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FUWUKARI Postgraduate School Fees 2023/2024

Have you been searching for Federal University Wukari (FUWUKARI) Postgraduate School Fees Schedule 2023/2024 academic session?

You have stumbled on the right source by opening this website today. I am here with comprehensive detail about the FUWUKARI postgraduate school fees. You do not have to joke with this article, you really need the complete information about it.

Did you apply for the FUWUKARI postgraduate form and wish to know how much is FUWUKARI postgraduate school fees? Read on to get the full details.

I am happy to inform you that the management of Federal University, Wukari (FUWUKARI) has published its postgraduate school fees schedule for both Fresh and Returning Students for the 2023/2024 academic session.

All those who are interested are expected to check the amount that is payable by every department and faculty in this article.


PGD Biological SciencesN133,500.00 Fresher
PGD Biological SciencesN112,000.00 Returning
PGD MathematicsN133,500.00 Fresher
PGD MathematicsN112,000.00 Returning
PGD Political ScienceN128,500.00 Fresher
PGD Political ScienceN107,000.00 Returning
PGD EconomicsN128,500.00 Fresher
PGD EconomicsN107,000.00 Returning
PGD PhilosophyN128,500.00 Fresher
PGD Philosophy N107,000.00 Returning
PGD ChemistryN133,500.00 Fresher
PGD ChemistryN112,000.00 Returning
PGD Banking and FinanceN128,500.00 Fresher
PGD Banking and FinanceN107,000.00 Returning
PGD Computer ScienceN133,500.00 Fresher
PGD Computer ScienceN112,000.00 Returning
PGD PhysicsN133,500.00 Fresher
PGD PhysicsN112,000.00 Returning
PGD Business AdministrationN128,500.00 Fresher
PGD Business AdministrationN107,000.00 Returning
PGD Bio-ChemistryN133,500.00 Fresher
PGD Bio-ChemistryN112,000.00 Returning
PGD AccountingN128,500.00 Fresher
PGD AccountingN107,000.00 Returning
PGD MicrobiologyN133,500.00 Fresher
PGD MicrobiologyN112,000.00 Returning
PGD StatisticsN133,500.00 Fresher
PGD StatisticsN112,000.00 Returning
PGD SociologyN128,500.00 Fresher
PGD SociologyN107,000.00 Returning
PGD Soil Science and Land ManagementN133,500.00 Fresher
PGD Soil Science and Land ManagementN112,000.00 Returning
PGD Food Science and TechnologyN133,500.00 Fresher
PGD Food Science and TechnologyN112,000.00 Returning
PGD Crop Production and ProtectionN133,500.00 Fresher
PGD Crop Production and ProtectionN112,000.00 Returning
PGD Agricultural Extension and Rural SociologyN133,500.00 Fresher
PGD Agricultural Extension and Rural SociologyN112,000.00 Returning
PGD Forestry and Wild LifeN133,500.00 Fresher
PGD Forestry and Wild LifeN112,000.00 Returning
PGD Animal Prod. and HealthN133,500.00 Fresher
PGD Animal Prod. and HealthN112,000.00 Returning
PGD Fisheries and AquacultureN133,500.00 Fresher
PGD Fisheries and AquacultureN112,000.00 Returning
PGD Agricultural EconomicsN133,500.00 Fresher
PGD Agricultural EconomicsN112,000.00 Returning
PGD Hospitality and Tourism ManagementN133,500.00 Fresher
PGD Hospitality and Tourism ManagementN112,000.00 Returning
PGD Public AdministrationN128,500.00 Fresher
PGD Public AdministrationN107,000.00 Returning
M.Sc. Agricultural Extension and Rural SociologyN151,000.00 Fresher
M.Sc. Agricultural Extension and Rural SociologyN129,500.00 Returning
M.Sc. Political ScienceN141,000.00 Fresher
M.Sc. Political ScienceN119,500.00 Returning
M.Sc. AccountingN141,000.00 Fresher
M.Sc. AccountingN119,500.00 Returning
M.Sc. MathematicsN151,000.00 Fresher
M.Sc. MathematicsN129,500.00 Returning
M.Sc. Public AdministrationN141,000.00 Fresher
M.Sc. Public AdministrationN196,500.00 Returning
Ph.D. Bio-ChemistryN196,000.00 Fresher
Ph.D. Bio-ChemistryN174,500.00 Returning
M.Sc. Fisheries and AquacultureN151,000.00 Fresher
M.Sc. Fisheries and AquacultureN129,500.00 Returning
M.Sc. EconomicsN141,000.00 Fresher
M.Sc. EconomicsN119,500.00 Returning
M.Sc. Food Science and TechnologyN151,000.00 Fresher
M.Sc. Food Science and TechnologyN129,500.00 Returning
M.Sc. Banking and FinanceN141,000.00 Fresher
M.Sc. Banking and FinanceN119,500.00 Returning
M.Sc. Forestry and Wild LifeN151,000.00 Fresher
M.Sc. Forestry and Wild LifeN129,500.00 Returning
M.Sc. Business AdministrationN141,000.00 Fresher
M.Sc. Business AdministrationN119,500.00 Returning
M.Sc. SociologyN141,000.00 Fresher
M.Sc. SociologyN119,500.00 Returning
M.Sc. StatisticsN151,000.00 Fresher
M.Sc. StatisticsN129,500.00 Returning
