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Best Online Computer Science Masters Program

Are you looking for a good online computer science master’s program where you can further your study?

If yes, then this article is for you, because we will be listing out the best computer master program online in it to help you in making the right choice of school.


If you have a passion for technology, consider a career in the field of computer science. One of the best ways to prepare yourself for a career in a computer science-related field is to earn a degree in computer science.

Although graduate studies are not a requirement for all occupations in this area, getting a formal education in this area will deepen your understanding of computer science, make you more marketable to future potential employers, and increase your earning potential.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, by 2031, employment in the field of computer science is expected to grow by 15% — more than twice the national average for all careers at just 7.7%.

In addition, the average yearly income for people in these careers is $97,430 as of May 2021, compared to the median for all occupations at only $45,760.

To set yourself up for a long, successful career in the computer science industry requires earning a degree in the subject and, for many, a degree from an excellent school. With so many options out there, it can be challenging to find the right online MSCS degree program for you.

Thus, we have compiled information about some of the best online schools for getting a masters in computer science in the world.

Here are 10 of the Best Computer Science Master program online 

  • Georgia Institute of Technology


  • University of Southern California
  • University of Minnesota – Twin Cities
  • Illinois Institute of Technology


  • University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Stevens Institute of Technology
  • University of Illinois at Springfield
  • Southern Methodist University
  • University of Hawaii at Manoa
  • Nova Southeastern University

1. Georgia Institute of Technology


One of the nation’s leading public universities, Georgia Tech was founded in 1885 to help the South rebuild during Reconstruction.

Originally a mechanical engineering school, the Atlanta-based institution has grown to become a comprehensive research university specializing in the STEM disciplines.

More than 21,500 technology students are enrolled in the institute’s six schools and colleges, with just under 10,000 of them pursuing graduate degrees.

Dozens of Georgia Tech’s programs are ranked nationally, including the school’s online master’s in computer science. University of Georgia Acceptance Rate.

The 30-credit online master of science in computer science was the first to follow the “massive online” format (MOOC), which has become popular for free, open-source, web-based education.

While Georgia Tech is not gratis, it is relatively inexpensive. The format allows for more interaction between students, peers, and faculty than traditional online platforms, and it fosters mentoring.

Participants can specialize in four fields: computational perception and robotics; interactive intelligence; computing systems; and machine learning.

2. University of Southern California

Located in Los Angeles, the University of Southern California is an educational giant, with 21 schools and colleges.

Of the 44,000 students enrolled, 7,300 attend online and more than 25,000 are in graduate programs. From the arts to the sciences, University of Southern California is a national leader.

University of Southern California has 88 online degrees, and all of them are graduate and professional programs. University of Southern California Acceptance Rate.

The online computer science master’s degree has five areas of specialization. Students can take the school of engineering’s traditional 30-credit master of science in computer science.

The curriculum offers a broad overview of computer systems, languages, designs, and applications. Students can also enroll in a more specialized track such as: computer security; data science; multimedia and creative technologies; software engineering; or scientists and engineers.

3. University of Minnesota

The U of M is a public land-grant university where students actively participate in major research alongside their professors.

Based in Minneapolis-St. Paul, with campuses three miles apart, the school has a student population of 30,000. About half of the students are in graduate programs.

Part of the prestigious Association of American Universities, U of M is often referred to as a Public Ivy.”

The school’s master’s in computer science online prepares students for careers in programming, technology companies, systems engineering, and big business.

The master of computer science program follows a 31-credit curriculum and is delivered by the university’s UNITE Distributed Learning Office.

Coursework includes synchronous events and asynchronous lessons. Classes include subjects such as: modern cryptography; animation and planning in games; and computational aspects of matrix theory.

UNITE faculty coordinate proctored exams for students in remote locations. U of M Online offers resources to online students on its site that includes technical support, advising, digital tutorials, and free training courseware.

4. Illinois Institute of Technology Chicago

Established in 1890, the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) is one of the country’s leading research institutions.

The Chicago-based school has a history of innovation. It is associated with advancements like skyscraper architecture, cellphones, barcodes, and recording technology. The school offers cutting-edge online programming and more traditional degree programs.

Illinois Institute of Technology Chicago was one of the first schools to pioneer technology-based distance learning, using television to deliver programs as far back as the 1970s.

Today, Illinois Institute of Technology Online offers dozens of degrees entirely through the web, including two master’s in computer science.

The 30-credit master of computer science program explores the concepts, systems, and practical application of computers in the modern world.

Students can specialize in 11 different areas including: business, database systems, and software engineering. Participants can elect to complete a major project or additional coursework.

The other degree track is a master of science in computer science, designed for students who want to continue on to a Ph.D. program or a career in research and development.

Illinois Institute of Technology Chicago Online offers a full range of support services to virtual students.


If you read to this point, we are glad you did and we believe you were able to identify the school that will be fit for your study. In case if you have questions, you can let us know using the comment box.

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