a test-free admissions policy. This means that it doesn’t require applicants to submit their SAT or ACT scores.

Even if students submit their test scores, the school’s admissions officers will not consider them. Oregon State University Ecampus’s goal is to make pursuing higher education easier.

It’s common knowledge that many of today’s US colleges and universities are test-optional, which means that they allow applicants to decide whether or not they will include their SAT or ACT scores in their application.

When applying to Oregon State University Ecampus, you no longer have to think if you will submit your test score or not. See the University of Oregon Acceptance Rate.

There is only one option: keep it to yourself. That’s because the admissions officers at Oregon State University Ecampus do not consider SAT or ACT scores part of the admission process. So, even if you have the highest test score in the country, it doesn’t matter.

A test-free admissions policy is so much rarer than a test-optional admissions policy.

Some institutions known to be test-free schools are Loyola University New Orleans, Northern Illinois University, Plymouth State University, Wells College, and the University of California system. At Cornell University, three colleges are test-free.

How Much Does It Cost to Go to Oregon State University Ecampus?

At Oregon State University Ecampus, the cost of bachelor’s degree tuition for all through the academic year amounts to $52,960.

On the other hand, The cost, however, can be lower if you have transferable credits or a full associate degree.

One of the main reasons why some students fail to get their hands on degrees is the steep cost of college. See Medical Schools in Oregon.

Luckily, earning a degree from a legit and respected school doesn’t have to break the bank. As stated above, the tuition at Oregon State University Ecampus is so much lower than what students attending other US colleges and universities pay to obtain a bachelor’s degree

However, some undergraduate programs available at Oregon State University Ecampus cost more per credit hour, most of which are in the STEM field.

For instance, General Engineering costs $367 per credit hour, while a fully-online Computer Science degree costs $386 per credit hour.

Some certificates can also cost more than a regular bachelor’s degree, such as an online certificate in cybersecurity, which costs $527 per credit hour.

All new students admitted into Oregon State University Ecampus, with the exception of non-degree-seeking ones, are required to pay a one-time matriculation fee amounting to $350 at the start of their term at the online school.

Does Oregon State University Ecampus Accept Financial Aid?

Besides federal and state financial aid, OSU Ecampus may also take advantage of OSU ScholarDollars, which is a scholarship search and application portal.

Through this, attendees needing aid may search for more than 1,500 institutional scholarship opportunities. External scholarships may be accessed, too, via the portal.

Just because you are enrolled at OSU Ecampus doesn’t mean right away you are eligible for aid.

According to the online school itself, undergraduate students will have to be enrolled for not less than six credits per term.

Undergraduate and certificate students, meanwhile, will have to be enrolled for at least five credits per term.

As expected, the first step to applying for federal aid is to fill out the FAFSA form. The sooner you submit yours, the better.

This is especially true since most schools, including Oregon State University Ecampus, award financial aid on a first-come, first-served basis — running out of available aid, if you need it, is a complete no-no.

The cost of attending OSU Ecampus varies per degree program. With the availability of various institutional and external scholarships, the net price can be reduced to a pocket-friendly level for low-income online students.

When it comes to finding available scholarships, you only need one tool: OSU ScholarDollars.

Simply put, it’s a search and application tool on Oregon State University Ecampus’ online portal. OSU ScholarDollars makes it easy to check out scholarships — ranging from merit-based, need-based and activity-based — you are eligible for. Application runs from November 1 to February 15.


By offering various degrees via the Internet and also having a physical campus, Oregon State University Ecampus is not a diploma mill. As a matter of fact, it’s a regionally accredited school.

Because of this, you can rest assured that the degree you will earn from the Oregon State University Ecampus will be seen as legit and valuable by potential employers.

Getting a rejection letter from Oregon State University Ecampus should be the least of your fears as it has an 87% acceptance rate.

You also don’t have to worry about having a low GPA and test scores, too — the school is test-blind.

Ending up knee-deep in college debt after earning your degree should also be the least of your concerns as Oregon State University Ecampus has some of the lowest tuition costs in the country.

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