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University of Notre Dame Transfer Acceptance Rate, GPA, and Requirements

Would you like to switch over to the University of Notre Dame through transfer? There is vital information you need to know about the school, to guide you effectively during the application process because gaining admission to the school on transfer is very limited as the institution only gives very limited space for transfer and most of the colleges in the institution does not admit transfer student as well.

Such information emphasizes on the University of Notre Dame transfer acceptance rate, GPA, transfer application deadline, decision date and requirements. See College of the Holy Cross Acceptance Rate.

We will share details about all this information in this article, so endeavor to read the article to the end.


Located outside the city of South Bend, Indiana, The University of Notre Dame is a private research institution that was founded in 1842 with its main campus situated atop 1,261 acres.

There are so many reasons someone might want to transfer to the University of Notre Dame. Some of these reasons are;

University of Notre Dame has been recognized as one of the top universities in the U.S. Students at the school learn under its seven schools and colleges.

The academic system of the Catholic University maintains libraries, cultural venues, artistic and scientific museums, including the Hesburgh Library and the Snite Museum of Art, which attract so many people to the school.

The Notre Dame Law School was the first law program at a Catholic university in the United States and according to U.S. News & World Report, in 2021 the school ranked #22 among the top American law schools.

The top private research institution has ranked #11 for “best undergraduate teaching in 2020 by U.S. News & World Report’s Best Colleges report.

Students who graduate from University of Notre Dame are paid an average salary of $70,000 within their first year of employment, and 98% of graduates find permanent work within six months of graduating.

University of Notre Dame Transfer Acceptance Rate

The transfer student acceptance rate at the University of Notre Dame is 5%. There is no stable acceptance rate and there is no certain admission space available for transfer students at the University of Notre Dame from yearly.  

The school receives almost 1,000 applications from prospective students in the fall semester, out of those applicants only 50 transfer applicants were admitted.

In comparison, the overall acceptance rate for the University of Notre Dame is 19%. As such, percentage-wise, students who apply out of high school may be at an advantage for admission compared to transfer students.

This is important to note that presently, some programs like Science Business, Chemistry Business, and Math Business do not admit transfer students.

Moreover, various University of Notre Dame colleges on campus do not admit transfer students who have already completed the first semester of their sophomore year in college.

Nevertheless, some of the well recognized programs like Neuroscience and Behavior, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, and Business Analytics accept transfer students but see wide variation in the total amount of available spot.

Application Requirements & GPA for University of Notre Dame Transfers

Based on the report from the University of Notre Dame Office of Admissions, for transfer students to be competitive, they will likely have an average GPA of 3.75 or higher.

It is compulsory for transfer students to send an application to a particular college and major and they should also know that once they get admitted to their chosen major, they will not be permitted to replace majors at the University of Notre Dame without getting permission from the dean.

Here are the materials transfer applicants are required to submit during the application process.

A personal statement: it is mandatory for applicants to submit this to the school and the personal statement should give an explanation of things that are appealing to the applicant about the University of Notre Dame.

It should also give a description of the academic and professional goals of the applicant, and how transferring to Notre Dame can assist them in actualizing their academic goals.  

SAT and ACT score: Based on the University of Notre Dame SAT and ACT score report, almost 13% of first-year students who were accepted to the class of 2026, 33% were accepted without the submission of a test score. Though there are no SAT and ACT score statistics available for only transfer students.

For the class of 2023/2024 application cycles, the institution has adopted a test-optional policy.

High school Transcript: Transfer applicants are required to submit a high school record that demonstrates unique academic performance.

Mid-Term Report: Transfer applicants are required to submit a recent semester mid-term report to the school.

A final college transcript: they are expected to submit a final college transcript whenever it is available at the end of the semester.

A letter of recommendation: This is optional.

AP and IB test scores: Submission of this is optional.

The course syllabi for all courses listed on the applicant’s college transcripts should be submitted by transfer applicants. See if the University of Notre Dame is ivy league.

College Student Record Form: This is required to be completed and submitted by a school official at the applicant’s recent institution.

Other additional materials required from international transfer applicants whose native language is not English.

These transfer applicants are expected to show English language proficiency by submitting one of four exams: the TOEFL, IELTS, DET, or PTE Academic.

University of Notre Dame Transfer Deadline

The application deadline for University of Notre Dame transfers is March 15th for the fall term.

Because University of Notre Dame also admits transfers for the spring semester, and the application deadline spring semester October 1.

Transfer applicants who are looking forward to getting some form of financial aid when they enroll in the fall semester should complete the FAFSA and CSS Profile by April 15.

For those applying to commence their studies in the spring semester, they are required to submit the FAFSA and CSS Profile by November 15.

What is the Decision Date for University of Notre Dame Transfers?

The date by which transfer students expecting to enroll in the fall must decide whether they will accept their offer of admission from University of Notre Dame Transfers is between June 1st and July 1st.

Any transfers hoping to begin their studies in the spring semester will get notified between December 1 and January 5.

Those applying for the spring semester will hear back regarding their admissions decision between December 1 and January 5.

Who Does the University of Notre Dame Consider for Transfer?

  • Someone who has graduated from high school.
  • Someone who has earned at least 27 credits at an accredited four-year institution.
  • A student who sends an application to the school as a transfer applicant.

If there is anything you would like to ask us about the University of Notre Dame transfer acceptance rate, GPA, and admission requirements, let us know in the comment section.

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