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Pepperdine University Acceptance Rate, GPA and Requirements

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Founded by George Pepperdine in 1937, Pepperdine University is a public research institution located in the city of Los Angeles. See Peking University Acceptance Rate.

Pepperdine University consists of undergraduate liberal arts school (Seaver College) and four graduate schools, which include the Caruso School of Law, the Graduate School of Education and Psychology, the Graziadio Business School, and the School of Public Policy.

Pepperdine University is ranked 49th in national universities and 46th for best value by US news. The university also has strong study abroad programs, placing #1 in the Institute of International Education’s Open Doors Report.

To best support global education, Pepperdine has seven permanent campuses worldwide. See Syracuse University Acceptance Rate.

Pepperdine University has diverse career resources, and this makes sure that its students are set for the job search, counseling students on interviews, resumes, cover letters, and career options. The school also has many internship connections all throughout the region.

Pepperdine University Acceptance Rates

Pepperdine University provides a comprehensive curriculum in a city that most students dream of visiting.

Furthermore, the programs and learning opportunities get students ready to drive change in the real world. It comes as no surprise that programs offered in the school are competitive to get into.

With an acceptance rate of 53%, Pepperdine University is considered more selective by US News.

This means that students need to demonstrate their academic success and achievements to be accepted.

Students have a good chance of being admitted to the school if they show that they are above the average applicant.

Each year, Pepperdine receives nearly 13,000 applications for under 1,000 seats.

Pepperdine receives nearly 13,000 applicants for under 1,000 seats. As a result of rising number of eligible applicants and rising popularity of the school, the admissions process becomes more competitive every year.

The number of applications to Pepperdine has steadily increased over the past decade, nearly doubling.


To be accepted to Pepperdine University, students should aim to have an above-average GPA. Pepperdine University most recent class profile shows an average GPA of 3.6 – 3.9. This indicates that the majority of accepted students earn mostly A’s with a few B’s.

Along with the expectation that you are above average in your high school class, it is important to take academically rigorous courses.

AP and IB classes increase your weighted GPA and show that you can handle the difficulty of college-level classes. Challenging yourself with your course load helps you stay competitive with other applicants.

The academic profile of accepted students at Pepperdine University has risen over the past years. The university wants to ensure that undergraduates are well prepared to succeed with a rigorous curriculum.

Suppose your GPA is below the previous class average. In that case, you can make up for it in other areas of your application, such as letters of recommendation or a solid personal statement.

SAT & ACT Requirements

The average SAT range falls between 1230 and 1450. On the other hand, students who offer their ACT scores for consideration tend to score from 27 to 32.

Pepperdine does not require the writing component for both the SAT and ACT.

The admissions team prefers testing scores within the context of the middle 50% range of the most recently admitted class. This means that you want to fall within or above this range to be considered competitive.

No matter which scores you submit, the university takes the highest scores across multiple attempts, which is called “superscoring.”

From Fall 2021 – Fall 2023, SAT and ACT scores are considered but not required. As the test score is only one of many factors, those who do not submit testing will not be penalized. After 2 years, the university will revisit their test-optional policy.

Students who do not submit ACT or SAT scores will still be considered for merit scholarships and merit programs.

It is important to consider whether your test scores will give Pepperdine the greatest view of your strengths as an applicant.

Requirements & Admission Tips

As a result of how competitive Pepperdine University is, the school demands that applicants should submit certain application materials in order to determine their eligibility.

But irrespective of the application materials each student opts to submit, the admissions team reviews applications holistically.

Along with the optional testing scores and class rank, it is mandatory for students to submit their transcript, GPA, letters of recommendation, Common Application personal statement, and essay responses.

With the high school transcript, the admissions team is looking to see a rigorous curriculum and that you chose to challenge yourself.

Letters of recommendation should come from an academic teacher or counselor that can illustrate how you navigate through academic environments.

Your evaluator should be able to talk about your character and how you make your community better.

You can submit more than one letter for consideration if they reveal something else about you as an applicant.

For those who are applying in the Fall of 2022, the school may request an informational interview to better understand their fit with the university.

The interviewer will ask about how the student relates to the core components of the university’s mission statement, what they’re excited about at Pepperdine, and if they have any other information to share.

About the Essay

The Common Application personal statement permits the admissions team to get to know you as an individual.

In addition, Pepperdine University considers communication a vital part of education and they use your writing to see if you are set to engage with the campus community. The personal statement also shows your exceptional voice, who you are, and what motivates you.

In a short-answer essay, Pepperdine asks students to explain how they would contribute to conversations of faith on campus.


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