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Is LeTourneau University a Good Online School

Are you one of those who desire to study at LeTourneau University online school and eager to know how good the school is? If yes, then we got you covered.

We will discuss just about everything you need to know about this online school, from its accreditation to its tuition, thus helping you to make an informed decision. Let’s get started!


US News ranks the LeTourneau University #28 in Regional Universities and #14 Best value school in the country.

But does this mean that its online campus, which is the LeTourneau University Online, is just as prestigious as the Longview, Texas-based institution?

LeTourneau University Online is a good school simply for the fact that it is the online campus of a highly ranked prestigious school, which is LeTourneau University.

It is the ideal online institution for students who wish to earn a LeTourneau University degree without stepping foot on its campus.

The academic institution is a good school for individuals who want to study in fields such as business, engineering and liberal arts.

It is also good for those who prefer higher education within the framework of a Christian perspective of the world.

Read until the end of this post if you are thinking about applying to LeTourneau University Online.

LeTourneau University Online Accreditation

Because it’s the online campus of LeTourneau University, LeTourneau University Online being a diploma mill is out of the question.

As a matter of fact, it is accredited by the same accreditor of the University of Florida: the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC).

Some online colleges and universities out there serve as the virtual campuses of actual institutions.

It’s very unlikely for you to end up with a meaningless degree if you attend any one of them because they are far from being diploma mills. As a result, whatever you earn will be respected by employers.

Being a part of the LeTourneau University and accredited by SACSCOC, which is recognized by the US Department of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA), it is obvious that the online school is not a diploma mill, which typically has no physical office and legitimate accreditation.

Needless to say, you can count on the online degree you will earn from the LeTourneau University Online when applying for a job or to a graduate school in order to further your education.

What is LeTourneau University Online Known For?

LeTourneau University Online is the online campus of the LeTourneau University, which is a private, interdenominational evangelical Christian university.

Many of the bachelor’s and MBA programs at LeTourneau University Online have high US News rankings.

Being a student at the LeTourneau University Online is like being a student at the LeTourneau University.

As a matter of fact, the diploma and transcript you will receive after completing your chosen degree from the online school are the very same diploma and transcript that you would get if you attended LeTourneau University — they will not indicate that you attended the online campus and earned an online degree.

Besides online undergraduate degrees, the LeTourneau University Online also offers various online graduate degrees, from master’s, doctorate to specialist. There are also certificates and non-degree college credit courses available.

Some of the most popular majors at LeTourneau University Online include:

  • Business
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Aeronautics and Aviation Technology
  • Civil Engineering
  • Elementary Education
  • Liberal Arts and Humanities
  • Human Services
  • Psychology
  • Nursing
  • Healthcare Management

As a result of LeTourneau University being a Christian University, the following programs of study are also available by means of the LeTourneau University School of Theology and Vocation:

  • Biblical Studies and Ministry
  • Biblical Studies Minor
  • Biblical Languages Minor
  • Christian Ministry
  • Christian Ministry Minor
  • Cross-Cultural Studies Minor
  • Scripture and Theology
  • Philosophy and Ethics Minor
  • Youth Ministry Minor
  • Theological Studies
  • Theology Minor

How Much Does It Cost to Attend LeTourneau University Online?

The cost of attending LeTourneau University Online, which is a Christian institution, varies between by program.

The rate for lower-level undergraduate programs cost $380 per credit hour, while that of the upper-level undergraduate programs cost $410 per credit hour.

The estimated total cost of a LeTourneau University online undergraduate degree is from $45,600 to $49,200, depending on the undergraduate program.

Earning an online degree is generally cheaper than earning a traditional degree. That is as a result if associated college costs such as transportation and room and board are out of the picture.

Still, it is the tuition that makes up most of the cost of going to LeTourneau University Online.

Does LeTourneau University Online Accept Financial Aid?

Students at LeTourneau University Online are eligible for consideration for a variety of financial aid. They include grants, scholarships, work-study programs and loans. Up to 90% of LeTourneau University Online’s attendees receive some form of aid.

LeTourneau University Online encourages applicants to fill out the FAFSA in order to determine whether or not they will be eligible to receive financial aid.

In order for LeTourneau University Online to consider you for a financial aid package, you should be a degree-seeking admitted student.

While it’s true that you have to be accepted for enrollment at the online school before you are considered for financial aid, you should apply for financial aid before getting admitted.

Some of the scholarships available for online attendees include: the Columbia Energy Endowed Scholarship and the Rhonda Brock Memorial Endowed Scholarship.

work-study is only available for students who are attending the Longview campus of LeTourneau Campus.


All you have read was emphasized on Is LeTourneau University a Good Online School? Ranging from LeTourneau University Online accreditation to its tuition, thus helping you to make an informed decision whenever you are ready to commence with the school.

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