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Best Pre-Med Schools in Virginia

If you are among those searching for the best Pre-Med Schools in Virginia to study before enrolling in a medical school, search no more because we are here for you.

In this article, we will be highlighting the best Pre-Med Schools in Virginia, which serve as a guide when you are ready to choose.

Colleges and universities approach premedical studies in different ways, as the subject is not always a major but rather an advising pathway that offers opportunities for extracurriculars.

No matter where they go to school and what they major in, notwithstanding, students who pursue premedical pathways should expect to take diverse kinds of science classes so they can fulfill medical school prerequisites and prepare themselves as best they can for their careers.

Fortunately for students, Virginia is home to loads of top universities prepared to offer these different programs to premedical students.

And they will be pursuing a field that will not only always be in demand but also continues to grow. Below, we will take a deep dive into the Virginia schools that offer the best pre-medicine programs.

Here are the best pre-med schools in Virginia

1. University of Virginia

As the premier state school in Virginia, the University of Virginia unsurprisingly comes in the top spot here. The

University of Virginia earns this distinction not just because it sends more students to medical schools than any other institution in the state. It also has a top-flight pre-med program, one that prepares its graduates for medical excellence.

Based in the University of Virginia Career Center, the pre-med track prides itself on supporting students on every step of the path. See University of Virginia Transfer Acceptance Rate.

That support begins with laying out the possible classes a student should take in their undergraduate studies, but it certainly doesn’t end there.

2. Virginia Commonwealth University

Virginia Commonwealth University builds its Pre-Medicine track around the principle of information.

The school strives to make sure that everyone in the program knows what is expected of them, both during their undergraduate career and as they head to medical school and beyond.

That dedication to information starts with access to a Canvas portal, which contains an easily accessible knowledge base filled with articles about every aspect of the pre-med track. By reading these articles, students are ready to plan their course load.

3. College of William & Mary

If you are going to go to the trouble and challenge of doing a pre-med program, then you are likely thinking about a career in the medical profession. For that reason, the College of William & Mary’s pre-med program deserves attention.

The William & Mary pre-med program emphasizes the resources offered by the school’s Cohen Career Center.

The Center helps students look for jobs that suit the skills developed during their undergraduate studies.

More importantly, they help students start planning for that career early on, even before going to proper medical school.

4. Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Students in the pre-health program at Virginia Tech leave ready not just for medical school, but also veterinarian schools and many other science-based careers.

The program covers a variety of majors, including biochemistry, biology, chemistry, engineering, human nutrition, and psychology.

But when taken within the pre-health program, students enjoy a special focus on the competencies measured on the MCAT and looked for in a med school application.

This can sound daunting, but the advisors at Virginia Tech are poised to help students along the way.

Working closely with students, these advisors direct students toward the medical school that will best suit them and ensures that they’ve developed the competencies expected by that institution. opportunities, giving them the best possible chance to succeed in their future endeavors.

5. George Mason University

The pre-med pathway at George Mason University may not be official, but it certainly is extensive. George Mason University students who plan to apply to medical schools are given a clear outline to follow, covering all of the topics that they’ll be tested on during the MCAT exam.

At the center of the pathway’s success is its engaged advising team. Advisors make sure that George Mason University students have all of the knowledge they’ll need to be successful in their studies.

That includes not only taking the right classes but also getting the volunteer and clinical experience that impresses med school admissions counselors.

6. James Madison University

The Pre-Med pathway at Harrisonburg’s James Madison University involves all the coursework one will need to move on to medical school.

The track includes not only courses in biology, chemistry, and physics but also those that encourage critical thinking, such as those in philosophy and the humanities.

The comprehensive nature of the program has allowed students such as Margo Deihl to move on to successful medical school careers.

Before she graduated from James Madison University in 2016, Deihl also minored in music and non-profit studies, which allowed her to focus on treating juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and scleroderma.

7. Liberty University

For those who want to study from a conservative Christian perspective while preparing to enter medical school, the BS in Biomedical Studies at Liberty University is an excellent choice.

In addition to giving students the background in biology they’ll need in their later careers, Liberty also provides access to exciting research opportunities.

Students can spend time examining everything from amphibians and their microbial symbionts to the environmental impact of man-made chemicals.

Along the way, students receive support through several organizations. The Liberty Pre-Med Club is a student-run organization that allows future doctors at the school to interact with and encourage each other.

The Club organizes celebrations and visits to medical schools, allowing students to glean knowledge from one another.


That was all on the Best Pre-Med Schools in Virginia. Don’t fail to share your thought on this topic with us by using the comment section.

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