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Is Purdue University an Ivy League School? Ranking and Acceptance Rate

Future college students looking at the best school in the country would do well to consider Purdue University, simply because it is one of the schools with academic excellence.

In this article, we will be discussing some important things about Purdue University with emphasis on if it is an ivy league school or not, ranking, and acceptance rate.

Founded in 1869, Purdue University is a public research university based in West Lafayette, Indiana. Check if Rice University is Ivy League School

Purdue University’s West Lafayette, Indiana, the campus is the main campus in the Purdue University system, which encompasses four other campuses throughout the state.

Purdue is made up of 13 schools and colleges, many of which serve both undergraduate and graduate students.

It offers more than 200 majors for undergraduates, over 70 masters and doctoral programs, and professional degrees in pharmacy, veterinary medicine, and doctor of nursing practice.

The university has also been integral in America’s history of aviation, having established the first college credit offered in flight training

Moreover, Purdue University has 18 intercollegiate sports teams and more than 900 student organizations. It is also the founding member of the Big Ten Conference and enrolls the largest student body of any individual university campus in Indiana.

Some of the notable alumni of the institution include legendary college basketball coach and player John Wooden, popcorn entrepreneur Orville Redenbacher and the first man to walk on the moon, Neil Armstrong.

Is Purdue University an Ivy League School?

The short answer is, “no” – Purdue is not an Ivy League school. Founded in 1958, the Ivy League is a Division I NCAA athletic conference consisting of eight private research schools:

Brown University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Dartmouth College, Harvard University, the University of Pennsylvania, Princeton University, and Yale University. See Purdue University Acceptance Rate

Because seven of the eight schools trace their establishment to before the founding of the United States (Cornell University was formed in 1865), the Ivies have the honor of being some of the oldest institutions of higher learning in the country.

Since that time, the Ivy League schools have only enhanced their reputation, through high academic standards, their devotion to cutting-edge research, the contributions of their student bodies, and their highly selective admission standards.

But impressive American schools can easily be found outside of the Ivy League. Neither Stanford University, New York University, nor Massachusetts Institute of Technology belongs to the Ivy League, and yet no one would question the reputations or academic rigor of those schools.

These are some of the reasons Purdue University is not a member of ivies. See what Purdue University is known for.

Firstly, the school is a public institution; all of the Ivies are private. This means that Purdue University tends to be more affordable than the Ivies, and it also means that its admissions process tends to favor students from Indiana over students from other states.

Secondly, Purdue University is much larger than the Ivies; Purdue’s undergraduate population is over 30,000, while Ivy League undergraduate enrollments range from about 4,500 to 15,000 at the high end.

Finally, Purdue University is not as selective as the Ivies. While Ivy League schools have acceptance rates in the low single digits, Purdue tends to accept about 60% of applicants, many of whom are from within the state of Indiana or from other countries.

Purdue University Ranking

With all of this in mind, it makes sense that Purdue ranks so highly on national and international publications.

US News and World Report, the dominant college ranking system, ranks Purdue 53rd nationally, tied with Ohio State, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI), Santa Clara, and Villanova.

This ranking places Purdue significantly behind the Ivies, which are all ranked in the top 20 nationwide. Still, 53rd in the entire nation is no small feat.

Washington Monthly, a competitor to US News, situates Purdue University at 39th nationally, just trailing the Ivies Dartmouth and Brown. Impressively, Washington Monthly ranks Purdue University 25th for research nationwide.

The website gives Purdue n A+ grade and awards it the following rankings: 15th Public University in America, 16th Best Big Colleges in America, and #36 Colleges with the Best Professors in America.

All of these rankings highlight the fact that Purdue is a first-class public university with a strong reputation.

Purdue University Acceptance Rate

While Purdue’s reputation may rival that of the Ivies, its overall acceptance rate of 60% is much higher – in some cases more than 10x higher – than Ivy League acceptance rates. However, Purdue’s acceptance rate can be deceiving.

If we dig a bit deeper into the numbers, we find that in the 2021 admissions cycle, Purdue accepted 52% of Indiana applicants, 34% of out-of-state applicants, and only 14% of international applicants. So, the acceptance rate differs significantly depending on where a student is applying from.

Furthermore, certain undergraduate schools at Purdue have much lower acceptance rates than others. For example, in the 2021 admissions cycle, the Krannert School of Management accepted just 8% of applicants, while the College of Engineering accepted 28% of applicants.

Acceptance rates for some of Purdue’s other undergraduate colleges were in the low single digits – even lower than the acceptance rates for the Ivies!


That is the end of this article Purdue University with emphasis on Is Purdue University an Ivy League School? Ranking, Acceptance Rate, and More. We believe it was helpful to you.

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