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Best Architecture Schools in Canada

We will be looking at the best architecture schools in Canada today, to help prospective students in choosing the school that will be suitable for their studies.


Architects frequently collaborate with experts in the technology field to design safer, more accessible, and more creative buildings and spaces.

Bachelor of Architecture in Canada is a three to four-year program offered at top universities located in Canada, it is designed to help students in building a foundation in architectural studies.

Bachelor of Architecture in Canada is available as a Bachelor of Science (BS), Bachelor in Arts (BA), and Bachelor in Architecture (BArch).

There are specific steps required to become an architect in Canada and the requirements include;

A bachelor’s degree from an accredited school of architecture or Completion of the syllabus of studies from the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC) is required.

A master’s degree in architecture may be required, and completion of a three-year internship under the supervision of a registered architect.

Registration with the provincial association of architects in the province of work is required. When you retain all these qualifications, you can become a Chartered Architect within the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC).

The following list includes the ten best architecture schools in Canada.

  • University of Manitoba Faculty of Architecture
  • Laurentian University McEwen School of Architecture
  • Carleton University Azrieli School of Architecture and Urbanism
  • Toronto Metropolitan University
  • Dalhousie University School of Architecture
  • University of Calgary School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape
  • McGill University Peter Guo-hua Fu School of Architecture
  • University of Toronto John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design
  • University of British Columbia School of Architecture & Landscape Architecture
  • University of Waterloo School of Architecture

1. University of Manitoba Faculty of Architecture

Prospective architects in the University of Manitoba’s Faculty of Architecture begin developing a multidisciplinary educational background upon admittance into the school’s Bachelor of Environmental Design program.

The first two years of study have undergraduate architects learn alongside future city planners, landscape architects, and interior designers before moving into either a landscape and urbanism, architecture, or interior environment stream.

Upon attaining their Bachelor of Environmental Design degrees, students are positioned to apply for acceptance into one of the four master’s-level graduate programs under the auspices of the Faculty of Architecture.

Master’s degrees in city planning, landscape architecture, and interior design are offered alongside the school’s Master of Architecture program.

The two-year program provides multiple making and creating labs and work in the design studio before culminating in a design thesis.

2. Laurentian University McEwen School of Architecture

Laurentian University’s McEwan School of Architecture was established in 2013, and its undergraduate architecture program prides itself on incorporating three different cultural backgrounds into its architecture curriculum.

Seeking to create a northern design culture, the program combines experiential learning with sustainability ethics as students study for their Bachelor of Architectural Studies degree.

The graduate architecture program takes the program’s intent further with its approach toward designing for a northern environment.

The program spans two years and couples an intensive research component with the experiential learning begun in the undergraduate program.

Coupled with its design thesis, this program graduates architects who will be among the leaders in developing sustainable and respectful structures in the future.

3. Carleton University Azrieli School of Architecture and Urbanism

The undergraduate architecture program at Carleton University is another exceptional program of study among Canadian architecture schools.

It offers students the chance to major in one of three aspects of architecture as they attain a Bachelor of Architectural Studies degree.

When applying to the program, students choose to major in either conservation and sustainability, urbanism, or design.

Undergraduate students can further enhance their architectural education by studying abroad or participating in an experiential learning program.

The accredited Master of Architecture program is centered on studio design and research in the field and culminates in a thesis project spanning two semesters.

Those interested in pursuing further architectural degrees at the school can choose to apply to the Ph.D. in Architecture or Master of Architectural Studies programs to contribute further research or attain an academic position in the field.

4. Toronto Metropolitan University

Toronto Metropolitan University holds the distinction of having the only undergraduate architectural program in Canada combining the disciplines of project management, architecture, and building science into one degree.

The program provides its students with modeling labs, fabrication facilities, and studio space in which to pursue their architectural education. 

Undergraduate students can attain a Bachelor of Architectural Science degree in four years or take an additional year for completion to participate in a co-op program to gain real-world experience.

Graduate students in the architecture program will collaborate with other graduates and undergraduates in two design competitions.

Along with the collaborative competitions, students will independently research a topic in architecture and develop a thesis document as well as a jury-reviewed thesis project to complete their studies.

Students may take as few as five semesters or as many as nine semesters to complete the program of study.

5. Dalhousie University School of Architecture

Dalhousie University divides its architecture program into three parts, resulting in both a bachelor’s and master’s degree. The school considers the first two years of university courses as the first of three parts.

The next phase of the school’s program is attaining the Bachelor of Environment Design Studies degree.

This two-year program provides students with a solid foundation in the basics of architecture in order to prepare them for the final, master’s level phase of study.

Admission into the BEDS program is competitive, with the school prioritizing students’ academic achievements and design abilities when considering admitting a student into one of the 65 spots in the program.

The 5th and 6th years of the program enable students to focus their studies on specializations in the discipline and are capped with a design thesis in the last year.


That was all about the best architecture schools in Canada. Don’t forget to share your thoughts on this article with us through the comment section if you found it helpful.

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