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Best Coding And Bootcamps Schools in the US

Are you planning to get a degree in coding and Bootcamp in the United States, but you are yet to choose the best school to apply to? Choosing the best school can be a stressful and overwhelming process with so many different options out there.

To help you narrow down your search a bit, here, we have compiled a ranked list of some of the best schools for studying coding and Boothcamp that the US has to offer. Read on to retrieve the information that it contains.


In the modern world, the vast majority of industries heavily rely on technology in one way or another.

As a result, the job market for software engineers is not just incredibly diverse but also rapidly booming. 

In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, coding schools and boot camps as a group is going to see an estimated 15% increase in employment rates over the next ten years.

This growth rate is far, far higher than the national average for all careers at just 5%. See Best Undergraduate Business Schools in the US

Studying in coding schools or boot camps is an excellent way to gain an extremely versatile, in-demand set of skills that can land you a job working in whatever industry you want.

Furthermore, it is essential to know that most coding schools and boot camps jobs require a bachelor’s degree or higher.

Thus, attending a college with phenomenal coding schools and boot camps program is vital if you are serious about starting a career in this field.

To publish this list of the best coding and Bootcamp schools, we are creating an “averaged” & aggregated ranking. See Best Software Engineering Schools in the US.

These schools are ranked according to each program’s placement in the ranking of coding schools, which is largely based on first-hand participant reviews of each boot camp.

Here is the list of the best coding and Bootcamp schools in the US

  • Codesmith
  • DevMountain
  • Tech Elevator
  • Hack Reactor
  • Fullstack Academy
  • DigitalCrafts
  • App Academy
  • Flatiron School
  • General Assembly
  • The Tech Academy


Ranked as the top coding school in the US, Codesmith boasts over a 90% job placement rating, with even part-time employees earning a median salary of $125,000.

However, this alone is not what earned this school its prestigious placement.

As part of its mission to create a brilliant, collaborative graduating class with a diverse range of viewpoints, Codesmith offers a variety of courses specifically for underserved groups.

The Veteran’s Coding Scholarship aims to empower more members of service to join the ranks of coders within this field, bringing their diligent training to another level.

Additionally, scholarships for minorities, women, and members of the LGBTQ+ community break down financial and social barriers that stand between these groups and quality education.

No matter who a student may be– their culture, background, or financial limitations– everyone deserves an opportunity to better their situation through hard work, dedication, and valuable coding education.


With costs of between $49 to $9,900, DevMountain is doubtlessly one of the best returns on investment a student could make!

In addition to online courses, DevMountain offers in-person learning for students in Dallas.

While there, these students have access to free housing, assuring that its students do not have to worry about anything other than learning.

Though affordable, this school does not fall short of the rigorous standards needed to guide the next generation of programmers. This career-focused curriculum wastes no time.

Though longer courses are available to guide students through the basics, advanced learners can take advantage of fast-tracked boot camps to quickly blow through the material on their pathway to success.

With a total employment rate of 87%, the results for this course of study speak for themselves!

Tech Elevator

Choosing the right coding boot camp can be a make-or-break moment, but any hopeful student is guaranteed to find the education they need at Tech Elevator.

According to data from the Council on Integrity in Results Reported, Tech Elevator remains one of the top institutions available in this field.

In just seven years, Tech Elevator has graduated over 3,000 students with a sound 90% job placement.

By connecting graduates with one of over 750 dedicated partners, Tech Elevator offers students an average salary increase of just under $25,000, teaching the lesson that the best investment is “the one you make in yourself.”

With only two focused areas of study, Tech Elevator guides students with a firm understanding of their specific goals in mind exclusively.

This being said, Tech Elevator also guides with a precision that has seen nationally recognized results!


Coding and Bootcamp provide a new set of skills. Coding schools increase critical thinking, promote the virtue of perseverance, and teach students to think logically.

Because of this, education from a coding school opens up the doors to a diversity of career fields, even those outside of the world of coding.

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