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Is Walden University Respected By Employers?

If you are one of those who wish to get a degree from a good online school, choosing Walden University won’t be a bad idea.

This article will tell you practically everything you need to know about Walden University before applying. By the time you get to the concluding paragraph, you will realize that Walden University is a good school.

Pros and Cons Walden University Degree

Established by Bernie Turner and Rita Turner 1970, Walden University’s goal has been to make higher education more accessible to busy adults, especially working professionals, who need learning.

The first-ever Walden University class was held in 1971 in Naples, Florida. It is made up of summer class students who needed help with their dissertation topics so that they could go back to school in the fall well prepared.

Prior to the advent of the internet, distance learning was administered via mail. And when the web came into being, Walden University was one of the few schools that turned distance learning into a digital form.

However, as a result of the internet, the school offers its classes exclusively online, which means it doesn’t have classes on campus.

The institution is accredited by an accreditor the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) recognizes.

Needless to say, Walden University’s more than 80 online programs and certificates are fully accredited and thus respected by employers.

To date, Walden University offers many online courses, from accounting to elementary reading and mathematics.

Is Walden University an Accredited School?

Walden University is an accredited school. Its accreditor is a legit agency, the Higher Learning Commission (HLC), which is CHEA-recognized.

Walden University’s accreditation is the regional kind, which is widely considered more prestigious than national accreditation.

When applying to online schools, aspirants have to take one very important step beforehand. And it’s none other than checking whether the one they are about to apply to is accredited or not. Having no accreditation is a major red flag!

Applying to Walden University can give you peace of mind that you are going to attend a fully accredited school. It’s the fact that it’s accredited by a legitimate and recognized accrediting agency.

What’s more, Walden University has regional accreditation, and attending a regionally accredited school comes with many different perks.

For instance, it allows you to easily transfer credits to another regionally accredited school, online and traditional alike, should you decide to take your academic goals elsewhere.

It also enables you to get your hands on more competitive financial aid programs, thus helping to make online learning even easier on the pocket.

Besides the accreditation provided by Higher Learning Commission (HLC), Walden University also has specialized accreditation.

Put simply, specialized accreditation is given to a degree program, usually a professional one that leads to certification or licensure.

The following are some of the accrediting bodies that gave Walden University specialized accreditations:

  • Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP)
  • Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP)
  • Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH)
  • Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE)
  • Council on Social Work Education (CSWE)
  • Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP)

Is Walden University a Diploma Mill?

Walden University is far from being a diploma mill. Being accredited by an accreditor that’s CHEA-recognized serves as proof of this.

On the other hand, a diploma mill does not have any accreditation. And even if it claims to have one, it’s certain that the accreditor is not legitimate and recognized.

The thought of enrolling at an online school is something that many students and their parents find unnerving. See How to Know If a College is a Diploma Mill.

It’s the fact that the internet is a playground for predators, including those that prey on unsuspecting victims whose only desire is to obtain a degree. They are referred to as diploma mills.

Many diploma mills, in their attempt to rake in profit, claim to be fully accredited, just like legitimate traditional and online institutions.

However, upon further investigation, one will discover that their accreditors do not even exist. Whether a degree-granting website isn’t accredited or has a fake accreditor, be wary!

It’s a good thing that Walden University’s accreditor is legit. So much so that it’s CHEA-recognized.

What is Walden University known for?

Since it was established, Walden University has been known for supporting working professionals who would like to pursue further education.

Presently, it is well-recognized for offering high-quality online learning, with the majority of its top programs ideal for powering the success of working professionals.

The online degrees offered by Walden University, amounting to more than 80, span disciplines as varied as criminal justice, health sciences, management, education, human services, counseling, psychology, nursing, public health, public information and information technology.

By the way, Walden University takes pride in the fact that it’s the sixth school approved by the US government to provide direct assessment competency-based learning.

Since the school was Inception of online school in 2015, the school’s competency-based learning experience allowed its students to go at their own pace in completing the requirements to earn their chosen college degrees.

Though, if you are a working professional, you can use your work experience to accelerate your progress.

SAT or ACT Requirement?

SAT or ACT score submission is not required by Walden University. It is one of the online schools that do not consider standardized tests as an effective measurement of a student’s knowledge and potential. Admissions requirements differ across the online programs of Walden University.

Also, the school has an open admissions policy, which means that everyone with a high school diploma or GED certificate may apply and go to the school.

When applying to Walden University online, an enrollment specialist is available to assist you.

GPA Requirements

To get into Walden University, a student will need to have a GPA of 3.0. For many colleges and universities, a GPA of 3.0 to 3.5 is good enough, especially for most for-profit schools.

Due to this, many for-profit schools, such as Walden University, have higher acceptance rates than non-profit ones. Check if UMGC is a Good School.

Just because Walden University (and many other for-profit schools, too) does not require its applicants to have a really high GPA doesn’t mean that it’s not a reliable school that offers programs employers won’t take seriously.

After all, it’s not only a high GPA that can help students get accepted to the schools they are applying to — there are other things that can increase their chances of getting welcomed to the school of their preference.

Some of them are letters of recommendation, personal statements, student goals, resume and interview performance.


The online institution, which is Walden University, is a massive and highly ranked school and it is accredited by an agency that’s fully recognized by CHEA.

Earning a degree from Walden University is also cheaper than getting a degree from most traditional colleges and universities.

But keep in mind that online learning, while many advantages are associated with it, comes with a few downsides. It’s true whether you are attending Walden University or any other school on the internet.

For one, completing an online program at Walden University requires students to be a certain type of learner.

This is why you should carefully weigh the pros and cons of attending an online school beforehand.

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