M.Sc. PhysicsN151,000.00 Fresher
M.Sc. PhysicsN129,500.00 Returning
M.Sc. Soil Science and Land ManagementN151,000.00 Fresher
M.Sc. Soil Science and Land ManagementN129,500.00 Returning
Ph.D. History and Diplomatic StudiesN186,000.00 Fresher
Ph.D. History and Diplomatic StudiesN164,500.00 Returning
Ph.D. PhilosophyN186,000.00 Fresher
Ph.D. PhilosophyN164,500.00 Returning
M.A. PhilosophyN141,000.00 Fresher
M.A. PhilosophyN119,500.00 Returning
M.Sc. ChemistryN151,000.00 Fresher
M.Sc. ChemistryN129,500.00 Returning
Ph.D. Forestry and Wild LifeN196,000.00 Fresher
Ph.D. Forestry and Wild LifeN174,500.00 Returning
M.Sc. Crop Production and ProtectionN151,000.00 Fresher
M.Sc. Crop Production and ProtectionN129,500.00 Returning
M.A. English Language and LiteratureN141,000.00 Fresher
M.A. English Language and LiteratureN119,500.00 Returning
M.Sc. Bio-ChemistryN151,000.00 Fresher
M.Sc. Bio-ChemistryN129,500.00 Returning
M.Sc. MicrobiologyN151,000.00 Fresher
M.Sc. MicrobiologyN129,500.00 Returning
M.Sc. Animal Prod. and HealthN151,000.00 Fresher
M.Sc. Animal Prod. and HealthN129,500.00 Returning
M.Sc. Hospitality and Tourism ManagementN151,000.00 Fresher
M.Sc. Hospitality and Tourism ManagementN129,500.00 Returning
M.Sc. Agricultural EconomicsN151,000.00 Fresher
M.Sc. Agricultural EconomicsN129,500.00 Returning
M.Sc. Biological SciencesN151,000.00 Fresher
M.Sc. Biological SciencesN129,500.00 Returning
M.Sc. Computer ScienceN151,000.00 Fresher
M.Sc. Computer ScienceN129,500.00 Returning
M.A. History and Diplomatic StudiesN141,000.00 Fresher
M.A. History and Diplomatic StudiesN119,500.00 Returning
Ph.D. Fisheries and AquacultureN196,000.00 Fresher
Ph.D. Fisheries and AquacultureN174,500.00 Returning
Ph.D. Hospitality and Tourism ManagementN196,000.00 Fresher
Ph.D. Hospitality and Tourism ManagementN174,500.00 Returning
Ph.D. Food Science and TechnologyN196,000.00 Fresher
Ph.D. Food Science and TechnologyN174,500.00 Returning
Ph.D. Crop Production and ProtectionN196,000.00 Fresher
Ph.D. Crop Production and ProtectionN174,500.00 Returning
Ph.D. Public AdministrationN186,000.00 Fresher
Ph.D. Public AdministrationN164,500.00 Returning
Ph.D. Animal Prod. and HealthN196,000.00 Fresher
Ph.D. Animal Prod. and HealthN174,500.00 Returning
Ph.D. Agricultural EconomicsN196,000.00 Fresher
Ph.D. Agricultural EconomicsN174,500.00 Returning
Ph.D. Agricultural Extension and Rural SociologyN196,000.00 Fresher
Ph.D. Agricultural Extension and Rural SociologyN174,500.00 Returning
Ph.D. PhysicsN196,000.00 Fresher
Ph.D. PhysicsN174500.00 Returning
Ph.D. SociologyN186,000.00 Fresher
Ph.D. SociologyN164,500.00 Returning
Ph.D. MathematicsN196,000.00 Fresher
Ph.D. MathematicsN174,500.00 Returning
Ph.D. Biological SciencesN196,000.00 Fresher
Ph.D. Biological SciencesN174,500.00 Returning
Ph.D. MicrobiologyN196,000.00 Fresher
Ph.D. MicrobiologyN174,500.00 Returning
Ph.D. StatisticsN196,000.00 Fresher
Ph.D. StatisticsN174,500.00 Returning
Ph.D. AccountingN186,000.00 Fresher
Ph.D. AccountingN164,500.00 Returning
Ph.D. Computer ScienceN196,000.00 Fresher
Ph.D. Computer ScienceN174,500.00 Returning
Ph.D. ChemistryN196,000.00 Fresher
Ph.D. ChemistryN174,500.00 Returning
Ph.D. Business AdministrationN186,000.00 Fresher
Ph.D. Business AdministrationN164,500.00 Returning
Ph.D. EconomicsN186,000.00 Fresher
Ph.D. EconomicsN164,500.00 Returning
Ph.D. English Language and LiteratureN186,000.00 Fresher
Ph.D. English Language and LiteratureN164,500.00 Returning
Ph.D. Political ScienceN186,000.00 Fresher
Ph.D. Political ScienceN164,500.00 Returning
Ph.D. Soil Science and Land ManagementN196,000.00 Fresher
Ph.D. Soil Science and Land ManagementN174,500.00 Returning
Ph.D. Banking and FinanceN186,000.00 Fresher
Ph.D. Banking and FinanceN164,500.00 Returning

All the newly admitted students who had read this article carefully should go ahead to pay their postgraduate school fees immediately to the designated banks approved by the school management.

Note that late payment shall be tolerated but with extra charges and students will not be allowed to write examinations unless these charges are paid along with the school fees.

If you have any other questions about Federal University, Wukari Postgraduate School Fees Schedule for Fresh and Returning Student for 2023/2024 Academic Session, kindly drop it at the comment section below this article.

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