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Today, we will be looking at amazing advertising colleges with outstanding faculty, student accomplishments, and awards, opportunities for on-campus communications training and alumni placement into the industry. Let’s get started!


Before now, advertising careers were limited to print, television, and radio, however as a result of rapid advances in technology, advertising careers have expanded opportunities to online media as well.

All businesses, from small stores to large corporations, depend on advertising to get their products or services in front of consumers.

Putting together an ad campaign requires the work of creative talent to plan, design, and write copy and business experts to manage sales and track results.

Advertising majors study how to create, sell, and measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

While most advertising professionals work for agencies, they may also work for newspapers, magazines and radio. They can also work as freelancers in businesses. Read “Is Western Governors University Respected by Employers

Changes in the advertising and communication industry happen quickly, and colleges prepare advertising majors to stay current with these trends.

That is why we have compiled the best college for advertising that can give a comprehensive undergraduate education for a successful career in this article, to help you whenever you are set to commence your academic journey.

Here are the Best College for Advertising in the United States

  • University of Georgia
  • University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Southern Methodist University
  • Michigan State University
  • Drake University
  • Temple Universit
  • University of Texas at Austin Stan Richards School of Advertising and Public Relations
  • Syracuse University Newhouse School of Communication
  • University of Florida
  • Quinnipiac University

University of Georgia

As a perennially ranked program, the Grady ADPR Department offers a competitive advertising and public relations program.

With a faculty roster of award-winning individuals, ADPR provides students with a rich selection of concentrations. See University of Georgia Acceptance Rate.

Students can go for a bachelor’s degree in advertising or public relations, which allows them to develop their skill sets as analysts and creative planners.

While the program aims to give students a solid foundation in advertising, ADPR encourages students to further specialize in their studies towards their interests.

Enhancing the experiences of students, ADPR offers a selection of study abroad opportunities in various domestic and international markets.

These privileges provide real-life applications of theories and practices students learn within their courses.

To help their post-graduate search, ADPR offers a compiled list of jobs and opportunities students can use as a source of reference when building their career paths.

Southern Methodist University

Founded in 2001, the Temerlin Advertising Institute for Education and Research is equipped to assist students find their focus in advertising.

The undergraduate studies present students with three areas of focus: creative, digital media strategy, and strategic brand management. See Southern Methodist University Acceptance Rate.

With each area of concentration, students are expected to apply to the major, as well as the specialization, simultaneously.

Situated in a top media market, the institute provides unique opportunities to enhance the learning experience for students.

As an extension to the Southern Methodist University campus, the institute offers related courses in London, England and other partnered programs.

Getting students ready for careers in the advertising field, the program emphasizes experiential learning with small-sized classrooms, extensive projects, and industry leaders as their professors.

As part of their undergrad capstone, students will be expected to create real-world solutions for the program’s notable clients.

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Dubbed the first advertising program in the country, the Sandage Department of Advertising prides itself as an innovative and industry-shaping program.

The department offers degrees and certificates that reach students through in-person teaching or virtual learning.

Research is one of the program pillars where students can dive deeper into topics such as consumer insights related to the field of advertising.

The program encourages students to learn qualitative and quantitative research methods which can be applied to every facet of the industry.

The faculty of the advertising department is notable and active experts within the sector and continue to publish new research for related organizations.

Students will have the added opportunity to see the process and findings produced by their professors.


That was all on the best college for advertising in the United States. Do well to share your thoughts with us, using the comment section if you found this write-up interesting.

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