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Prominent Law Schools On the Rise

Do you want to study a Law degree abroad? Do you want to study at one of the best law schools in the world? Here are the 10 prominent law schools on the rise abroad.

We suggest you read this article to the end to help you in choosing the law school that will be best for you.


A law degree is the first step on a number of career paths – including a career as a solicitor, barrister, or judge.

Currently, there are over 200 law schools in the United States accredited by the American Bar Association (ABA), so it can be difficult to choose the best one for you. See Prominent Law Schools on the Rise.

However, since the number of law school graduates continues to exceed the number of Juris Doctor-requiring positions available each year, attending a top-ranked law school can help you stand out from the competition when it is time to enter the legal job market.

Many applicants aspire to get into “T-14 law schools,” or schools that are ranked in the top 14 by U.S. News & World Report. See Best Sports and Entertainment Law Schools.

Notwithstanding that graduates of T-14 law schools go on to hold high-level positions in government, work for prestigious Big Law firms, or serve as executives for Fortune 500 corporations, you don’t need to attend a top 14 law school to be successful in the field of law.

It may interest you to know that many excellent schools outside the T14 have employment outcomes that are equally good to those in the T14.

Here are the 10 Prominent Law Schools on the rise

  • Rutgers Law School
  • Cardozo School of Law At Yeshiva University
  • Mitchell Hamline School of Law
  • New England Law
  • American University Washington College of Law
  • Albany Law School
  • University of Denver Sturm College of Law
  • University of Houston Law Center
  • UIC John Marshall Law School
  • New York Law School

1. Rutgers Law School

The largest public law school in the northeast, over 20,000 alumni of Rutgers Law are practicing in all 50 US states.

For such a large school, Rutgers has one of the best employment outcomes of all law schools in the country. In 2018, 93.9% of all students obtained employment in a Juris Doctor-required position within 9 months of graduation.

For comparison, the University of Virginia, a T14 law school, had a 92.6% employment outcome in its class of 2018.

Talk about a rising star in law schools – Rutgers 2018 class, by percentage, had a higher employment outcome than a program with a Top 14 law school designation!

Amazingly, this law school gets over 2,000 applications a year. They accept less than half of all applicants, making it a competitive school for admission.

One distinction of the Rutgers Law School program is its strong embracing of individuality when it comes to admissions.

Rutgers is home to one of the largest law libraries in the country. Between its Camden and Newark campuses, the total number of volumes held is approximately 1.2 million!

Rutgers is notably home to the world’s oldest law & technology journal, aptly titled the Rutgers Computer and Technology Law Journal.

2. Cardozo School of Law At Yeshiva University

Cardozo is frequently referred to as the “rising star” law school, and it is easy to see why.

The median LSAT for admission is an impressive 161; this means that all accepted students were among the most competitive students in the country in terms of LSAT scores.

To put that score in perspective, a score above 160 is normally required for admission into an Ivy League law school.

Cardozo’s biggest strength lies in its specialties; it is widely considered a top-15 law school nationwide in a number of categories, including dispute resolution & intellectual property.

One interesting fact about the school is its prominence as an entertainment law school. A recent ranking placed Cardozo #1 as the most cited “Arts & Entertainment” law journal in the country.

We note Cardozo as being one of the most unique law schools in the country in terms of its offerings.

In addition to its strong entertainment industry program, the school founded the Innocence Project, which has successfully absolved 189 wrongfully accused people based on DNA evidence.

The legal world is taking note of the amazing activity going on at Cardozo, making this a top law school on the rise.

3. Mitchell Hamline School of Law

Presently recognized as a top 5 program by US News for Dispute Resolution and a top 15 program for Health Care Law, Mitchell Hamline is an incredible law school on the rise.

It is perhaps the best independent law school in the country when it comes to employment; in its class of 2018, approximately 90% of students found employment within 9 months of graduation in bar passage required, JD Advantage, and Professional positions.

However, what makes Mitchell Hamline truly remarkable is what goes on in their legal clinic program.

In this unique program, students help clients who cannot afford the services of a lawyer. Students from Mitchell Hamline have helped clients through immigration issues, tenant-landlord disputes, the establishment of non-profits, and more.

This pro bono work provides students with an experiential foundation for work in the real world. It is perhaps no wonder then that many graduates of Mitchell Hamline have gone into the highest sectors of public service; numerous senators, congressmen, judges, and more call themselves graduates of this prestigious, rising law school.

4 New England Law

Based in Boston, New England Law is the only independent law school in Boston.

Historically, this prominent institution has had some of the most important faculty of any law school in the country; in fact, eight (8) United States Supreme Court Justices have lectured or taught at New England Law.

One unique aspect of New England Law is the Center for Law and Social Responsibility, abbreviated as CLSR.

This experiential division of New England Law helps clients through pro bono and public service activities, giving students hands-on experience helping people in need of free legal services.

For students interested in business law, New England Law has one of the best programs in the Northeast in terms of available externships.

Students participating in New England Law’s externship program are often placed in major companies, including Liberty Mutual, RNK Telecommunication, the Boston Stock Exchange, and more.

The school is among the highest employment rate of any independent law school in the country.


That was all on the 10 prominent law schools on the rise. You can ask your questions on this article, using the comment section.

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