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Subtract 265 from 317 in base eight (Number Base Subtraction)

Subtraction of Number Bases

Subtraction of number bases will be discussed in this post.The processes of subtraction in number bases are done in similar ways as done when dealing with base ten. One may be required to Subtract 265 from 317 in base eight.

The only difference appears when place values are to be determined.

Question 1: Subtraction of Number Bases

Subtract 265 from 317 in base eight.

The above question is a typical example of subtraction of number base problem.


To solve this number base problem, set it the normal way you do your long subtraction as shown below:

Subtract 265 from 317 in base eight

Steps to Solve Subtract 265 from 317 in base eight

Step 1

Subtract 5 from 7 to get 2 as shown below:

subtraction of number bases

step 2

Since 1 is less than 6 we will borrow 8 from 3 since we are using base eight and it to 1. we would have borrowed 10 suppose we used normal base ten.

This implies:

8+1 = 9

You can now subtract.

subtract 6 from 9 to get 3 and the remaining 2 – 2 gives 0 and our answer is shown below

subtraction of number bases

265 – 317 in base eight = 32 base eight.

That’s how simple subtraction of number bases is.

I hope you enjoyed it?

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