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Best Physical Therapy Schools in Florida

If you are willing to study physical therapy in one of the best schools in Florida, then you are on the right page. We will be highlighting the best physical therapy schools in the state and also discussing some of the schools in this article.


Physical therapists offer treatment solutions to improve mobility and relieve pain. They assist individuals with medical problems or conditions that limit daily function.

Arthritis, chronic pain, muscle strains, Parkinson’s disease, and spinal cord injuries are just some conditions that physical therapists can help manage. Along with relieving symptoms, PT can reduce the need for surgery and prescription drugs.

Outside of clinical practice, physical therapists play an important role in developing standards in the field. These medical professionals can also perform research, educate the public, and teach the next generation of physical therapists.

In order to practice, physical therapists must attend graduate school and earn a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree.

While at PT school, students study the cardiovascular and pulmonary systems, exercise physiology, the musculoskeletal system, and more. See Physical Therapy School Requirements.

Clinical experience allows students to practice the techniques that they learn in the lab and classroom. Community service, research, and student organizations are important ways to combine theory and practice.

With over 200 PT schools, there are plenty of opportunities for PT students to practice. Many top universities are located in Florida where healthcare is one of the fastest-growing industries.

Here are the best Physical Therapy Schools In Florida

  • University of Florida
  • University of Miami
  • University of South Florida
  • University of Central Florida
  • Nova Southeastern University
  • Nova Southeastern University, Tampa
  • Florida Gulf Coast University
  • University of North Florida
  • Florida International University
  • University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences

1. University of Florida

Founded in 1958, the University of Florida DPT program prepares graduates for success. 100% of graduates find employment after completing their degrees. Physical therapy students work in clinics, hospitals, schools, and more to practice clinical services.

The University of Florida PT students are known for their commitment to serving local and global communities. See University of Florida Acceptance Rate.

The Rehabilitation Education Activity and Community Health programs support this mission by providing valuable rehabilitation services to those in need. In addition to hands-on practice, PT students develop clinical leadership skills.

Receiving $11.3 million in grant funding, the University of Florida offers research programs spanning the translational spectrum.

Faculty members and students alike seek answers to human disease and dysfunction from molecular signaling to robotic-assisted training.

Using the university’s vast resources, physical therapy students enhance their graduate experience and learn essential skills through research.

2. University of Miami

Students take classes from physical therapy professionals at the top of their field at the University of Miami, Designated as a Catherine Worthingham Fellow of the APTA, Dr. Robert Gailey was recently honored for his leadership and dedication to the profession.

Another professor of physical therapy, Gregory Hartley, was named a Fellow of the National Academies of Practice and president of the Academy of Geriatric Physical Therapy.

Physical therapy students also study unique courses while at the University of Miami. The Integrated Sports and Leisure course promotes the integration of students with physically challenged people as they collaborate to learn everyday recreational activities. This unique opportunity allows physical therapy students to learn directly from patients.

The University of Miami’s research program is dedicated to studying the effects of physical exercise on brain health and cognition.

The Neuromotor Rehabilitation Laboratory uses neuroscientific methods to find optimal exercise doses for each individual.

3. University of South Florida

As the first state university to offer a DPT degree in Florida, USF consistently demonstrates excellence in movement sciences through interprofessional education.

The USF Health Department highlights the importance of being on a communicative healthcare team for patient care. Physical therapy students work alongside nursing, public health, physician assistant, and other medical students.

Physical therapy students study at state-of-the-art simulation centers with innovative technologies. Thanks to the USF Health Simulation Consortium, PT students study at the only fully accredited university in all areas statewide.

Students in the physical therapy program learn from specialized task trainers, virtual reality, and other simulators.

Each September, physical therapy students have the opportunity to participate in the university’s orthopedic residency. These advanced didactic and clinical educational opportunities facilitate hands-on clinical skills in orthopedic physical Therapy.

4. University of Central Florida

Located inside the University of Central Florida Student Health Center, the school’s Physical Therapy Clinic provides evidence-based care to the local community. The center blends healthcare education and specialized physical therapy.

Physical therapy students at the University of Central Florida develop their orthopedic and sports medicine skills while offering personalized care.

Physical therapy students can also enhance their learning through the Institute of Exercise Physiology and Rehabilitation Science. See University of Central Florida Acceptance Rate.

Under the mentorship of faculty members, physical therapy students perform mechanistic and translational research.

The institute has the capacity and state-of-the-art tools to advance the field of rehabilitation science.

The University of Central Florida students are actively engaged in service opportunities within their community.

The Disney Marathon, Special Olympics, and Step Up for Down Syndrome Walk are just some of the events that DPT students participate in.

These diverse service opportunities allow students to participate in an area of interest and learn more about the field.

5. Nova Southeastern University

Nova Southeastern University is known for its top-tier offerings for physical therapy education. From entry-level DPT programs to post-graduate PT residencies, Nova Southeastern University provides substantial career advantages for graduates.

While at Nova Southeastern University, physical therapy students have the opportunity to participate in extracurriculars to learn more about the profession.

The DPT team competed in the annual 2020 Nova Southeastern University Health Professions Division Ethics Bowl against other university healthcare departments.

Thanks to their appropriate use of ethical terminology, the physical therapy students proved their skills and earned second place.

Physical therapy students have the opportunity to go abroad for their clinical education experiences.

By immersing themselves in international healthcare systems, students learn to adapt and apply their skills in various settings.

Nova Southeastern University partners with Eduglobal, a nonprofit health education management company, to provide students with clinical experiences in rehabilitation centers across Italy.


The content of this article was on the best physical therapy schools in Florida. It was written to enlighten and help you in choosing the school that will be okay for your study in Florida. We believe that the article was helpful to you.

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