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Is Swarthmore Ivy League? Ranking, Acceptance Rate

If you have been willing to know if Swarthmore College is ivy league school or not and other important things about the school, we suggest you read this article to the end because it might be useful to you as things about Swarthmore College will be discussed in it.


Established in 1864 by members of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers), Swarthmore College is a private liberal arts college situated in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania. It is one of the earliest coeducational colleges in the US.

Swarthmore offers over 600 courses per year in more than 40 areas of study, including an ABET-accredited engineering program that culminates in a Bachelor of Science in engineering.

The school has more than 100 organizations that students can get involved in on campus, and about 40 percent of students study abroad.

Swarthmore has about 20 NCAA Division III varsity sports teams cheered on by mascot Phineas the Phoenix. See Swarthmore Acceptance Rate.

Swarthmore College is a member of the Tri-College Consortium, a cooperative academic arrangement with Bryn Mawr and Haverford College.

Swarthmore also is affiliated with the University of Pennsylvania through the Quaker Consortium, which allows students to cross-register for classes at all four institutions.

Notable alumni include Nancy Grace Roman, NASA’s first chief of astronomy in the Office of Space Science and “mother of the Hubble telescope”; former Massachusetts governor and presidential candidate Michael Dukakis; and Robert Zoellick, former president of the World Bank.

Is Swarthmore College Ivy League School?

No, Swarthmore College is not an Ivy League school.

The name “Ivy League” came about through an NCAA athletic conference that started in the 1950s and today refers to eight of the oldest schools in the nation:

Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Princeton, and Yale Universities, plus the University of Pennsylvania.

As a member institution of the Tri-College Consortium, Swarthmore students draw on the resources of two additional “Little Ivies,” Haverford and Bryn Mawr.

Meanwhile, Swarthmore College is a member institution of the Tri-College Consortium, and its students benefit from the resources of two additional “Little Ivies,” Haverford and Bryn Mawr.

Although Swarthmore College is not an Ivy school but many of its individual departments rank higher than programs at the “actual” Ivies.

It has smaller class sizes and a more intimate campus setting which permits students to access faculty and internship opportunities.

Swarthmore College Ranking

It is an achievement to be named in the top five National Liberal Arts Colleges and the top five Best Undergraduate Teaching, but Swarthmore ranks highly as a Best Value School as well. It is a private school, but resources exist in need- and merit-based form.

Many people know Swarthmore College’s reputation as a great school for Economics, Philosophy, History, and Political Science.

But Swarthmore’s unique Engineering program consistently ranks in the top 20% of undergraduate Engineering programs—a surprising feature for a liberal arts program.

Its renown as an innovative department made Engineering the most popular major for incoming Freshmen in 2021.

Distinguished, highly-ranked undergraduate programs in Chemistry, Physics, and Computer Science further define Swarthmore as a versatile institution worth considering for many potential students.

Since the inception of the U.S. News rankings, Amherst, Williams, and Swarthmore are the only colleges to have been ranked as the number one liberal arts college.

Swarthmore has been ranked the number one liberal arts college in the country six times. Check Is Vassar Ivy League?

Swarthmore College Acceptance Rate

Just like most schools, Swarthmore College receives high numbers of applications from its applicants each year.

But it has an acceptance rate of 8%, which is very competitive and selective.

Swarthmore College Admission Requirements

Swarthmore admissions focus on their holistic approach to evaluating potential students. Hopeful applicants should define their purpose in attending Swarthmore and explain specifically how they can enhance the Swarthmore community.

Intellectual curiosity, independent thinking, and a willingness to collaborate rather than compete—these traits identify the ideal Swarthmore student.

Considering how selective Swarthmore has become, grades and class rank of accepted applicants reflect a highly-accomplished student body.

Students who got admitted to Swarthmore College have an SAT score between 1430 and 1560 or an ACT score of 33 and 35.

However, one quarter of admitted applicants achieved scores above these ranges and one quarter scored below these ranges.

The application deadline at Swarthmore College is January 4th and its application fee is $60.

Applicants’ GPA is seen as an essential admission factor by Swarthmore College Admissions officials.   

Letters of recommendation are considered very important by the school. An applicant’s high school class rank, when available, is considered very important.


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