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Juilliard School Acceptance Rate 2026

Are you looking forward to being a student at Juilliard School but you don’t know the necessary information about the school and you are willing to know?

If your answer to this question is yes, then feel comfortable because I am certain that this article will guide you and also help you to gain access to all the necessary information you are expected to know about the school.

In this article, every piece of information you are expected to know as an aspirant at Juilliard School will be carefully discussed, starting from its acceptance rate, to its admission requirements. See Johns Hopkins University Acceptance Rate.

Juilliard School Acceptance Rate

For an applicant to be accepted at Juilliard School, you must submit all the required valuable academic qualifications and extracurricular reports.

Based on the Juilliard School admission policies, they admit applicants whose reports show that they are well-rounded in all areas of their lives.

In this present year, Juilliard School acceptance rate of 10.9% which happens to be the highest acceptance rate in the university’s history for the past 10 years.

Nevertheless, the Juilliard School Class of 2026 applicant pool was 48.03% with 2,083 applicants.

Juilliard School continues to both attract large number of interested candidates and accept large number into their freshman class.

Juilliard School record of admission acceptance rate for the past 10 years:

YearApplications ReceivedApplications AcceptedAcceptance Rate

Juilliard School Requirements

The Juilliard School requires no specific courses, GPAs, standardized test scores, or class rankings for entry to this program.

However, the school carefully evaluates your academic record and required essay to make sure you have the scholastic competence necessary to succeed in college-level coursework.

Requirements for prescreened applicants:

Application Requirement (Prescreened Applicants)Received-by Deadline
Online Application with Essay(s)         November 1
Application Fee ($USD) or Fee WaiverNovember 1
SAT/ACT Scores (homeschooled applicants only)December 1
Recommender InformationNovember 1
Request for ADA audition accommodations       November 15
Recommendation ReceivedDecember 15
Proof of English Language ProficiencyDecember 15
Official TranscriptsOnly if invited to final callback weekend


We believe you have now gained access to the necessary information you expected to know about Juilliard School acceptance rate coupled with its admission statistics.

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